Return of the Cruising Bunny's....


3rd Officer
ATTENTION: I sent a FBook message to Rita asking how she was doing with those 7 broken ribs and she wrote back to me.
She gave me permission to post it here.

Hi K2,

Thanks for asking. I am still really sore and very uncomfortable I really can't sit, stand lay down, walk or breathe. I was back to the emergency room yesterday because I was coughing up blood clots.........and since I am on Eliquis I shuuldnt have any clots. scared the bejesus out of me, After x ays, cat scan and blood work they sent me home telling me it wold take 6-8 weeks before I healed an just hang in there. What other choice do I have?

We are still planning on going home on wednesday for our shot on Thursday but I will need a wheelchair from curb to car. We will rent a hotel because I can not manage the stairs in our house. This is one expensive free shot.

Can't stay on here ay longer. Thanks for caring


Rita added that she has been doing some vacation bookings for people that ar3 doing vacations. Just can’t stop a working gal from her job....broken ribs or nor.

I asked about BILL and she said he is doing the grocery shopping and taking care of her and the house. Very busy and he’s still hobbling around. Not the restful vacation they so wanted. OUCH!!

Please watch where you are walking. Get rid of the throw rugs. If the carpet wears out....REPLACE IT. Much cheaper than replacing a HIP or KNEE!
Nite fro Macomb!

SAN.....we miss you. Damn you for leaving us. :confused: ( meant in the best way)


Firefighting Team Leader
Oh phooey! I'd forgotten that I have an office visit with my skin doctor in a bit. I'm sure she'll find something to burn or freeze off. Too many visits with doctors lately. I always try to get an appointment as early as possible. Never giving them a chance to get too far behind schedule.

Neat picture Lee. Sucks that you and me seem to be on hold as to getting that vaccination. 75 sheets of drywall.......You better find more help, besides the Old Guy Contractors, to get it in the room you want it.

Good show on ordering a new laptop with a big screen, K2. And this time I hope they send the right on. Quite a painful and expensive getaway in Florida for Bill and Rita this year.

We too can eat outside, BB. As long as we're wearing a winter coat, gloves, and a hat.

I did get my "mystery brew" made yesterday. Lots of veggies, including a can of refried beans, with the meat being small bits of Slim Jims.

A’Burg Guy

Security Guard
Good morning.
A sun cloud mix but at 34F with a good stiff breeze it's cold!

We tried that East Indian place last night that opened here (right here!) for butter chicken. We both really enjoyed it! Best part was it was one pot for the rice and one high sided pan for the butter chicken. Made clean up a breeze 'cause everything went in the dish washer.
Thanks for the update on Rita Kathie. I have to question considering both of their conditions jumping in the aluminum tube and spending a night in a hotel. Surely the doc there could reach out to a colleague in FL to help them out. Good for you getting a laptop with a decent sized screen. Enjoy it!
Ya Dave, the basement windows are just a tick too narrow, even going on an angle, to be able to get the sheets right into the basement. Just like moving. It's not the packing it's the lugging of stuff that'll get ya!

And your position on Mister Potato Head is.......?
Dare I answer riding him with a saddle on his back?
Our friend Jan is (just arriving) coming over to try a new knit coat on Katie and do a fitting for Ava. She is such a talented lady when it comes to stuff like that. Sadly, she doesn't see it.
Better go and see if I can throw a cup of tea on for the ladies.
I'll try to pop back today after "virtual trivia". We'll be playing Boom Again this week with friends here and friends in Kitchener and Ayr. Always fun. Not to mention that wine will be consumed.
You all be good. Ten months from today Christmas will be "yesterday". Never to soon to start shopping!

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Good morning! Another beautiful day in this neighborhood. We thought about going to Gatorland for a couple of hours, but I'm not really in the mood. Instead we'll take a run to BJ's for a few things. I'll of course, be sitting in the car making sure the parking lot is secure!! ;)

Dave - My position on MR Potato Head is things are getting too d*mn politically correct. This is one of the most ridiculous things anyone has come up with yet. I'd love to know what idiot got the idea that the name had to be changed. I just wonder how you can justify a gender neutral plastic potato with a mustache. I wonder how the Mr Potato Head store is going to handle this change. Will they totally change the name of the store or just ignore it. Time will tell, I guess.
Good luck with today's burning or freezing.

