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A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
About the only paperwork we will see Kathie is a bill for the ambulance and patient transfer to London. Our health care covers the rest. I know our doctor will share the paperwork if we ask.
London’s University Hospital is about 2 hours from here. 2 1/2 from home. But...we have been fully locked down starting tomorrow for the coming month. That means no visitors in hospitals! Even Costco and Walmart have been restricted to food and pharmacy items only this time around. As it should have been during all lockdowns.
I remember Operation! The guys nose lit up and a buzzer went off if you touched the sides.
Dinner has arrived. Because I’m on the cardiac diet I can choose anything I want as long as it has no seasoning or flavour.
I hope I get a “next service due” sticker on my butt too.
G’nite friends.


Chief Security Officer
Lee: Hope you had a good dinner and I'll try and reach your surgeon and request a "Next Service Due" sticker for you! Ha Ha.
Keep the Positive attitude and Good Sense of Humor up. It goes a long way to making things easier to deal with.

Hope a room opens up soon in London Hosp.
Art asked if you were at HOME waiting to go to London, Ontario and I said "ARE YOU KIDDING". Liability would be a major issue to let him out of that place right now. He's right where he should be for now.
Have a good nights sleep buddy! Hear from you soon. :phone: :pc:

Wish MICHIGAN was CLOSED DOWN TIGHT like Canada. We're #1 for Covid right now. How the heck did that happen with states like California and Florida & Texas having high numbers is beyond me. Other than going to pick up groceries at Kroger's I'm back to limiting my car outings. Dr's appts only.
I will still take a drive to Lake St Clair or Port Huron. Can't hurt to be inside a car with the windows down and looking out at the water and freighters. We packed a lunch last time and ate in the car.

We had a "leftover" type dinner tonight. Amazingly I found enough GOOD FOOD left over from yesterday and added a veggie to it all and saved myself a lot of work.
I spent to much time outside today and just didn't feel like being in the kitchen cooking.

Karen: How did the floor install go today? Hope there were no big problems. And did you get FOOD to GO from your sister?? Hope so.

Nite from Macomb. I am going to take a Melatonin in a hour or so and hopefully sleep all night.
You all know the drill..........mask & sanitizer and less running around.

Negc: What's with you guys not checking in on here. Is everything okay over your way? Hope nobody is in the hospital and you're not letting us know.


Able Seaman
Good morning gang!

"Dinner has arrived. Because I’m on the cardiac diet I can choose anything I want as long as it has no seasoning or flavour." I'm beginning to wonder if my mother used to work there, Lee.

So as I understand it; You are getting a triple bypass as soon as you get set up at London. Next to the "Service Due" sticker on your butt, I hope they don't leave the dipstick sticking out. Bored enough now that you look forward to having someone come in your room to take your temperature and blood pressure?

Wanna mess with Lu-Ann? Tell her that your Roomie's name is Carol.

Keep us up to date, "Burg Guy".

Watch your blood pressure K2. There will be no slapping around doctors. But politicians are still in season. Happy to hear that Eric got his first Covid shot. Around here it's still a game of hide & seek trying to find a place that has the vaccine and all appointments are not taken.

Nothing wrong with sleeping in, BB. Bert and Kathi seem to have that mastered.

We have now joined the majority of our neighbors on getting our grass cut for the first time this season. The lawn guy usually mowed on Wednesdays, and sure enough he showed up yesterday.

This morning we'll be picking up our groceries and booze, after a quick stop at the Vets to pick up a prescription for Big-Foot. Remember when their office got got flooded over the winter from frozen pipes? Well, they are still fixing the damage. But have moved back into Massillon only a few buildings away from their old, damaged office.

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Good morning, gang! Time to fluff up those tails. In Lee's case, he's going to get a sticker on his tail!!

Lee - I hope they have a bed for you today. That sure is a long ride to the other hospital. Do they stop at a rest area for you to get a snack? Sorry to hear you are back on a complete lockdown again. I wish they would do that here though.

