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Good afternoon!!

Kathie, you are quite the busy gardener these days....sorry the Iris plants won't work out...does the area get any sun at all?
The lady is lucky to be able to sell her plants...I've offered to GIVE plants away down here & still can't get anyone to show up...they all want them but don't want to meet to get them...

Lee, hopefully you are up & moving around on your own steam...even if it is a bit slower than your usual pace...Miss you bunches around here!!

Pat, I hate nights like you had...awake half the night and then have to get up early...or in your case woke up early...
BLT's with home grown tomatoes sounds bad I have no bacon or home grown tomatoes...I do have a ton of cherry tomato plants that came up from my compost pile..think I will put a couple of those in buckets & try to see what they do

Dave, glad to hear your procedure didn't mess up the neck view to badly...I'm sure you feel much better now witout the 50lb bandage around your neck....just don't be rushing to do a lot of stuff just cause you "can"....

We are now on plan "C" for Barb's floor...after getting all the old flooring up we decided that the vinyl plank we bought was not going to work...the floor really needs to be pretty smooth & level to go down right...and her's isn' we took that back to Lowes & went to Home Depot instead & bought some cheap wood laminate's the same style that I put down in her craft room a few years ago & that has held up pretty good...and the fact it was less than $200 compared to over $400 didn't hurt either...I will go next Tues. to hopefully get this project done & over with..
Tomorrow I am going to go over for a little bit to touch up the paint on her walls where the old foam back curtains stuck to them..and then hang her new curtains... Barb "pays" me pretty well for these projects...yesterday she took me to Bob Evans for breakfast...and then to Sam's club where she filled up my truck with gas...I felt bad letting her do that cause I know she doesn't have a lot of extra money lately....but she can be pretty bossy when she wants to be...
Think I'll go stand in front of the open fridge & see if anything strikes my fancy for lunch....Stay safe & enjoy your day all!!


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KAREN: Always nice to read your posts!
Talk about a project that turned to a HEADACHE ! I bet you won't want to see another one of those flooring jobs once this one is done!
It's nice of Barb to fill your car up with gas & get you a breakfast. She knows all this would never have gotten done without you. Her place must feel real cozy after all the work you've done inside and outside. As usual YOU ARE THE BEST SISTER AROUND!

I made a Beer Bread that took all of 10 mins to mix up and stick in the oven. It has a crusty top to it. A friend had called me and asked some baking questions of me and passed on the recipe. It has a whole BOTTLE of BEER in it. Not sure I'll like the taste, but we're having it with Ham & Bean Soup tonight for dinner!

Did I mention that our GARAGE DOOR mysteriously has opened in the very EARLY hours in the morning??? Art noticed it for a couple days and it did it this morning again at 6:45 A.M.
This started "after" we put in the outside Keypad gizmo.
Art thinks it's one of the neighbors that is going to work and shutting their garage with their garage door opener as they pass by our house or maybe even as they are halfway out of their driveway. Just not sure.
So we are going to change the 4-digit CODE we programed into our keypad and see if the door is still closed Thursday morning. Easier than asking them to do a test drive by our house today! Ha Ha.

ALWAYS SOMETHING!! (Geez, would Tony have a field day with this post!) LOL Miss him on here.

Okay, off of here again.
I was just on here to run off some blank Blood Pressure Recording sheets. I like to write down my readings to give to the doctors when I go for any appointments. (over-thinking again)


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Kathie, my sister's do a lot for me too, I'm lucky that we are as close as we are, especially considering our 8 differences...I am 8 yrs older than Jane...and 16 yrs older than Barb....there were 2 brothers in between all those years though...

I forgot to tell you guys my "dumb" coffee story this morning...a couple years ago Jane got me a 3 in 1 coffee maker for can make a regular size mug or cup...a travel size mug...or a small 2 cup pot...I just set up the single mug size at night before I go to bed...this morning I got up as usual & turned on the pot...fed the cats...and came back a little while later to fix my coffee...I thought it looked a little weak...but added my creamer to it & took a sip...yuk....Hot creamer water is what it tasted like....I opened the top of the pot to fix another cup & discovered the problem...I had put the water in the pot last night...but no coffee after seeing what the water in the cup looked like I ran a few more cups thru to clean it out good & then made me another cup...WITH coffee in it this time...not exactly how I wanted to start my day...but at least I wasn't in a hurry to go somewhere...always something...

Sure hope our fella Lee is doing ok....don't want to bug LuAnn..but we need an update!