Kathie - I got to talk to Rita last night. She really is in a whole lot of pain. Being unable to get into bed, she sleeps in a chair all night, but has no way to put her feet up and hat's not good. he'll give me a call after they get back from Mass and we'll see if there will be a visit this year or not.

Lee - That's a great picture of the ice flows on the lake. It did make me cold just looking at it though. You better find some healthy strong YOUNG guys to lug all that sheetrock down to your basement. Wish I had known you were doing this. I would have saved those mashed potatoes from the other night that could have been used for spackling!!

Time for some coffee before we head out of here for a while. Have a great Friday, everyone!:)


A’Burg Guy

Security Guard
How did the trip to help finance the doc’s new car go Dave?
Nothing like a good game of trivia to make you feel dense. Still, it was good fun.
I was listening to a couple of my favourite Billy Joel tunes...”Uptown Person” and “They’re Always A Person To Me.” Tonight we may watch that Julia Roberts classic “Pretty Person”. I may play with my Potato Head while watching. When will all this madness stop? My gosh, it’s history. It is the way it was and if we “purify” our history how will people learn from it?
Gonna wash my hands and take care of the pups dinner cravings.
You all wash your hands too!

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Time for me to say good night from my little corner of the world. Got our shopping done at BJ's and now it's time to head for the Grille for dinner. By the time we get home, it will be time for Blacklist and whatever we decide to watch after that. Have a good evening and I'll see you all tomorrow. Time fo rme to go wash my hands too!! :)


3rd Officer
Didn't get on here all day. Did you all MISS ME?? I didn't think so.

Pat: Hope the Grille was good EATS for you and Bert.
I really feel bad for RITA and BILL. Her ankles have to be swelling from sleeping in that chair. She really has no choice. She'd never be able to get into or OUT OF BED and Bill isn't a muscular person to be able to help her. Horrible situation.

Today I got Jill's work Scrub slacks shortened. Just as I was starting to sew them Jill and Ashley showed up at the front door. Ha Ha. What perfect timing.
They were in the area to pick up a beautiful wrought iron/wood slat bench that George & Marie who "owned" the condo Up North sold gave to them. It was brought down on a moving truck with other furniture, etc, etc and dropped off at her son's house. Good think Jill has the truck and could pick it up. Marie/George were really happy it was going to Jill/Mark's house. She said they'll have something to remember the condo by! Such good people to just give it to them.

Anyways, back to the slacks. While Art was showing Ashley SLIDES of her Mom when she was 2 & 3 years old on our vacations to Florida......... I was finishing up the sewing. Saved me from driving to their house to drop them off.
WE GOT THE SLIDE VIEWER TRAY delivered early this morning and it sure is making it easy to see and sort out those OLD SLIDES. Amazing that I was once SO YOUNG and SKINNY!
Ha Ha.
Here's what the slide sorter gizmo looks like. We actually use to own one of these back in the day and got rid of it. Art said when we're done sorting he needs to see if he can sell it back to the guy we bought it from! Ha Ha.....I told him I don't think it works that way.

DAVE: So did the PIMPLE PICKER find any spots on your head to FREEZE OFF?? Art has to go see his Dermatologist as soon as he gets done with his Cataract appointments. I'm not over-booking these things anymore.

Lee: It's nice that you can get together with your Bubble folks online and play games.
And start looking for a YOUNGER GROUP to haul all that Sheet-Rock into the basement!
But that's like talking to a wall. I know you and your gang will just do the job yourselves.

AT least make arrangements with the place you BUY ALL these SHEETS from to HAUL and STACK them in your garage. If it means having to park your car on the driveway it will save you a lot of work of doing it yourself.

Okay, I'm out of here. 7:37 pm and I need to find a movie to watch. There is nothing on TV on a FRIDAY this time of the year. It's bad enough that the LATE SHOWS are usually RE-RUNS.

Catch up in the morning.