Kathie - The reason your numbers look so high and got Michigan to be one of the top 5 states is because of the size of your population as compared to most of the other top 5 states. Lucky us here in Florida being also a number of that top 5 group thanks to that a-hole governor wanting everything to be open and encouraging spring breakers to show up at our beaches and theme parks. Our numbers have taken a big jump once again.
Nice that you and Art can take a ride and watch freighters going by. I used to love as a kid when our parents would take us to the inlet in Point Pleasant to watch all the traffic on the water. We especially loved when the fishing boats were pulling in and they flew flags to show what they caught that day. Then we would go to their seafood markets and buy fresh fish. Closest we can get that here is in Port Canaveral outside one of the restaurants.
Good for Eric getting his first shot. Laurie & Ron haven't even made an attempt to try to sign up for the vaccine and don't forget, Ron manages a Walgreens. I told her that I will badger her every day until they get with the program.

I had started this before 11, but Bert insisted he had to go to the post office IMMEDIATELY, so I never got to finish. Now I will, until he decides we have to eat lunch RIGHT NOW!!!

Dave - Good for you getting pickup on your groceries. Some places here want a day or two advance notice for pickup and then they don't honor sale prices or BOGOs. I really do need to start going into stores again one of these days. Just haven't worked up the nerve beyond Aldi's though. Next week we plan to drive to Daytona to check out the first Buc-ees in our area. I want to see what else they have besides every imaginable type of jerky and candy known to man!!

I sent an email to Rita yesterday, but so far haven't gotten an answer back. I know that Bill did post that granddaughter's Le Crosse team won their first game, but that's all he posted.

Well, I think that's about all I have for right now, so I'm going to be the one to ask Bert if he'd like some lunch NOW!

Stay safe, everyone, and have a great rest of the day. :)


Chief Security Officer
Good Afternoon Wrabbit family.

LEE: Sent off a message to Lu-Ann to let her know we're thinking of her.
Hope you're in a ambulance and being transported to London right now.

TAKE CARE and hear from you soon. All the best BUDDY!!

Glad some of you who are on FBook got to see the Throw Back Thursday Picture of our Feb, 2017 get together dinner at the Grille. Of course that was after Pat/Bert had primed us with drinks and snacks at their house. Great memories. Too bad Dave/Kathi missed it. :emoticon 0122 itwasntme:

Partly sunny here right now and WARM. 73F works good for me for April!

Karen: How you doing today? I bet you feel a few aches on your knees from doing that floor. Hope it's done or that you might just have finishing touches to do. As always...."You're the BEST SISTER" around.

Pat: I saw Bill's post on FB too. I guess at least one of that twosome is okay. LOL

Art is biking and due home soon.

I'm going out in the yard to see what plants are popping up out of the ground and to throw some fertilizer on some of them. Just too early to be planting anything around here. The flower nurseries most likely have Pansies for sale right about now. Just not into spending money on plantings that won't make through the HOT SUMMER. (hoping for a HOT Summer is really optimistic of Ha Ha

Later gang........gotta get outside! :sign havefun: :sunflower:


Firefighting Team Leader usual things just are not going according to plan...the floor did not work out at Barb's yesterday...we were trying to re-use old flooring...which can be done if the people who removed it are the least bit careful...these people were NOT...after fussing with it for about an hour we just decided it was not going to work & went to Lowes & bought the vinyl plank flooring...I will put that down sometime next week...
Buddy ended up going to the Vet this morning as I noticed he was going to the litter box a lot...but nothing was happening...he has a urinary tract blockage & will be having surgery this afternoon...they keep a catheter in them for a couple days following surgery & then hopefully once it comes out he will be able to go on his own again...looking at $1,000+ vet bill...but there wasn't really any alternative other than putting him down and I didn't feel like we were at that Kathie say's....Always Something!!

Lee, hope you get transferred soon & your procedure all over & done glad you can keep us updated on what's happening...


Chief Security Officer
Lu-Ann sent a message that LEE HAS A BED WAITING FOR HIM IN LONDON, ONTARIO. He might be on the road now.
Has to be so hard not being able to be with your Hubby at a time like this. Feel bad for both of them. Prayers they will both get through this Soon.

Karen.....just not your week lady. Good that you stopped and went and bought some new boards. Should make the job easier next week.
I feel so bad that Buddy has the UTI issue. Yikes on the cost of the surgery. There goes your stimulus check. Take care o er your way.

I’m off to take a shower and wash my hair too. Clothes are in the washer. I smell like that nasty fertilizer I spread around outside earlier. Pu-Wee.


Firefighting Team Leader
Good to hear that Lee is finally on the move...hopefully they will get this corrected soon...I feel for both of them not being able to see each other...that is just so hard & feels so wrong...

