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Yikes, triple Bi-Pass and a Valve replacement. You'll be good for at least 200,000 miles! Take care and for heavens sake don't trip in the house. One day at a time.

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Bet you're happy to be home Lee. Except for all the aches and pains and limitations on what you can do. And you'd better not start complaining about your food or you will find more aches and pains.......all over your head.

Kathi has an early start to this day. She needs to be at one of her son's house at 7:45 to babysit 2 granddaughters while their parents get their second Covid vaccination.

Yes K2, every moron with a gun and a weak mind is now coming out of the woodwork to shoot people. Killing others so you can get your 15 minutes of fame must make your mamma proud.

I too think that next spring Lee & Lu-Ann will make it to Florida.

Any idea why your oxygen level dropped, BB? Good idea of staying close to home as you see how these changes in your medications effect you.

I still want to know why the former manager of the Grille got canned.

Kathi has now decided that we now need new carpet in 2 bedrooms. The remodeling bug has attacked once again. Same kind, same color, and same memory foam padding. They are coming to measure next Thursday.

Time now to turn on the news and see if anybody else with a small pecker but a big gun decided to harm people overnight.


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Greetings from soggy Belleview...not much chance of seeing any sunshine today!!!

Lee, so glad you are finally home & hopefully resting comfortably...nothing like having a private nurse & 3 adoring pups to perk a fella up....

Pat, it's not nice to keep health issues from the rest of worries us even more when we do find out there has been a problem!! Hope the change in meds do the trick...
And yes...inquiring minds need to know...what caused the shake up in management at the Grille?

Dave, did I not tell you the remodeling snowball had begun...and I still see new paint & furniture in the forecast before it's all over...
Sorry to hear you had more cutting work done...

Kathie, well that's a bummer about the garage door...only 30 years old huh? They just don't make them like they used to! ;)
I thought of you the other night...I was watching a show on HGTV called Bargain was set in Detroit & these 2 guys would go around & buy up these old abanded & condemed houses from the city for super cheap & then fix them up & sell was pretty neat....I saw 8 mile Rd & the Ambassador Bridge...I waved just in case you were there & I missed you...

Had to get up early this morning at Scooter had an 8 am vet appt. when we left it was just starting to rain & by the time I got to the main road it was pouring!! Made it onto the interstate & it was raining so hard you could barely see...but luckily MOST people were driving carefully...a few idiots still thought it was a good idea to drive 65-70 mph....most of the way I was driving 45...luckily by the time I got to the vets it had stopped raining so I didn't get soaked going in.
Poor Scooter seems to be having dental issues...she wants to eat...but then acts like it's hurting her & May 5th she is going to get x-rays & cleaning...and whatever else needs to be done to help her out...not thrilled about having her being put under, but it's the only way they can get a good look in her mouth & take care of whatever the problem is. They did give her another antibiotic shot today in case the problem is still related to the other abcess...there goes another $800-1000...
Think I might just fix another cup of coffee & chill for a while...catch you all later!


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Good Morning Wrabbits!

Dave: Kudo’s to Kathi for getting mote new carpets. The pups will be happy to Christen them ASAP! Ha ha.

Lee: Hope your first night home was a peaceful one. That you were able to find a comfortable spot to sleep. Watch that those pups don’t jump on top of you to play with your RED HEART PILLOW! Rest and HEAL.

I posted this yesterday. Not sure everyone saw it on the other page. Just can’t CLEAR THE BRAIN OF THE 30 yr OLD GARAGE Door opener. The tech we called said it should have NEVER been able to program a KEYPAD, yet alone 2 codes!

I will be going over to Lowes / or Home Depot and picking up a new Garage Door Opener this morning! (Art is biking and gave me all the dimensions in case I need them.) Going to buy a Belt Drive one this time. Quieter than CHAIN driven. ALWAYS SOMETHING!

Pat: We need a UPDATE on As the Grille Turns! How was it and WHY did the old manager get canned? Hate to see any ody lose their job these days, but it happens.

Karen: Are you resting up for your Floor install at Barb’s place Tues? Hope it will go smoothly and you’ll be done with floors for awhile.
I’m watching “Ask this Old House” on public TV station. Love watching these guys build a ice chest with a “Cooper Insert” . Can you even imagine how much something like this would cost! And who needs something this fancy! Wow.