Firefighting Team Leader
I think it's a weekend. Morning Gang, whatever day it is!

Hot diggety damn, that new Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine will begin being put in people's arms next week. The more suppliers the better.

Lee since you mentioned it, please tell me that you haven't already started your Christmas shopping.

BB; Here's a really oddball question for you; At the Grille, can you order a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich? I'm amazed at how many restaurants don't offer them. (In my book it has to preferably be on rye toast with only a smidgen of mayo.)

I too think those wrought iron benches with wooden slats are beautiful, K2. Heavy as all get out, but there's nothing sturdier. Sure beats the look of all those plastic outdoor chairs. And you do have all our permissions to post a few pictures of when you were "SO YOUNG and SKINNY".

Hiya KC!

As expected the skin doctor froze at least 10 spots yesterday. Forehead, cheek, back, and back of neck. A really nice lady. All of 5 feet tall. And has the coldest of hands. On a hot day she could hold your drink to keep it cold.

When I walked in she said she was wondering what would be on my Hawaiian shirt this time. (It was an all white shirt, with a pattern of white flowers.) When she was feeling in my hair for any unusual bumps on my head I asked her how she liked my long hair with the ponytail. She said that it goes with my Hawaiian shirt.


3rd Officer
Good Morning Wrabbits!
The Sun “wants to shine”, but it’s having a hard time waking up! 36F

I have nothing much to add to this days post.
I tried to log into my Kroger online app and it didn’t like my PASSWORD! Not sure if that’s because I’m on my iPad or not. Anyways, I’ll try it on the big computer later.

So did you see the $.45 cent jump in FUEL PRICES! I guess that’s because we dropped a few BOMBS on IRAN. I have a 1/2 tank of gas and will wait it out for hopefully a lower price before I need to fill up again. Actually, when prices are HIGH I tend to put in a 1/2 tank in hopes that the price will go down before I need to fill up again.

CONFESSION make my soul feel better:

We went out to eat in a REAL RESTAURANT last night around 5:15 pm.
we went with Marie/George, the couple that sold their condo up North.
They also have the daughter that isn’t doing well at all.
Anyways, we went to a local Steak House. Sat in a ”round“ seating area in a corner. ( Now how’s that for a Oxi-moron statement)!
Anyways, it was nice to be out of the main afea and off to the side in this round booth with high sides.
We all had some type of Fish dishes. Food was good. I even ordered a
Side-Car cocktail. It was nice to be waited on and not cooking for a change.
The only issue I saw, and it totally disturbed me, was the long BAR that had NO Social distancing!
Would I go back????? NO. The bar issue turned me off.
We went along with this outing because we felt sorry for this couple and wanted to let them have a nice dinner out.

Dave: I doubt that I will be posting pictures of “ME” from when I was 22 yrs old. Also, these pictures are on SLIDES. I don’t know how muchmit would cost to have them made into prints.
We are planning on sending all the SLIDES we view on the SLIDE VIEWER gizmo to a company that will put them on a “Thumb Drive” to view on our TV with the family. Popcorn will be supplies. It might be the last time these old pictures get looked at!

Today is National Strawberry Day. Seems like a strange time of the year for that to be happening. Wish we could go to PLANT CITY in Florida for a huge Strawberry Sunday! Yum.
Karen....hope you didn’t hurt yourself with your latest projects. Time to get in here and clean your CUBBIE from dust bunnies!

Have a good Saturday gang. Later.

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Good morning, y'all! Another picture perfect day on tap here. The Chamber of Commerce could make a bundle of money, if they could sell days like this. Only downside of the day is that the pollen count is very high. My head is so stuffed. I can barely breathe through my nose!

Dave - I bet your head is as spotted up as Bert's is when he see the dermatologist.
Yes, the Grille does make BLTs, but you only have a choice of white or wheat toast. They don't have any rye bread, as far as I know.
Our trip to the Grille last night did not go as planned. They had homemade cream of asparagus soup last night, so I decided to order that, plus one of those plate sized pretzels. When the pretzel arrived, it was still ice cold inside, so our server took it back to the kitchen and told me they had just put another one in the oven for me. And so I waited and I waited. It doesn't take all that long to heat one of these up. Finally the server came over and told me they had overcooked that pretzel and were making another one for me. I told her to cancel the order as I wasn't really that hungry and Bert was finished eating already. First thing we knew, the manager came over with a new HOT pretzel and told us that they were the ones who screwed up, so the pretzel was "on the house". Ended up just taking it home and will have it sometime today.