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Mission accomplished! Yesterday we got our second Moderna Covid vaccination shot. So in 2 weeks we'll be fully vaccinated. And can go back to licking elevator buttons.

It gave us a feeling of relief. Not only for ourselves but making us no longer dangerous to others.

If we had chosen just to pass on the vaccination, we couldn't look at ourselves in the mirror if we had unknowingly got infected and passed this virus on to someone else who ended up in the hospital. Or worse yet, had died.

It's a calming feeling.

If I remember right Lee, had your heart problems not showed up this would have been your week to get the 1st shot. Oh yea.......Please tell me that you aren't wandering around the hospital in your Crocs. :)

K2; Did those guys who put on the liquid lawn fertilizer at your place wear masks or gloves? Didn't think so. Oh to be young and invincible.

There you go again BB, making me hungry for a BLT. You are such a tease.

KC; It sounds like, "Adjust, compensate, overcome" when it comes to getting Barb's floor down right. Your coffee story is funny because we've all done that a time or two.

Today's entertainment; Heading over to the skin doctor in a bit. She wants a bit of a spot on my back to send in for testing.

Breakfast; Coffee, milk, grapes, pieces of an orange, pieces of an apple, cole slaw,.......And a spicy hot chicken sandwich.
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Hi gang.
NO UPDATES. And I just cannot bug Lu-Ann. They both have to be beside themselves not being able to see each other for this long. I hope they don’t HUG TOO CLOSELY once LEE comes home. He could end up back in the hospital. LOL

Kloved your coffee story. I thought for sure you were going to say you had overflow of water all over the kitchen!

Dave: Glad the shot trip went well. Stay away from the crazy DIL who won’t get one!
And at first I thought you changed your breakfast habits until you added the SPICY chicken sandwich.
It was middle aged fella that but the fertilizer on snd he DID NOT WEAR A MASK! Crazy.

Cold today, but SUNNY snd no rain like predicted. Life is good!

PQ and Gary found a lovely place to vacation for a week in Cancun. All-Inclusive. Huge.
I checked snd with airfare from Detroit it would be MORE than reasonable. Too bad Covid is still around snd WE WON’T be traveling out of the country.
They did have to get tested for Covid 72 hrs before COMING HOME. No test required to get into Cancun though . Yikes :eek:

Later gang.

Lee: Hope you are doing better each day and can get home soon.

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Good afternoon, gang! Slow moving morning around here. I was once again awake at an ungodly hour, so my butt is really dragging right now. I have no energy at all today.

Dave - Glad you had no problems getting to and from your shot yesterday. Did either you or Kathi have any reaction to the shot aside from the site of the injection being sore? In 2 weeks those elevator buttons are going to look so delicious! LOL

Karen - Talk about 1 step forward and 2 steps back when it comes to Barb's floor! That has really turned into a pain in the a$$ project and I'm not the one doing it. Nice though of Barb to take you out for breakfast and then fill your truck with gas.
Cute story about the coffee. I think we've all done something like that over time. Bert likes to take a togo cup of coffee if we're doing a lot of running around or going a longer distance. Those cups are large so he sets the coffee maker for 12 ounces. My cup that I use every day holds 8 ounces. There have been times where I didn't notice Bert had changed the ounces and one day I just pressed the button. The cup overflowed and I ended up having to clean up coffee all over the counter. What a mess!!!

Kathie - That really is a nice looking place that Christine & Gary are staying at. I'd love a trip like that, but I don't like to fly, so we'll never get there in our lifetimes around here. Bert doesn't like to fly either, so no problem.
So have you decided what you're going to plant instead of the Iris ones you had been planning?

Lee - I hope that you are better today than yesterday and are at the point where you're getting antsy to go home. That's always a good sign.

NEWS FROM THE GRILLE!!!! Got a message this morning that the manager, Jonathan has been let go! In his place they have hired 2 gals to both be assistant managers. They want to expand the hours that the Grille will be open, so they will share that duty. Might have to go there for dinner tonight to check them out.

Well, that's it for me for now. Need to decide if I want some lunch or not. Have a great day, everyone, and follow the rules to stay healthy! :)

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Getting ready to go to the Grille for dinner and to check out these new assistant managers, but I thought I'd stop by and say good night before we go. I also wanted to let you all know that I have an appointment with my pulmonologist in the morning, so I probably won't be posting tomorrow morning. We'll chat after I get back. Night night from Kissimmee! :)


Bosun (Boatswain)
Saying good night from Belleview....a little over a week ago one of our elderly residents passed away in here...he was 92 years old & was just the sweetest, happiest man you would ever want to meet....tonite was his memorial service....needless to say it was was a great send off for a great man...Rip will be missed!