Pat time for you to call Rita and see if they’re okay! Tell them to try and stop by ONCE a week to let us know how they’re doing? Hope all is good with them.

Sunny and 50F right now. It could be 40 as long as the SUNSHINE IS OUT THERE. Have a good day folks and stop by and let us know how it’s going!

LU-ANN....Try and PACE yourself. Rest when the patient is resting! Thank goodness you use to getting Hello Fresh delivered and your groceries. I’m sure the fantastic neighbors are and will continue to help you and Lee out.
Hugs to you both. Just nice to know Lee is home. He has lots of INTERNAL HEALING TO DO NOW! :emoticon 0152 heart::emoticon 0152 heart::emoticon 0152 heart:

Karen: Just saw your post. YIKES....what a morning. Glad you made it through the rain. Sorry about yet another HUGE expense for Scooter. Good thing you’re such a good Mom to take care of these things. Also, good thing you won’t be cruising anytime soon. (gotta get that vaccine before you can do that anyways)
Glad you got to see that House remodel in Detroit. I saw it too! That’s the WORST area of Detroit and I was surprised they bought that place and put that much work into it. If they showed the perimeter of that area you would roll your eyes.
Hope the rain stays away for you.
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Good morning! A cloudy morning here, but no rain! Good thing too, as today is the semi-annual community garage sale. We didn't have anything we wanted to sell, but M&J brought a pile of stuff that they wanted to get rid of before the move to their new house. The kids are selling some of their toys that they have outgrown or lost interest in. They're making $$$, so they're all happy campers. There will be another garage sale here before they get into the house, so that one they will be really prepared for, because they should get into the new house about a month later, as it stands now.

Kathie - Sorry the quick fix on the garage door opener didn't work. I really think you were close to getting your money's worth out of it, so give it a proper burial into the garbage can.

Karen - Pets can get very expensive to keep healthy. As pricy and raising a child!
Good luck with the floor project. I hope this time it is an easy job with no complications.
I have no idea what happened at the Grille to cause the manager to no longer be employed. I know his hands were pretty much tied as he wanted to make changes and the management company wouldn't let him. He also wanted a revised menu (this is the same one they've used since the place first opened!), but the chef only wants to do 1 special each week while leaving the regular menu the same. We had all asked the manager for a new menu. He also was in charge of ordering and there have been lots of times that they ran out of stuff which made people very unhappy.

Dave - Good for Kathi getting up so early to watch grandkids. M&J got here at 6:30 with the kids. I told Missy last night to let the kids in and tell them to go sit in the family room and watch TV. Different grandparenting styles, I guess. LOL

Time to go see how this garage sale is doing in our driveway. Have a wonderful Saturday, gang, and no matter what you're doing today, stay safe. :)


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I feel so good! Our neighbor called to ask if his daughter could use our printer. His broke! No problem. She's going to be graduating from High School this year. Haven't seen her since about March! GOODNESS, she changed. BEAUTIFUL. No more braces, long beautiful hair, much thinner than when I saw her in March. She's going to go to Michigan State Univ. on a scholarship! FANTASTIC. Watched her grow up from when she was born.
Anyways, amazing how these YOUNG ADULTS know how to figure out how to hook up their computers through MY computer to the printer. I was glad to help her out. :emoticon 0102 bigsmile:

PAT: Nice that M&J could off load a few things now. Did the builder start their foundation yet? They are smart to SELL or DUMP or DONATE everything they can before moving into a new place. Especially, since you folks in Florida don't have basements!

I think the guy that got BOOTED from Flip/Flop ( a/k/a: The Grille) should be happy. If he's young it's not a lifetime type of a position. Too many bosses telling him what he can and can't do. I bet the turnover will be a quick one again soon. Two girls working separate shifts will blame each other for any mistakes! LOL

I watched Prince Philips funeral. WOW....that property is WAY BIGGER than I ever thought it was. It's like 3 cities in one! Beautiful to see some of it in the coverage. I felt sad for the QUEEEN sitting all alone. I give her a lot of credit for wearing a MASK and following the rules of only 30 people in attendance in the Cathedral. A excellent example of the right thing to do these days. Everyone should follow her example.
Nice to see the 2 Grandsons behaving and walking together.
I'm not sure I could have given all that up to move to CALIFORNIA, like Harry did. WOW.