M&J are leaving for Texas tomorrow for a wedding. Along the way, Jimmy has to fix a fire truck in Ft, Walton Beach and it will mean they will be there for 2 or3 days before completing the trip to Texas. Nice part is that the company will foot the bill for the hotel while they are still in Florida.
Jimmy is bringing the kids over this afternoon while Missy is at work. He'll tell us all about the progress on building a house here in Bellalago at the same time.

Kathie - Unfortunately, since there is no more Strawberry festival, if you want a big strawberry sundae, you have to make it yourself, using Florida strawberries, of course.
I noticed that you had so much to say this morning, you had to repeat it all twice to make sure we didn't miss something. LOL Nice that the kids got that bench. I'm sure they'll have lots of great memories every time they look at it. I bet it felt really good to eat at a REAL restaurant once again, right?

Lee - Glad you and your friends enjoyed playing BOOM. It's amazing how much we've all forgotten over the years, but it's always good for lots of laughs. I especially like the Shout questions when everyone can call out the answers.

Where are you hiding, Karen? Time to drop by.

The &$@#% dryer is calling my name, so I better go answer it. Wouldn't want everything to get wrinkled, would I? Have a fantastic Saturday and enjoy that full moon tonight, which incidentally is called the SNOW MOON! Go have fun with that one, especially since it will be about 85 here today! :)

A’Burg Guy

Security Guard
Not much going on today.
I missed you Kathie. I can see why the bar scene at the restaurant would put you off. A shame really. Neat slide sorter. Sure beats holding them up to a light. Those are cool benches. Mmmm. Strawberries.
The year we spent a week in Navarre Pat we stopped in Fort Walton for road coffee on our way to Kissimmee. We modify Boom Again for virtual play. Lu-Ann rolls a die and we read the question to whoever’s turn it is. Ten questions per round. Two rounds per game. Good customer service from The Grille!
So Dave you old beach bum, to answer your question I have started a list of possible Christmas things Lu-Ann mentions in passing. If I do pick anything up I usually give it to her.
We actually went to our mall this morning to get some soap from Bath and Bodyworks. The mall just opened up Tuesday and there was nobody in the place. Except about 20. people lined up to get into, yep, Bath and Bodyworks. The line did not include us. We did a lap of the mall. It wasn’t like we were going to be in a crowd. Many stores were empty hoping for new retail. Many more were closed. With the increase in online shopping and restrictions on numbers of shoppers in malls and the stores I wonder if the day if the shopping mall is done?
So, that’s about it from north of the border. Now go wash your hands. Again.


Firefighting Team Leader
Good Sunday morning, Bunnies!

A reminder to history buffs; Another episode of Lincoln will be on CNN at 10 tonight.

Kathi got me to actually go inside a store yesterday. It was to Lowe's. Very few customers when we were there so it was easy to maintain social distancing. She wanted more shelves in one of our closets. Simple enough of a plan. Wooden shelves, adjustable rails to mount them on, some screws, and a stud-finder. BUT, and there's always a but, instead of just taking that stuff home.......we picked out some new carpeting for our living room and hallway. Their rep will be here this Friday morning for measurements.

We had picked out a color we liked while in the store, but also brought home a sampler board of others. So naturally when home we picked another color. We wanted the same brand and color that one of her sons had. But after she stopped at his house with the samples, (All wearing masks.), we were definitely off in the color we thought matched. It's a medium tan/brown. Not too dark, not too light.

Picking a color from a small carpet sample is much like picking a color of paint from their sample cards. Things look a lot different when you see a large area of it.

I did get the new shelves put up, and they haven't fallen down overnight, so I guess they are good to go.

A that was our Saturday.