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News Date GIF by

This was from Lu-Ann tonight (Thurs)
Sounds like Lee is moving along quite well. I told her the first thing Lee will MISS IS THE HOSPITAL BED WITH THE BUTTONS! Hard to get up and out of our home beds.

Pat: Hope your Dr’s visit is a quick and a good one. No side trips to the “Emergency”room!

The garage door did OPEN again this morning. I was up and waiting at 5:55 am. The neighbor across the street at a angle pulled out of his driveway clicked his garage door CLOSED and OURS OPENED! Mystery verified. I closed it and went back to bed. Later today Art and I picked a NEW CODE NUMBER and reset everything. The neighbor, Todd, was outside later in the evening and I went over and told him the story. He shut his garage door for me and it DIDN’t open ours! Whoopee all is fixed. This was a one in a million chance of happening. Too funny.

Checking out for tonight.
You all be good.
By the way that neighbor is true Republican. I asked him how the family was and if they got their vaccine shots snd he said that his WIFE isn’t getting it and he had a appt and changed his mind. One daughter is going to nursing school at MICH State Univ and had to get the shot because she has to be at the local hospital for classes. The older Son is not getting it and the other 2 girls are MAYBE’s!
I said we got them because we are older and wanted to be SAFE. HE said he could understand. I should have told him that even Trump got the vaccine. Ha ha.
I did tell him that I know I am going to die one day, but I just don’t want to die CONNECTED TO A VENTILATOR.
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KC; So sorry to hear about the passing of your friend Harry. Sounds like he was one fine fella.

Friday begins the weekend!

How close to the day when you get sprung Lee?

My goodness K2 Michigan is getting slammed, and then some, with Covid infections. And it seems that every time your governor tries to slow down or stop the spread so many people get into an uproar. All this idiocy about taking away people's liberties. Refresh my memory; Do you have a place reserved in Florida for next year? Good trouble-shooting on that garage door.

BB, regarding reactions from Wednesday's vaccination.......The usual sore arm and yesterday we both got chilled easily. But that's it. Speaking of the shots, they used a band-aid like I've never seen before. It was round with a thinner material in the center. They would put it on your arm before the injection, and push the needle through the center of the band-aid. Neat.

Skin doctor did get a little of the suspicious spot removed from my back for testing, yesterday. I'd forgotten that it was on my back.......the back of my neck that is. OK doctors, enough screwing around with my neck!

Any incident that made both you and Bert averse to flying?

I thought the Grille had settled down and wasn't constantly getting rid of people. Guess not.

Here's another screw up concerning our cruise next April. RCCL was suppose to use our cruise credits to pay for it. But they didn't, and charged our credit card. When Kathi caught that, she got on the phone to remove that $4,900 charge. That didn't go well either. They only removed $49 dollars. So back on the phone she got again. After about 45 minutes they said that within a week or two they would remove ALL of the charge. Time will tell. That was a dandy clerical error.

It's a grocery pick-up this morning. We are getting REAL comfortable with that as a way to grocery shop.

You went poof again Bill.


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Update Rot GIF by rbb24

LEE IS COMING HOME ”Today”! Lu-Ann sent a message that SHE is on her way to pick him up now! That’s about a 2 hr drive. Hope one of her neighbors might be driving with her.
I’ll go and clean-out the Dust Bunnies in Lee’s HUTCH CORNER.
I feel bad that he will have to sit in a car for the long drive home. OUCH on any bumps on the road.



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Dave: I would have Kathi get on the phone with YOUR CREDIT CARD company and tell them to put a hold on that money mistake, or at least have it recorded as a huge error so you don’t have to worry about service charges or late fees if it doesn‘t get removed before your next statement. Have it on record.
And isn’t it amazing that the stupid cruise line can’t FIX THEIR ERROR any faster. What a total cluster “F”.


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FINALLY......Good Morning Gang.

Wow....what a busy morning getting you Wrabbits up to date.
Another Mass Murder. This time at a Fed-X plant in Indy. The shooter killed himself after killing at least 8 other workers. Too bad he didn’t JUST KILL HIMSELF to begin with. So sad and happening way too often. This world is totally screwed up.