Got a call on Buddy & he did fine thru the surgery..he does have a UTI so they gave him an antibiotic shot...the Dr. still doesn't want to remove the catheter & release him until Sat....was hoping maybe he could home tomorrow evening...I like the care this hospital & all the Dr's give...but sometimes I think they push a few things just for the money part of it....
Need to figure out something for far all I've had today is 2 cups of coffee & a bowl of cereal....

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Great to know Lee is on the move and hopefully by now, is at the new hospital.

Karen - Good to know Buddy is doing good by the vet. You'll have him back as soon as the vet thinks he's ready.

Time for me to check out for the night. Chinese food is calling and then time to watch some TV. See you all in the morning. Have a good night and sleep well, fellow bunnies! :)


Chief Security Officer
feel better get well GIF

Karen good to hear Buddy got through the surgery okay. Hope he’s being a good Kittie while at the Vets.

Now we need to get you some Nutritious meals from your sister to fill up your FREEZER so you get some good food in you.
You can’t work with only coffee and cereal! Yikes.

Pat: Things look like they’re piling up really bad for Florida’s Rep Gaetz.POS
We have a treat for us tonight. RICE PUDDING! Life is GOOD!

Dave: I keep forgetting to ask you if you feel any different since your Artery surgery? More PEP?

Hey Bill.....What Baseball team are you cheering for these days?
I think here in Detroit I know about 2 players. All the rest come and go to fast for me to remember who they are.

Hope our boy Lee is in a comfortable bed by now. Not sure when his actual surgery is, but I hate when they do surgeries on a FRIDAY. I guess if your arteries are blocked you just want the procedure done ASAP!

Night Wrabbits.

A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
Good morning friends.
Sorry for not updating things yesterday. I was reading along but was very tired.
They moved me from the cardiac care unit to a “holding cell”. I feel so bad for the hospital staff. Every cubicle in a ward setting that used to be separated by a curtain now has a COVID wall and air purifiers and circulators. Those people just have no room at all to work.
So yes, I’m in London. I got in about 6:00 pm last evening and was once again poked, prodded, X-rayed and hooked up to monitors. The good and bad news is that there are NO visitors allowed here. Bad I can’t see my girl but good that I won’t worry about her trying to go back and forth.
I meet Dr Myers and the rest of the surgical team today. She is very respected and highly rated. We will discuss the procedure and have a date. I will have to decline the date though because I’m happily married but maybe we can get a day for my surgery.
Sending good wishes to wee Buddy for a speedy recovery.
Im going to try to get back to sleep for a bit. Never having any drugs in my system even a few days ago I’m a walking cardiac pharmacy today. And that makes me more dozy than usual.
Thank you for the positive thoughts and prayers. They mean more than words can express.
You all please, please stay safe and sound. You all know the distancing, hand washing and masking drill so just do it!


Able Seaman
So pleased to get up and see you on here Lee. Good morning young man! We are so happy that your procedure is moving along smoothly. Now, as you are thinking, let's just get this over with. Keep checking in as often as you can. Don't make us worry Dudley. I know, I know....hospitals are great for drugs, but bar service sure sucks. :)

Damn KC, you sure haven't had any luck lately. Hope Buddy gets past this blockage in his urinary tract. (No such thing as a free cat or dog.) Like you didn't have anything else to worry about.

BB; Never have been a great eater of Chinese food. But on my to-do list in the near future I want to find an oriental dish with lots of noodles and with a good amount of hot and spicey. Never have figured out how they use chop sticks with some dishes like noodles. Although there is a lot of slurping. Can you eat using those things?

We hit 80 degrees right around noon yesterday, K2. And to think that next Wednesday it will only make it to 51. No change in my pep or alertness since my neck artery surgery. Just happy that all the sludge was removed before it gave me a stroke. Sure am ready to get that bandage off on Tuesday.

Here's an oddball side story for when I was in the hospital; I spent the entire time in the ICU, and there wasn't a mirror in the room. (Intentionally?) Anyway, I couldn't get a look at my neck until I took a selfie. It was all bandaged up, but I just wanted to see what it looked like.

Get with the program, Bill. We know where you live.

Partly sunny and in the mid 70's today with pretty much no chance of rain. Need to get out the Round-Up. The jug is only a quarter full, so it's well below my 5 pound weight limit so I shouldn't get into any trouble with Kathi. But I'm sure I'll find something else that will.