Thank you Bunnies for posting what you guys are up to. Even the little things you mention are interesting to the rest of us. A big hug to all of you.


Bosun (Boatswain)
Good Morning....Can you hear me now?? Sorry guys I don't know where the days go lately....but I've been noticing a lot lately that projects I plan to do ALWAYS take longer than I think they will...and it takes me longer to bounce back from said projects than I think it should....30 yr old mind...70 yr old body....not a good combination...

Oh've started the magic snowball innocently....a few new shelves in the new KNOW that once the carpet is in the paint color will be all wrong too...good thing the weather is still crappy up there & there isn't much going on're going to be plenty busy indoors for a while...

Kathie, sorry that bar crowding spoiled your nice dinner out....people just refuse to use their brains sometimes....especially when booze is involved! Nice the kids were able to get a keepsake from the vacation condo...

Lee, nice looking pictures of the river you posted!! Please consider hiring some "younger" guys to tote that drywall for you...that stuff is heavy and your muscles will thank you for it!

Pat, nice that M&J are able to combine the business trip with their planned how long will they have to wait for their house to be built?

Got Barb's awnings finished but my half stripe idea didn't work out quite like I'd hoped...2 of the awnings are up high enough that it looks fine...but 2 of them are not & you can see the stripe only goes half way up...soooo....I either need to try to extend the 2 poles on either side that hold them up to raise them higher....or figure out a way to paint the rest of the stripe...I don't really like being that high up on a ladder as the ground is not very level.....might try to zip tie my paint brush to my extension pole...but I don't think I'd have very good control and it's probably end up being a mess....I'll have to think on this a bit...
Got an email from the new insurance company & they had 1 issue with my home inspection...the hot water heater in the garage did not have an overflow pipe on the pressure relief if it had blown off & someone was in the garage there was a good chance they would get they said I had to have a plumber install the over flow line & then send a picture of the line & a copy of the invoice...I called my old workplace & they had a guy come out Friday afternoon to do it...took him about 20mins & he was done...$85 later my cheaper insurance company is starting to not be so much cheaper....
Looking a little grey & cloudy here this crazy sister Barb is planning to come over after work today & try to go swimming...just because it's been in the 80's the last few days she thinks the pool will be warm enough...I think she's lost her marbles....and I also think it's time for more coffee...enjoy the day & washy-washy!

A’Burg Guy

Security Guard
and a stud-finder.
But the racket when you walked down that aisle was so loud that they asked you to leave. :emoticon 0140 rofl: I have the same problem Dave. Good for you guys getting a fresh carpet in the hall and living room. I miss our carpet.
Karen, I have an extension pole for painting across stair wells and higher, like we have here, walls up to the ceiling. I have this dandy "edger" that really works and lets me get a good straight line at the ceiling. I'm sure that I've seen "paint pads" that go on a holder that will tread on to the end of the extension pole. If you can get the gist of what I'm going on about, would that help you? Here's what I was getting at...
That overflow valve may prove to be a good thing in the long run! It will keep YOU safe if you're in the garage and there's a leak.
I was going to ay that speaking of a leak Bear wants to go out to pee. But I won't.
Talk to you all later...



3rd Officer
Good morning Wrabbits!
Overcast here in Michigan today. Suppose to get to the mid 40’s today.

Pat I have been sneezing all morning. I think your POLLEN has made it’s way way up North!
Karen: Nice to hear from you. I need pictures of those awnings. Having a hard time envisioning what the STRIPES are you’re talking about. I’ve seen them on awnings, but still need help with that. And DON’T you dare go any higher on that ladder.
Nice to know that NOBODY will get burnt from your hot water tank! HaHa. At least you know your house in is ship-shape order now. You could bring up that FLOW CONTROL issue at the next HOC meeting so that your entire condo complex can have SAFE HOT WATER TANKS!

Dave: Just think of how much MONEY you have saved over the past year by STAYING OUT OF PLACES LIKE LOWES! Good luck with the carpet project. Next will be the WALLS NEED PAINTING! Oh, and then the trusty old couch will have to get changed out. With any luck you’ll be able to get Kathi OUTSIDE and digging in the garden after all those projects are done!

