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A’Burg Guy

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The mission has been scrubbed.
Good morning folks. The surgeon came in about 07:00 and told me I was not going in today. At least I get breakfast. They really were trying to slot me in with the new rules. I guess someone needs their heart patched worse than I do. Doctor is still hoping for tomorrow.
Anyway, I will just leave it at that. Lu-Ann and I have decided that until it happens we won’t bother friends and family with another launch date.
You all have a fantastic day!


Bosun (Boatswain)
Lee, so sorry to hear the misson was's got to be terribly frustrating with all the hurry up & wait going on....I guess on the bright side at least you get 24 hour room service there so it's kind of like being on a cruise....keeping you in my prayers..

Pat, wow...Bill & Rita just seem to be determined to keep the medical community afloat this year all by glad they did not have any serious injuries...

Dave, actually Buddy got to come home last night...I guess he "channeled" my Dad Thurs. night and pulled out his catheter after the staff had left for the day...with a cone on....when they saw he was able to go on his own they just watched him for the day & then let him come home last night...fingers crossed he stays unplugged...

Kathie, you mentioned getting an estimate on a kitchen you going to replace your cabinets or just reface them? They can do a lot now days with just painting or changing the doors & hardware to make a whole new look....something to think about & might save you some cash...

It has been a wild & crazy last few days around here & I am so ready for a day to just relax & do nothing!! Tom & Grant are off on a day trip today so I did agree to go down & walk their dog Cody for them...he's a Papillon & so cute...other than that I think I see some porch time & a book in my future today....later gang!!


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Good Morning Wrabbits.
Lee: As much as nobody wants to have OPEN HEART SURERGY you must have been disappointed when you got SCRUBBED this morning. All that anticipation only to have to wait another day.
Keep calm my friend and know you got a TRUCK-LOAD of prayers said last night and this morning. !
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More prayers to be said for tomorrow.

I managed to flood the basement ceiling early yesterday evening. I was filling the Laundry Tub with water to soak some white dish towels and I went and answered the phone. Totally forgot that I had put the plug in the laundry tub and turned the HOT water on. Art for some reason went downstairs to get his bike ready for his Saturday ride and frantically came up to let me know what was happening. The floor drain was not helping fast enough and water was rushing in the basement ceiling in Art's WORK AREA where he does his
Model Car work! YIKES! Well, long story short it was a mess. He managed to selvage all his boxes of model cars where the water was flowing down and all the STUFF on that 8ft banquet type table. Not something you want to do at 8:30pm.
All is good today and Art is biking right now.
My ARM and wrist are tender from trying a few times to REMOVE the PLUG from that sink. Any other time that PLUG is worthless and doesn't hold worth a darn. But of course, this time it just wasn't letting me pull it out. OUCH from HOT WATER is all I can say.
Needless to say I will be going to ACE HDWE today and finding a plug with a chain on it to wrap around the faucet like my Mom had in her laundry tub decades ago. Perhaps I can just find one with a decent ring in it and put some plastic roping through it. Not sure I would like to look at that medal chain hanging in the laundry tub.

Okay that's my story for this morning. Hope you all have a SAFE and fun Saturday. I'll be back later to see if our PATIENT at Large stopped by and posted again. :)

I can just imagine Lu-Ann's phone ringing later tonight and folks asking just how Lee is doing!


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Karen: I saw that you posted just before me. Good to know that Buddy is home. Hope he's doing okay today! Little stinker didn't like that tube in him at all. I know you feel better having him home earlier than scheduled.
How nice of you to walk the guys dog. You're just the best neighbor around.
Regarding the kitchen cabinets. I've seen some paint jobs and didn't like the way they looked. And as for the Clad Plastic overlays I've seen how they tend to let loose at the bottom and sides of the doors and drawers. If this job ever happens it will be new cupboards for me. I'm not taking a chance in ever having to do this again. We remodeled the kitchen in our 1st home and I know what I will be up against. And with this COVID around and not being able to go eat at restaurants inside comfortably we would be doing a lot of make-shift cooking in the basement or BBQ on the deck while we would be without the kitchen use. Time will tell. It might just be too expensive and I'll have to live with what I have. To the EYE the the cabinets look great! But the pull out drawers are coming apart inside from all the weight of pots and pans and I want to get rid of the L-Shaped island and open up the area. Not to mention taking out the soffits in the ceiling that date this kitchen.
Like I said.....we'll see what the estimates look like and take it from there. I know it won't be cheap! :eek: But still it would be CHEAPER than moving! LOL :emoticon 0102 bigsmile:

Enjoy your time on your patio.

Bellalago Belle

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Good morning!

I'm sure Lee is going to be on all our minds and in our prayers that all will go well for him today. Also praying that the good Lord will guide the surgeon's hands during the surgery. And while we're at it, sending lots of prayers and hugs to Lu-Ann. She must be beside herself not having Lee around right now. There's lots of prayers and love flowing across the border this morning from all of us south of the border.