Okay, Art is home and I think he should be involved in picking out the new garage door opener. First thing he asked me when he walked in the door was "Did you buy the new opener"! NOPE.
He said last night: "It doesn't have to last 30 years because WE WON'T BE AROUND TO WORRY ABOUT IT"! YIKES...more and more of our conversations either start or end with that same thought! SAD, but true.

Still sunny, but chilly!

Later gang
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Saying good night from Belleview...was hoping for a quick post from our buddy Lee...but I'm sure the ride home & getting all settled in again has probably taken it's toll on him...
Ended up being a decent day after the rain quit about 11 am...sleep well Bunnies!


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Good morning all you furry little critters!

Not much to gab about this morning.

Hey Lee, how's about posting something today. I think you should name that pillow you hold on your chest "Bosom Buddy".

Oh the difference between having prescription insurance and not having it. Yesterday we got 2 refilled, and they said the price was $190. WHAT? Turns out somehow my insurance card information was missing on their computer system. When we got that straightened out, the cost was only $12.

KC; Ouch on the Vet bill of 800 to 1,000 dollars. By the way you described Scooter's chops I'd be more surprised if no teeth were pulled, while she's knocked out.

A lot or only a few things were sold from your driveway yesterday, BB? Next stop for the stuff that didn't sell should probably be a dumpster.

Yes K2, at our age we're not looking for a 30 year warranty on things we buy. We're finally accepting our own mortality. Unlike our thinking when we were in our 20's. I too watched most of Prince Philips's funeral. What a beautiful day for it.

We've got diddley planned for today. Mostly sunny in the morning with a high only in the mid 50's. With a few showers later on.


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Good Morning Wrabbit faces! Hope you all have a FANTASTIC DAY.

LEE: Hope you are surviving. It's hard to handle DOING NOTHING while you HEAL, but it's GOTTA BE THAT WAY. Way too much inside that chest of yours that needs to MESH TOGETHER again. BE patient and don't give your sweetie a grief. Just RELAX. Art and I are thinking of both of you.

Out of here to go out into the GARAGE and help Art with the new INSTALL of the damn garage door opener! Later folks.
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Good morning, everyone! I hope your day is off to a good start.

Karen - Are you getting rain once again up your way? The rains will move in here later tonight and then we'll see rain for the next 3 days. Bummer!!

Kathie - How nice of you to explain to Art how to install that new garage door opener. That's what wives do. They read the instruction as opposed to men who just jump right in, and when they do something wrong, blame it on the product being defective!! LOL

Dave - The kids were pretty happy with the amount of stuff they got rid of at the garage sale, including Nathan and Jennifer. They sold some of their own toys that they have outgrown or don't play with any longer. They set the price and did their own negotiating! Jennifer was quite the little salesperson and even threw in some small stuff to "sweeten the pot" and make the sale. It also helped that she had on her Minnie Mouse ears and a Disney shirt.
After the garage sale was over M&J went and got the stuff to detail our car. Boy, did it ever need it! Bert doesn't put the car in the garage. He has too much junk in there! And he's not one to wash the car or take it to a carwash. This the car hasn't had a good washing since the last time M&J detailed it 2 YEARS AGO!!! I'm forever telling him to get the car washed, but he never does it.
After the car was finished, we all went to the Grille for dinner. I really wasn't very hungry and the one thing I would have ordered (wings) they were out of, so I only got one of those huge pretzels and brought most of it home to eat later today.

Lee - I hope you're taking advantage of this time to heal and recover. Perfect time to watch a lot of TV and not feel guilty doing so. Can't wait until we see a post from you on here letting us all know how you're doing.

Not a lot going on around here today. I'm not even planning a big dinner tonight. I'm thinking hamburgers with grilled onions. I've been wanting one for a couple of days now and think today would be a perfect day for them.

We slept pretty late today and I haven't even gotten around to making coffee yet. I figured I'd stop by and see what was going on with the rest of the cyber family. Have a wonderful day everyone! :)


Bosun (Boatswain)
Good afternoon....not a whole lot going on around here today either...