Chief Security Officer
Good Morning Wrabbit faces! Sunny and dry here in Pure Michigan. 58F right now is a good thing this time of the year. We did have a decent rain last evening around 6:00 pm. The grass and the Robins appreciated it. don’t know how nice it was to see your posts on here this morning. We’ve gotten so use to each other that when one of us is missing in action it throws off the entire group!
Not to mention we all end up picking up the slack in that persons Hutch Cubby. :rolleyes:
Don’t worry though....your area is being remodeled while you are away. Hope you like PINK and LIME GREEN colors.....The Southern Belles know how much you love Florida so they’re turning the place into a Florida Room theme! Good luck with that!

Good to know you‘ll be getting all set up for this surgery SOON!

My heart goes out to you and Lu-Ann for not being able to see each other, but at least you have FaceTime these days.
Have they said anything about you getting the Covid Vaccine while in the hospital.
Okay, I’ve over done my chatting time again.
Hugs and Love Buddy! And thanks for keeping in touch.

Dave: I thought that Round Up stuff was not only dangerous, but also banned from being sold. What are you using it on? Hopefully nowhere near where the pups go! :eek:
I really think you would love some of the Chinese foods. SZECHUAN is what to look for if you want it Hot & Spicy. Or if you see a menu item with a ‘Pepper picture’ on it then it will be Hot/Spicy.

Karen: Do you get to call and check on
Buddy? I’m sure he’s resting well and is wondering what the heck he did wrong to have surgery and have to spend time away from home! Are the other Fur Balls walking around looking for him??

Pat: Looks like another “aid” has just resigned from Rep Gaetz’s staff. The guy is TOAST! And to think he sucked up to Trump and thought he could actually run for President one day. Another Brainless Moron.

We need to make a run to Jill’s neck of the woods to go pick up (drive up delivery to the car window) for some fresh roasted coffee beans. The beans are from Uganda. They only do so many Roasts of this special bean and we wanted to give it a try. we once went to a outside seminar and the guy explained so much about what goes into growing and roasting beans it would make your head spin. Very interesting. The biggest mistake people make when brewing coffee is to leave it sit on the hot-plate. Ruins the coffee badly. If anything you should transfer it to a thermos and use it within 45 mins. Well, we do all the WRONG THINGS over here! Duh!

Okay, enough of the coffee lesson for today.

Be all know the DRILL...just DO IT.
OUR “Flower Fund” is low right now! :D

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Good morning!

So nice to see Lee's posts on here. It shows that even facing surgery he has not lost his quick wit and sense of humor.

Dave - Our Chinese restaurant points out the hot and spicy dishes on the menu by printing them in red while everything else is black ink. Then, of course, there is also hot Chinese mustard which I always use along with soy sauce. I have never been very good with chop sticks, so I stick to using a fork. My favorite dish is chicken lo mein which used soft noodles (think spaghetti) with lots of pork fried rice.

Kathie - You're so right about a pot of coffee sitting on the warmer too long and losing it's flavor. Places like Denny's or Perkins all keep coffee on warmers and their coffee never is great. That's why I like single serve.

Karen - Glad your fur baby is doing better and hopefully will be back to normal by the time he comes home. Good move getting new flooring for Barb's kitchen.

OK, now I've got news for you all - I spoke with Rita last night and she said it was ok for me to tell you that on their way home they had an accident. Rita was driving and somehow over compensated and hit another vehicle. They are both banged up, bruised and sore, but from what she told me, they both are lucky to be alive! Rita's car was totaled!! Their son flew down to NC where this happened on Easter Sunday, and he took care of everything for them and then arranged for them to fly home. She said her ribs were finally feeling better when they started home and this went and happened.

It's time for all the bunnies to take care of themselves and be careful. Love all you guys, and I don't want to see anything happen to any of you. Time for a group
(((HUG))) and :loveya:
Once again the dryer is calling me. Have a special wonderful day, everyone, and for goodness sake, stay safe! :)


Chief Security Officer
PAT: Thanks for the update on Bill & Rita. Geez, they just can't get a break this year. I feel so bad about the accident. Like Rita said.....Lucky they are still with us. Let's hope they both heal and can put all this behind them and start the rest of the year out safer.

BILL/RITA: If you're reading along, please know we're thinking of you and hope that your bruises and sore muscles heal quickly. Now remember to hold on to the stairs in your condo and take it easy. Keep in touch too! We miss having your input on here.