Garage door REMAINED CLOSED this morning! Yippee!
Dave: You sure have had a lot of POKING happening on your NECK lately. Nice of you to support the doctors like you do! :oops: :eek::rolleyes: Glad you and Kathi didn’t have too many issues with your last vaccine shot.
And YES, Michigan hospitals are FULL of Covid patients and is getting blasted.
Crazy. If everyone was as cautious as Art & I are we wouldn’t have any cases. It’s people like that Republican neighbor family that are the problem. SADLY, this Covid and other ones are going to be around a long time. Life as we knew it, (carefree) are gone forever.

It’s overcast here today and still cold.

PAT: As THE GRILLE TURNS continues to give us more episodes. What was the fella that got let go doing wrong?? Good luck putting 2 women in his place. Hope they can coordinate their responsibilities and make good improvements for the residents. I like that your community has a FARMERS MARKET to go to. I always loved going to the one in Downtown Sarasota on Saturdays. We just had to be there by 7:30 am to avoid the Tourists walking around with their dogs! They were called STROLLERS not serious SHOPPERS. HA ha.

DAVE: We have NOT made any reservations for Florida 2022. Things are just too crazy to tie up a deposit when things are so crazy in this world.
I wonder if Lee & Lu-Ann will still keep their reservations for 2022 & 2023 that they made. My money is on that they will still go because Lee said their deposits were refundable. A lot can happen on BOTH ends in 2 years! Wow.

Hello to Karen, Bill, Rita and anybody else that reads our posts!

Out of here for now.

Bill/ are you both doing? Have you bought a new car yet?

Bellalago Belle

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Good afternoon, fellow rabbits! It's a weak sun day here, but we'll take it. Better than the rain we'll have starting Sunday and continuing for the next 2 days.

Just got back from the doctor's office. I hadn't said anything here, but my oxygen level this past few days has been terrible. I was really afraid that he would put me in the hospital. Instead he put me on a longer dose of prednisone and changed my breathing medicine. I also have to use the nebulizer 4 times a day. I can't see us going too far with all these new meds.

Bert & I went to the Grille last night. The new gals were not there. It was really crowded going on 7 o'clock with lots of servers. Biggest problem there is that the kitchen is so small, so the can't be doing too many orders at the same time. I had lamb stew and it was pretty good. I brought the leftovers home and Bert got to do them for lunch. Unfortunately, the rice had sucked up all the juices. He didn't care for it then.

That is great news that Lee is coming home today. I bet he is thrilled to be able to see
Lu-Ann and see the fur babies. Now he just has to remember not to overdo things too quickly and create a problem.

Kathie - Glad you finally figured out the mystery of the opening garage door and took care of correcting it. Thanks for keeping us updated on Lee's progress to get well and home again. Now go clean his corner of the hutch!! LOL

Dave - I think you have to declare your neck and up out of bounds from now on. When will you get your results of the piece that was cut out? Bert got luck and nothing had to be cut out this time. He just got zapped in a slew of places on his head. Now he just has to keep his hands off them as they heal.

We were supposed to go out for dinner with G&E tonight, but I think once again, I'm going to call it off I want to give these new meds a chance to work before going too far.

Bill & Rita - How are you doing these days? Are those aches and pains going away? Have you decided what kind of car you're going to get to replace Rita's?

Time for me to find something to eat for lunch before I do another breathing treatment. Enjoy the rest of your day and stay safe. :)

Bellalago Belle

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Just saw a post from Lu-Ann with a picture of Lee sitting in the car on the way home! The picture was taken about an hour ago, so they should be well on the way to being home again. I bet Lee is counting the minutes until he can see their house!!

WELCOME HOME, LEE!!! :dance::bigwave::clap002:

Bellalago Belle

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Time to say good night from Kiss-my-a$$ Florida. Bert is out getting us a Sub and then we've got TV to watch tonight. Sleep well everyone and I'll see you tomorrow! :loveya:


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PAT: Sorry to hear about your breathing issues. Please do all the doc told you to do. The last thing we need is another Bunny in the hospital. Take care. We'll all be on your case to do the breathing exercises.

Unfortunately, the %$^*& GARAGE DOOR is still not fixed. It now has 2 numbers in the memory and NO WAY OF CLEARING the MEMORY. The tech we called said the unit is so old that it shouldn't have even accepted ANY MEMORY CODES from the new KeyPad.

We have a LOCK switch at the main switch and will click it to LOCK so at least the door will not open during the night.
I see a NEW GARAGE DOOR OPENER UNIT in our future! After 30 yrs of service I guess it's not a bad idea! Just pisses Art off that we can't clear the main memory! :emoticon 0122 itwasntme:

Nite from Macomb!