Pat, nice you got a chance to sleep in for a needed it after your busy day yesterday!! Sounds like Jennifer is quite the little wheeler sweet!!

Lee, cmon man...time for a little check it even if it's just to say hi...we worry when our hutch mates go silent for to long...and besides that I can't keep dave away from the chocolates we put on your pillow for much longer...

Kathie, hope the garage door opener install goes well...I've thought about getting one of those keypad ones for here just in case anyone would ever need to get in & check on me...but for now I'm spending all my money on vet bills...

Dave, you are probably right about Scooter coming home with one or more missing teeth....I'm hoping not...but mostly I just want her to feel better & start eating again...

Got woke up in the middle of the night to a fierce rain storm..rained a little bit then later on this morning...but for the most part has been a pretty nice day....we need the rain...but not all at one time for sure...for now I think I'll go chill on the back porch for a while....maybe even have a glass of wine....stay safe all!


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Well this weeks Dumb Human award goes to.............

Earlier this afternoon I was working at my desk & heard something fall off & hit the floor...I looked around & found the cap to an ink pen...but no I decided to pull the desk out away from the wall to see if it fell behind there....when I bent over to look behind the desk I totally forgot about the shelf I had mounted just above my desk & smacked myself right in the center of my forehead on the edge of the about seeing stars!! I put ice on it but am most likely going to have a nice bump & bruise there by tomorrow...on the plus side I now know the shelf is sturdy & well anchored cause it didn't budge an inch!!

Bellalago Belle

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No, Karen, the dumb human award does not go to you. It goes to Bert!! Seems like Friday evening I asked him to go the Publix pharmacy to pick up my prescription for prednisone. He came home and said that the doctor never sent it! It was too late to do anything at that point as the office was long closed. I planned to call the office first thing tomorrow morning to find out what happened.
We were eating dinner this evening and once again Bert reminded me about calling the doctor's office first thing in the morning, when he suddenly asked my which pharmacy was the prescription sent to. I told him Publix, of course. His answer was that he went to Walgreens looking for it because that's where he gets all his meds!!!!!! Mind you, he has been getting my meds at Publix for years now, so why would he suddenly think it would be at Walgreens? Of course, by the time he thought of this Publix pharmacy was already closed for the night. Now I want him to go to Publix as soon as the pharmacy opens tomorrow to get the prednisone for me. I'm ready to kill him at this point!! I swear he is so losing it these days.
So Karen, you are so off the hook now.

Time to say good night and find something to watch on TV. See ya in the morning! :)


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frustrated bang head on desk GIF

OUCH, OUCH, OUCH. Oh Karen what a KNOT you will have on your forehead. Hope it doesn't hurt too much.

Karen, all I can say about getting a KEYPAD on the outside of the garage door is make sure your current inside (up in the ceiling ) garage door opener was installed after 1993.
When we programed ours it should have never let us do it. And when it took over our neighbors signals is when all the crap started with his opener opening our door and we had to get this NEW ONE. It would have been a REAL SIMPLE programing if it wasn't for it not letting us DELETE any numbers.

We spent the better part of the day putting up this garage door opener. It works and that's a GOOD THING.
We bought it at Lowe's.
The neighbor came across the street to see if he could help and said he got his new opener at Home Depot and HAD IT INSTALLED FOR $25 BUCKS. Amazing price. It's the same model as ours! Why couldn't we have went to HOME DEPOT. I would have gladly paid $25 bucks for the install. DUH!

Lee/Lu-Ann: Hope all is okay and Lee is still HOME and didn't have to go back to the hospital. I won't bug them, but sure would like a update! :emoticon 0122 itwasntme: Oh well, it's only been a couple of days.

Pat: I hope your breathing is getting better. What a mix up with the Med pick-ups. Leave it to a man to screw things up. At least you won't have to call the doctors office and go through all that.

Take care folks. I'm tired from a lot of up and down on a ladder and going down into the basement for THIS & THAT! :rolleyes:

Nite from Macomb.

Made a Curry & Rice & Chicken dish and it was really good. Just enough spice. I never made us anything with Curry.