Lee: I mentioned the ALL THE DRYWALL you would be buying for the basement project to ART and he thought it was A LOT! ”Measure twice...BUY once” comes to mind!

Pat....We’ve been drinking Costco Sangria the past few nights with dinner and it reminds me of that BLEND that they mixed up for us at the Blueberry Wine place. If you ever get somebody you know (like Gary perhaps) to go to Costco have them buy you a few bottles. It’s really good

Okay, I’m out of here for now. I’ll put in a good word for you at VIRTUAL CHURCH that is starting soon.
Enjoy your SUNDAY.

A’Burg Guy

Security Guard
We've measured about three times Kathie. It's not just the walls we are doing. It's the ceiling too. Now, about allergies...we had a fella here suggest that I try local raw honey to relieve the allergies. Well, you know what? It seems to work. I still have symptoms but they are much less bothersome than if I weren't taking the honey! I use about a teaspoon each morning on my yogurt. Say a prayer for all of us, OK!

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Good morning! After a very lazy day yesterday, we're continuing that tradition today, but with brunch at the Grille. This is to help me get over the blahs over today was traditionally the day that we left on our anniversary cruise. :( Having brunch on the patio at the Grille is almost like being in the Caribbean with the palm trees swaying and a nice breeze coming off the water. Then tonight it's surf & turf time out on the lanai. I love that it's getting warm enough to eat out there.

Dave - Now you've done it - made the mistake of going into Lowes. Now it's going to be one project after another. Good luck with the carpet color choice. We really need to think about a new couch in the family room. It's dark brown leather and is starting to split in a few places. I mentioned this to Bert and, boy, did I get a dirty look. LOL Maybe I can convince him to use some of that Covid money that may eventually be coming.

Lee - I had forgotten about having to do the ceiling too. Have you ever done spackling and closing seams before? Our house in NJ the plasterers did the ceiling walking around on stilts! That was some sight, but it got the job done very quickly. You any good on stilts? It might be a good time to learn.

Karen - That job of painting the awnings is becoming a major production. Your sister is better than I am to consider going in a pool already. The new gal next door to us goes in her pool, but that has solar panels on the roof to heat it.

Kathie - Thanks for saying a prayer for all of us. Lord knows, we can use some! I don't blame you for getting out of that restaurant fast, if the bar area was so busy. At the Grille they only have 6 bar stools at the bar, instead of the 10 they normally have. I watched the other night when 2 people left the bar, the manager grabbed a Clorox wipe and cleaned the bar area they used, as well as the chair seats and backs. They really are keeping on top of things there, which is why that's one of the reasons we go there. I got a bottle of Crazy Good wine from True Blue when we were there a few weeks ago. It' chilling in the cooler to be enjoyed one of these days.

Guess it's time for me to get off here and get ready to go for brunch. I think some mimosas might be called for today!!! Take care, everyone. Be good and stay safe!:)


Firefighting Team Leader
Happy March 1st.

After seeing one on a show yesterday, and knowing that the fad is over, it makes me wonder how many people got stuck with thousands of unsold Fidget-Spinners.

How's that for some deep thought first thing in the morning?

Nice hearing from you KC. All in all I'd say you got by cheap following your home inspection. Those water heaters can be a pain, depending on the local code. I once was flagged for not having mine grounded to a water line. Aren't water heaters, by definition, always grounded to a water line?? I can only imagine the water temperature of your pool.

I liked your stud-finder joke Lee. I was just hoping that when I mentioned it you wouldn't think I was talking about that 36 year old lady down the block from you.

Are you taking anything for your allergies, K2? And to think that spring isn't even here yet. Although it did get to 58 degrees here yesterday. But it was just a teaser since we're starting off the day in the upper teens.

You've got my sympathies BB if you decide to go couch hunting. I always feel like I'm getting hustled in a furniture store. I often wonder if their sales people sell furniture in the morning and used cars in the afternoon.

About zip planned for today. Although it drizzled most of yesterday, it should be dry today and tomorrow. Which means I'll continue in my never ending job of removing land-mines.

Oh yea, Kathi thinks she needs another shelf in that closet.