Kathie - Bert also uses Round Up where the weeds come up. As Dave said, buying it is perfectly allowed and the main ones who have gotten sick are commercial lawn care people who spray it all the time. Gary used to use it, but since he and Elaine got together, she won't let him use it. She only wants organic weed killer, if there is such a thing.

Dave - Matt Gaetz is right up there with the other "Florida wonder boys" - Rick Scott, Marco Rubio and Ron DeSantis. They are all lil t followers and each of them would like to run for president, God help us!! And people wonder why we call this Flori-dah!
It might be too early for the Schooner Bar to open, but you can just go make yourself a drink in your cabin using some of the smuggled liquor you brought on board!! LOL

Karen - I hope Buddy gets to come home today so his mommie can fuss over him!

We had dinner last night at the Grille with our usual friends, so now we have more leftovers in the refrigerator. Got a message from G&E a little while ago and they want to take us out for dinner as a belated anniversary gift. It will be either Manny's for steak or Tarantino's for Italian. I told them to pick either one as we like both. Hard decision and no matter which it is, we'll have more leftover to add to our collection!!

Time now for my one and only cup of coffee for today. I had to do a breathing treatment this morning and never got to make coffee, so I really am looking forward to a nice hot cup of coffee. Might just take it outside on the lanai.

One way or another, it's time for me to get away from the computer for a while. Have a wonderful day, everyone, and keep those prayers heading north. :loveya:

Bellalago Belle

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It was too late once again for me to edit my comments after some of you had posted before me and I hadn't gotten to see your posts.

Lee - Bummer that they had to delay your surgery. Hopefully, the doctor will find a slot for you asap.

Karen - Nice to know that Buddy came home early. It's amazing how creative cats can be when they want to do something, cone or no cone.

Now back to the cup of coffee!


3rd Officer
PAT: Sure glad you came back on and clarified your 1st post! I thought we were going to have to call and see if you had too much wine last night! Nice to know you're right on top of things and ready for the Schooner Bar! LOL. You and Dave are spending way too much time in there lately!! I might have to stop by and see just what's going on in there!

60F outside right now. We could use some MORE SUNSHINE. It seems to be hiding behind clouds.

Later.........I was just checking e-mails and stopped by to check on you all.
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Bellalago Belle

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Time to say good night. Sometimes the best made plans just don't work out. They were calling for t-storms, wind and heavy rain this evening, so I canceled for tonight and we ate the rest of the leftover Chinese food. As of right now, we have not gotten any t-storms or heavy rain. Wind is still pretty strong, but not enough to change anyone's plans for the evening. Guess I jumped the gun a bit. Better luck tomorrow or next time, whenever that might be.

Have a good night everyone, and I'll see you tomorrow. Love you all, so stay safe! :)


Bosun (Boatswain)
It's been windy here most of the day....we had some thunderstorms this evening, but nothing horrible....

Saying good night from Belleview....Lee....extra prayers for you tonite that they can get this procedure done & get you back home with your sweetie!!


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Had some issues with the PRINTER not connecting to the WiFi.
Called our MARK and after we went through a few steps he suggested I unplug the ROUTER, MODUM and shut everything down for 5 mins.
I re-plugged everything and waited until things loaded up again and we
Now Artie can print off his beloved Crossword puzzle and other number game. Whew.

LEE: All the best on Sunday if it's a GO forward!! I'll be saying prayers for YOU and LU-Ann in virtual church for sure.

Nite from Macomb. Suppose to RAIN here during the night!!
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SOOO Lee....Are you back on the schedule for today? And don't you dare withhold that tidbit of information from this family's Bunny hutch. You can always correct that, if your status changes. Got all the limited TV stations in your room memorized by now? Now try to forget those numbers when you get home.

So happy to hear that Buddy got to come home sooner than you expected, KC. Lately we all are getting clobbered with either doctor or Vet bills. I'm not even off of restrictions and I got the bill for my neck yesterday. $22,000. BUT, thank goodness for insurance, my portion is only 55 bucks. I can only imagine what Lee's bill would be if done here in the U.S.

K2, are you out of the dog house yet for flooding the laundry room and Art's work area in the basement? Bet that you will now remember to turn off the water before answering the phone. Might as well get the kind of kitchen cabinets you really want, you'll never replace them again. And don't forget about those pull-out shelves.

BB; I once had an uncle that only used an organic weed killer. (He was also very cheap.) He used extra salty salt-water. Steak or Italian, if given that choice 90% of the time I'd choose steak.

Only thing planned for today is dropping off plastic bottles and cardboard into dumpsters at the recycling place.

Phooey, our short lived summer is temporarily over. From the lower 80's yesterday to only 60 today. Oh well, it's April. A month of roller coaster temperatures.


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‘Our BOY, LEE, is in surgery as I post. (Started At 8:00 a.m. )Might have another 2-4 hours laying on his back. Lu-Ann said to KEEP THE PRAYER CHAIN ACTIVE FOR HER MAN. We need to pray for Lu-Ann as well as LEE since she’s hours away from being able to see him.
I’ll pass on any information as I get it.