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Perhaps if I sneak into my cubby nobody will notice I’ve been gone. Then I’ll get up later, catch up on how everyone is doing and get rolling again. But right now it’s 3:30 and that’s too early to be rustling around disturbing the rest of you. ;)


Bosun (Boatswain)
Perhaps if I sneak into my cubby nobody will notice I’ve been gone. Then I’ll get up later, catch up on how everyone is doing and get rolling again. But right now it’s 3:30 and that’s too early to be rustling around disturbing the rest of you. ;)
Never to early or late for a visit from our favorite canadian, eh?! Missed you on here & hope you are on the mend!!

This morning is Buddy's turn for a visit to the vet for a re-check on his UTI....and of course it's raining...again...think I will take the back roads this morning instead of the interstate...catch up with you all later...


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Breaker-Breaker one-nine, do you got your ears on Dudley Do-Right? THERE you are Lee. I see that among other things, your sleep schedule is all messed up. But nice to hear from you at any hour.

KC, would you quit beating up your furniture with your face.
"What shelf? BANG! Oh that shelf. Yea, yea, I knew it was there." And did you ever find the pen?

So how'd that garage door opener installation go K2? Are you and Art still on speaking terms? Any extra trips to the hardware store for parts? (And what time of night does it open now?) Installation for 25 bucks. Damn, I would have jumped on that too.

I'm a bit like Bert, BB. I rarely wash my car. (The color silver hides a lot of dirt.) But I do have a can in my car I throw quarters into, so when I do wash it it's at one of those car washes where you feed the sprayer machine. And for a couple of bucks, problem solved. Happy to hear that they did good at your driveway/garage sale.

Kinda glad that that the weekend is over. Sometimes weekends are overloaded with sports broadcasting.

Once again, nothing exciting on today's schedule except the usual petty little chores.

A’Burg Guy

Security Guard
Folks, how can we possibly thank you for all of the good thoughts, wishes and prayers over the past two weeks.
I am catching up on your antics reading back.
I do find juggling the iPad, heart pillow and these rehab exercises a little tiring but will check in every day. For now I think it’s time to ring the bell and have my nurse fetch me a coffee. Look at that. I’m still delirious.
Stay safe and well everyone.


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WELCOME BACK TO THE HUTCH LEE! So good to know you're able to send out a message to your extended Bunny Family. We were starting to get really worried!
You have a LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO once you get your strength back and BEFORE you do anymore new neighbors fence building! :emoticon 0122 itwasntme: :pc: (Like Lu-Ann will ever agree to that again)!

Rest up like the Bunny in the picture above. Note he's having a coffee and relaxing and listening to a old 78rpm record next to him. That's just what you should be doing to. Gentle hugs going your way.

DAVE: We completed the opener job and still are SPEAKING. We had some laughs at times when Art tried to explain how and why certain things needed to be done. The MAN OVER-THINKS projects like this big time. :emoticon 0133 wait:
I need to program the cars buttons in the visor to be able to open and close the door next. No big hurry since they still give you the old fashion "clicker button" for the visor.

Lastly we will program the KEYLESS Outside Pad that started all this BS! LOL. Wonder how many times we will actually use it!:emoticon 0136 giggle:

I got a recorded call from my Cardiologist reminding me of a appt I have April 26th. That's like a week from now. Usually they call 2 days before. I called the office and asked if that was still the correct date and the nice gal said YES. We started a new calling system and now the calls are 1 week before and the day before. Talk about REMINDER OVER-KILL!
Haven't seen this Lady Doctor in a year. Should be interesting to see what she has to say this time around. I've been keeping track of my Blood Pressure readings and will take them with me. ALWAYS SOMETHING.

We have another week without any doctors appointments. Should get rewards for that these days.

Karen: I see another VET bill of around $89 -$100 bucks for Buddy today.

You need to start a GoFundMe account for the Fur Balls. You never know....somebody might come across it and donate!!
There is this guy I follow in Sarasota, FL that does Drone video's of the area and his Drone did a NOSE DIVE into the salt water. He started a GoFundMe acct and has gotten $1495 donated towards a new Drone. I actually made the suggestion to him. I told him he had a good following and they would most likely donate and they did.
Now he won't get all that money after the FUND takes it's cut, but it's better than ZERO!

Out of here for now.