BILL: What kind of car are you looking into buying or did you buy one already?

We're off to the coffee place to pick up some Coffee Beans! (Drive-up only) The place never has had walk-in purchases even before Covid. They bought a huge old lumber bldg and are refurbishing it right now and that will have tons of room inside of it. Hopefully, Covid will be under control and we can get to tour the bldg and all the work they have put into it. I'll have to post the pictures they have online. Amazing how you can take a old bldg and spruce it up.

I 2nd the GROUP ((HUG))

A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
May I Have Your Attention Please. Has every stopped what they are doing for this important announcement? Hmmm?
In light of the ever changing rules for surgeries in Ontario I HAVE MY DATE!
I am scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 pm. The procedure takes between 3 and 6 hours. Then I’m in ICU for a day or two. After that I will be assessed daily and could go home as early as the end of next week. That’s my goal.
The reason for the bump up is because effective Monday our hospitals have to perform only emergency or life threatening surgeries all because of increases in covid cases and hospital admissions. I guess if your ICU is filled with your patients you can’t really take any more patients. its all a game but I get it and am glad to be “on deck”.
Lu-Ann will have a lot on her plate but I know that, somehow, she will get to everyone.
Bill, Rita...glad to hear that other than a little banged up you’re both OK.
Rest assured that as soon as I get my paws on my device post surgery I’ll be checking on all of you.
If this message didn’t get shown in The Schooner Bar, can somebody tell Dave. :emoticon 0140 rofl:
Love you all.

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Lots of prayers and positive thoughts heading your way, Lee. You know all us bunnies will have you in our minds and hearts tomorrow.

Went to the Grille for dinner tonight and now have more leftovers than we needed.

now it's time to say good night as I'm shutting the computer down for the night. Sleey well, everyone, and say an extra prayer or two for Lee for tomorrow. :)


Chief Security Officer
Lee: GREEN color is for "GO"! You GO Buddy.
So glad you got in under the wire to get this surgery done.
Sending all our LOVE, HUGS, PRAYERS and MORE that the surgeon takes good care of you tomorrow. We'll be thinking about your all day.
Thanks again for getting on here and giving your EXTENDED BUNNY FAMILY the heads up! Try and get some sleep tonight.
Stay Happy God Bless You GIF by Raghav Bansal

I managed to flood the laundry room tonight. Well, not totally, but enough that the water was overflowing from the deep WASH TUB SINK in there. I took a phone call and walked away and it just kept filling up. It was HOT WATER too. I had to stick my hand into it to try and grab the PIECE OF CRAP RUBBER STOPPER. OUCH. I'm in a TIME OUT RIGHT NOW with ARTIE! :eek:

I better get off of this computer and look
Humble for the rest of the evening.

Prayers we all have a good Saturday. Lu-Ann we have you in our prayers too.

Night from Macomb.


Able Seaman
Good Saturday morning everybody!

You probably didn't sleep worth a diddley last night, Lee. But I'm quite sure the people at the hospital will let you take a BEloved afternoon nap today.
You might want to think twice about getting a group hug from these Rabbits, since I'm not sure all of them have been checked for fleas and ticks. Nothing for you to worry about, but I heard that Lu-Ann got the extreme hungries yesterday, after all the worrying she's been doing about you, and so went to the grocery store. So once you get home you'll better understand that you now own everything that was on isle #7.

Thank you BB for cluing us in on Bill & Rita's car accident. I'm just happy that it was their car and not them that got totaled. This couple might think about staying home for a while. And not just because of Covid. To me, coffee that has spent too much time on a warming plate tastes burnt. Speaking of coffee, I have never understood why my mother ONLY drank instant coffee.

K2; Round-Up is still available. They have lost a few lawsuits to people who sprayed it for a living. Too much contact and high inhalations over years. As far as individual home-owners it appears safe for random weed control. And NO, I never use it in any area that the dogs frequent. It makes me think of all the spray lawn fertilizer trucks we see. You never see the workers wearing masks or rubber gloves. Hope that down the road those workers don't start getting sick.

I agree that creepy Matt Gaetz is soon to be "toast". Just another crook that tends to flock toward the Buffoon and his crowd.

Buddy coming home today, KC?

Too early to head on down to the Schooner Bar? At least the pool bar opens at 9.