You are so correct about the weather taking a DIVE this coming week. But that’s April for you. All those crazy people out buying flats of flowers to plant are in for a BIG COLD SURPRISE! Silly folks should know better than to tempt Mother Nature by trying to plant posies early around here. We’ve been known to have FROST in the middle of MAY, yet alone April. 60F and sunny right now, but RAIN IS IN THE FORECAST. The grass around here looks great.....nice and green. Love the Yellow Forsythia bushes all in bloom along the hwys and neighborhoods. And the White flowering ornamental Cherry trees. Too bad they don’t last long.

Karen: How is Mr Buddy doing today? Hope he is better amd eating and doing his peeing & pooping on schedule.

I’m off to church...I’m late since I posted this long note.

Say a pray for Lee please and Lu-Ann.


3rd Officer
I was able to post a prayer while I am in Virtual Church service for Lee. Look closely for the white print on the screen.

Bellalago Belle

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Sending lots of prayers up to Canada this morning for Lee's surgery to go well, for Lu-Ann that she will try to stay calm and be able to see Lee soon, and for the surgeon that he will use his skilled hands to make our Lee healthy again.

Kathie - Thanks for keeping us informed about Lee and for your prayer this morning.


Bosun (Boatswain)
Kathie, thanks for keeping us posted on Lee...

Prayers from Belleview for a sucessful surgery for Lee...and for Peace & Comfort for LuAnn....waiting on surgery results is stressful enough when you can be be hours away has got to be unbearble...I hope & pray some of their "bubble" group can be there with her for support....

Stormy rainy day here in Belleview....woke up a couple times during the night to thunder....good day to stay inside & do noting!

Bellalago Belle

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We've got some dicey weather going on right now. Lots of thunder and lightening, plus wind again. Definitely a day to stay home and inside. We got some rain last night and during the night, but not enough to wake me up. Today's going to be a day to get comfy and either watch TV or read a book.

We had hoped to go to the new breakfast brunch at the Grille this morning. It's an all you can eat buffet for a big $10.pp, but with this weather we passed. They posted pictures on FB and the food looks really good. We definitely will get there one of these Sundays.

Karen - How's Buddy doing now that he's home?

Will be checking back off and on all day for any word on Lee, while praying at the same time. Take care everyone and have a good day! :)


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We've got some dicey weather going on right now. Lots of thunder and lightening, plus wind again. Definitely a day to stay home and inside. We got some rain last night and during the night, but not enough to wake me up. Today's going to be a day to get comfy and either watch TV or read a book.

We had hoped to go to the new breakfast brunch at the Grille this morning. It's an all you can eat buffet for a big $10.pp, but with this weather we passed. They posted pictures on FB and the food looks really good. We definitely will get there one of these Sundays.

Karen - How's Buddy doing now that he's home?

Will be checking back off and on all day for any word on Lee, while praying at the same time. Take care everyone and have a good day! :)
Prayers going out to Lee and LuAnn. Hope today will see his successful surgery performed and he will be back home recovering as soon as possible. I remember that I couldn't wait to get home after my triple bypass a few years ago. After last year's hip surgery I was doing pretty well, but the recent accident has me bruised and sore. Although the car was totalled, we were extremely lucky. A picture of the car with a portion of the highway guard rail penetrating the extreme right side of the car shows the outcome could have been much more serious. Anything that was lost or damaged can be replaced. Using a different computer while my laptop is being looked at to see if its damage can be repaired and so all of my bookmarks are currently unavailable.
Will try to check in more often but will sign off for now.


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Update Rot GIF by rbb24

Got a message from Lu-Ann and here it is:

Hi Kathie. I haven’t heard from the surgeon yet so I called the ICU. He arrived there about 30 minutes ago. The nurse said everything went fine and he is stable. She suggested I call back about 9 for an update. Thank you for all your support!

That's it for now. Good to know LEE is out of surgery and in ICU and being looked after. If I get another update later tonight I'll be sure to POST it. Stop by before you TURN YOUR LIGHTS OFF TONIGHT to see if we have any news.
Now the long recovery starts. Whew!

BILL/Rita: Sorry to hear that the accident was as bad as it was. Glad you and Rita are in one piece. Hopefully, you got checked out for anything being broken. Take care and stay home until you totally feel better. You have kids that can bring you food and anything you should need. I don't know if you guys have one car or two. You might not have any choice but to stay home right now. Keep in touch. We worry about you both. At another time it would be nice to see the pictures of the car and exactly how it happened. Art was the one wondering about that.

Later gang.

It got COLDER here through the day. No RAIN, but it's not going to be a warm WEEK at all.


Bosun (Boatswain)
Good to hear Lee's surgery went well...hopefully he will be an exceptional patient & will be home soon!

Bill, & Rita had an angel riding in the back seat with you for sure! So glad you are both ok other's than bumps & DID get checked out to make sure that's all you suffered right?????

Rained here most of the day...thunder boomers & all...Jane called me around 1:30 and said she couldn't get the dog to get out of dog!!

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Nice to know Lee's surgery went well. I'll be able to sleep much better tonight knowing it's over and done with.

Checking out for tonight. I'll see you all tomorrow. Sleep well, gang!! :sleep002: :loveya: