Return of the Cruising Bunny's....


Bosun (Boatswain)
Lee, I LOVE that new color on your walls....and I had to do a double take on your buffet in the's very similar to mine that I painted to look 2 tone like was all the solid maple color but I painted the base an off white....will see if I can get a picture to post...P2230175.JPG

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Lee - Love the color of the wall!

Karen - You're right. Your 2 buffets do look very similar.

Lazy afternoon, so time for getting an early start on happy hour today!:smiley15:


3rd Officer
POOR TIGER a bad roll over accident and in the hospital in surgery right now. Good thing his young Son wasn't in the car with him. It was just him. All kinds of ideas going around on TV as to what happened. Heck, the only person that knows that is TIGER. And who knows if he'll remember just what happened! Wishing him well.

LEE & the color of the walls. It gives you that Florida look up North. And Karen it's amazing how your buffet looks so much like theirs. Good job as always.

Lee: I told Art about your issue with the painting supplies not being the right size. Now I need help. Was it the new ROLLER that was now 1/2" wider and wouldn't fit in the Painting Pan? Can you explain it better so I can tell him. He looked at me like I was nuts when I tried to tell him your problems. Thanks. You did a excellent job with the paint job. And I bet it went on nice and easy since the original paint job wasn't that old. New Drywall (sheet rock) does have a tendency to absorb more paint that a wall that has a few coats on it already.

I took the computer back and got a refund. In fact they gave me the Shipping Charges twice. I was going to say something and then after about 2 seconds I thought........NOPE .....I had to bring it back and use my gas and time. So unless some BEAN COUNTER figures it out I'm keeping quiet about the $9.98 bonus!! LOL

Lee: I looked at some of the Apple LapTops at Costco and YIKES.....they are EXPENSIVE. They don't have a lot to choose from and some were $2200.00. The NotePads were $850.00. I have a iPad, so I don't want anything that small. I didn't get over to Partridge Creek today. Might go tomorrow after I take Artie to see his Cataract doctor.


Pizza dough is in the RISING STAGE. I'm off to rest a little before I start organizing the toppings for the pizza.

With all this WINE TALK on here lately, I did manage to buy a bottle of Sangria while at Costco. Theirs is really really good. Only $6.99 for a big bottle.

Karen: Congrats on getting the house inspection approval. Good for you looking to get lower rates on house insurance. Love that buffet. You really are a jack of all trades.

Pat: You crack me up every time you say "you" have to make a stop at Publix's for something for dinner. That would be BERT has to make a stop. Ha Ha. But we all know what you mean. Can't be jumping out of the car just to go up and down a few aisles for 2 or 3 things. But as soon as the Covid is under better control, you should really get to the store early and get a electric cart and get use to going up and down the aisles and picking out stuff you want. I bet you would be amazed at how many new and different things they have in grocery stores these days.

Later gang.


A’Burg Guy

Security Guard
Thank you folks. The picture still doesn’t really convey the shade but ya all get the idea.
Well now Karen, don’t we have good taste. Lu-Ann has a small bench that she is going to finish in the “antique white” and try to distress it a bit to match the buffet. We had the buffet and dining table done a couple if years back. They were her Mom’s set. To good to send to the dump and sadly, young people don’t want solid well made furniture. The bench is mostly decorative and will sit in the entry hall against the wall that I also painted in the “blue”.
I never said Apple was cheap Kathie! :emoticon 0102 bigsmile: Now, about the paint trays. I have a couple of really good plastic paint trays. I always use liners in them so the trays last longer and cleanup is a snap. I checked the trays before I went to Home Depot and picked up the current liners to fit that size. Problem being I guess the “XL“ Bennett brand trays are now a little smaller than the “XL” Bennett brand trays I have so they just plain didn’t fit.
There may be a Costco trip on tap for tomorrow. 8:00 am ‘cause I don’t do Covid lineups very well.
See you all tomorrow.


3rd Officer
Thanks for the heads up on the liners Lee.
Pizza was yummy. Burning the skin in between the two fingers next to my thumb was my mistake. Ouch. Haven’t burned my fingers on a hot cookies sheet in decades. Guess it was time.

The 2 small ones will get frozen for a future quick lunch.


Bosun (Boatswain)
Pizza looks really good Kathie...not so good burning your fingers though....ouch...getting ready to get comfy & see if I can find anything worth while to watch on tv...I'm on Jane's Netflix account but I'm not really in the mood to go surfing thru that tonite...probably won't make it on before I leave for Barb's in the morning....I'll be glad to get this project crossed off my list...
Found out the other day the president of the HOA & his wife had covid...apparently they came down with it after their first vaccine....they felt a little rough after getting the shot but thought it was normal...then his wife had to have some pre-op testing done & she tested positive for they tested him & he was positive too...luckily it was a mild case for both of them...


Firefighting Team Leader
Not much time to gab this morning. I've got to get ready for a stress test early this morning. And then this afternoon I'm having an echocardiogram on my heart.

Just to get a release from my heart doctor so another doctor can do surgery on a carotid artery in my neck.

I too noticed the similarity in your buffets KC & Lee.

What room is next in your painting, Lee?

From what you guys say, I wonder how many Netflix viewers there would be if everyone couldn't hijack it from a friend or relative's service.

BB; In your book I want to know how they connect New York underworld.

Good looking pizza, K2. But they did make me wonder if when you were a child you ever learned the difference between a circle and a square.

Betcha that you never put together these dancers with this song.




3rd Officer
Good Morning.

Dave: Good luck on your TESTS today. Soon you'll be Rotor Router-ed and all unclogged like a icky pipe!
Gene Kelly, Fred Astare, Shirley Temple in the middle of the video.
Neat old Video.

I think I can bet money on the fact that Tiger Woods won't be playing in the upcoming Masters Match. He has RODS, and SCREWS, etc, etc in his right foot. Won't be swinging those toes and legs around anytime soon. Heck, he's lucky to be ALIVE. Wish him a fun time in therapy.

Out of here now. Need to get a coffee and get ready to take my MISTER to his 1 month eye check up.

Later gang..... Already 38F here and climbing to 45F again. But suppose to get WINDY and drop into the 20's tonight. At least some of the snow will melt.

Enjoy your day. very careful around your neighbors. Not knowing how many got the Vaccine, you need to be diligent. Hope your "GUY" friends got the shots.

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Good morning, gang, and happy hump day! Just think - We've made it half way to the weekend when we can look forward to doing NOTHING just like we do every other day!!

Dave - Good luck with your testing today. I hope you get the green flag to go ahead with your procedure. That sure is early for a stress test. The hour alone would cause me stress!! Can't tell you how the underworld will play into the story and now have to wait to check the book out again. There was someone on this list, so I couldn't renew. Now my name is on the list dogging this person who got the book! LOL

Lee - Yeah, I too want to know what's next on this list of rooms to be painted. May as well get it all done now before the nice weather sets in. Then you won't want to be inside painting when you could be outside having wine with friends on your patio. Right?

Kathie - I hope your MISTER does well on his checkup for his eye. Will he get a date yet to have the second eye done? Those pizzas look really good. Might have to try that one of these days. I'd have to figure out how to make it with very thin crust, which isn't always easy at home.

Karen - Good move getting these jobs done at your sisters' houses. I'm sure they will pay you back with food, for sure. Glad your association president and his wife only had mild cases of the virus. It's just so hit and miss as to how it materializes and how sick some people get while others hardly know they have it. Scary!!

Bill & Rita - How are you doing? You need to check in and let us know how things are going and how Rita is doing.

Not too much to do today except to get organized on what I need for dinner from Publix and then to start prepping, including roasting about 6 heads of garlic to smear on the Italian bread tonight.

Now it's time to have a bite of lunch. Hopefully this will post to add a smile to your face to see you thru the day: I will not be having salad for lunch!


A’Burg Guy

Security Guard
"Don't believe me just watch"...Dave, that version of Uptown Funk NEVER gets old. Amazing how those old entertainers were able to dance like that without the smoke, mires and skinny outfits they use today to distract the audience. What a great way to start the day. Well, start the day after I've been to Costco and Home Depot. I could have been quicker except as I was about to escape "somebody" got up and said I'm coming too. Suddenly I went from a "hunter" to a "gatherer". Then I get a pouty face because I wouldn't cruise every aisle in Costco. That same somebody is making noise about paint and a wall in "her" bathroom. But for the border being closed I could be there with a little drain snake and my drill. A shot of your beloved Captain for and anesthetic and "bam", we'd be done with that artery in no time! All from the comfort of your own home.
Boy those pizzas sure look good Kathie! Check Amazon. They have these things to grab hot sheet pans so you don't burn your fingers! :emoticon 0152 heart: I love to make our own pizza. Especially during BBQ season when you can chuck them on the grille. The way the temp has been here the past couple of days BBQ season could be today! It's already 51F under really nice bright sunshine. Safe trip to the doc with Art.
Have you had a COVID test Karen? Just with the other board member testing positive I am allowed to worry about you. These new variants especially seem to jump around like crazy. Lu-Ann had another look at your hutch and was again amazed at how close they are and what a great job you did.
Pat, don't tell me that you're sleeping in again! :sleep002:
I was about to hit post when your post popped up. With today's temps I dare say that we could very easily be sitting on the patio with a glass of wine in hand. For dinner tonight it's bruschetta salmon with parmesan roasted potatoes. That's one of the selections from this week's Hello Fresh delivery. Tomorrow night is "Butter Chicken".
We have Netflix. Looking at our cable bill, if we cut back to all but the basic package plus a channel or two and add the cost of Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime (which pays for itself if you order stuff) and F1 TV (my races) for me we'd have more things that we would actually watch for less money every month! The we could reinvest the savings into paint. Or wine. Wine is good.
I think it will be a nice walk by the river today. Provided the salt has disappeared off the walkways. A few people have reached out to The Town about how much of the stuff they throw on the sidewalks. What a waste of salt when there are margarita's out there that may need it for their rims!
Be good my friends. And, as always in a lesson from Pat's cartoon, wash your produce before you eat it.


3rd Officer
Hi Gang.

BB: Art goes for 2nd eye surgery MARCH 11th.
So it won't be long now. THANK GOODNESS.

Lee: You should have a great day for the RIVER WALK!

I was outside earlier shoveling the mounds of snow and throwing it into the street to MELT.
Well.......with temps in the 50's they melted already. Yippee.
We can't get to our grill on the deck yet. Without the awning up there is at least 2 feet of snow piled up on the deck. Good thing it's warmer today and it's slowly going down. We our suppose to get our NEW Slider- Door-wall the first week or so of MARCH and it might be melted by then if we don't get another big snowstorm. We ordered the doors the last of NOVEMBER. Sure glad we didn't need them in a hurry. Ha Ha

Lee: If you call your Cable company and ask if they have any MONEY SAVING PLANS you'll be surprised at what they can come up with. Tell them what you want and that you want a cheaper price/bill. If you don't ask you don't get it!

Out of here for now.


Bosun (Boatswain)
Short check in to say Hi....I be 2 coats of paint on the 4 awnings on Barb's trailer...the good news is I was able to do it all from the ground using my extension pole....except for the awning over her front door....the bolts Dad put in the the pole brackets to hold it up have rusted in & no amount of WD40 would loosen them that awning got painted from the back of my truck & in full up position...good thing only the front half of the awning shows from the ground cause that's all that got painted on that one...they look nice...and tomorrow I will go back & put the black stripes on them...ran out of paint just before I finished the first coat so I sent Barb to Home Depot to pick up a gallon for me...I don't know why I thought I could paint all the awnings with only a qt. of paint...she picked up Chick Fil A for lunch while she was a double win for I'm going to stretch out & relax my back & shoulders a little with you all a little later...

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Shuting down the computer for today. I need to get to finishing the GRAVY and putting the meatballs and sausage in before it 's time to start baking it.

Have a great evening, everyone. I'll see you tomorrow. :)

A’Burg Guy

Security Guard
Hmmm. Am I the only one that finds Karen’s “rank” of carpenter very appropriate? Paint, well in Canada at least, is funny stuff. A quart often costs about 1/2 to 3/4 what a full gallon will run you. I suggest feet up and a glass of wine!
It was beautiful down by the river this afternoon. Every 12 months most Canadians have to go fight with their cable supplier Kathie. Inevitably the more you try to cut services the more they “toss in”. We have tried to get rid of our land line for years but Ma Bell has sweetened that so we hardly pay anything and no long distance fees.
I bet those meatballs and sausages would be great with “sauce” Pat. :emoticon 0115 inlove: Who loves ya Momma Bunny?
G’nite everyone.


Firefighting Team Leader
A DElight reading what all you Bunnies posted and shared yesterday. Great job guys!

Got my stress test and eckocardiogram done yesterday. But I have to wait till next Wednesday to meet with the heart doctor to see if there was any results that would nix my neck surgery. Then, if it's a GO from him, THEN the family doctor begins her blood tests to see if she too will give a GO for the surgery.

With spring just around the corner, we got a taste of it yesterday. The sun came out and it went up to 52 degrees. And I couldn't believe it but there were motorcycles out on the roads everywhere. Something tells me that when they got home they were all gray, just like cars, from all the salt on our roads.

Got a feeling that Tiger Woods won't be in any golf tournaments for at least 2 years.

This morning we're off to a local bank to empty out and close out Bud's safe-deposit-box. He never kept much of anything in it. And then it's off to pick up this week's booze and groceries.

I whipped out some hot wings yesterday afternoon, but I'm in the mood to whip up one of my hot and spicy mystery brews. Slightly too loose to eat with a fork but in no way can it be considered a soup.

A’Burg Guy

Security Guard
Good morning!
Back from our wander with the pups. Cooler than yesterday but so nice with the sun out. Lu-Ann has a zoom workout with one of her Kitchener Boxing friends. Nora and her husband almost bought our old hose. Until they saw the size of the back yard. Too much for them.
We saw a biker out yesterday too Dave. Not surprising with the temps we had hitting the mid 50’s. By the same token our old community of Ayr, a scant three hours east of here, was seeing snow showers and temps struggling to reach 40F.
Butter chicken over basmati rice for dinner tonight. I’m thinking of making it while Lu-Ann is on her zoom thing. Then it can sit and let the flavours develop before reheating fo dinner. Not sure.
I see that the Big Box home improvement stores are expecting a down turn in sales because everyone did their renovations during lock down. I guess that makes sense. Maybe drywall will go on sale. Now that we can have people in our homes again I’ll need a few dozen sheets for Old Guy Contractors to finish Lu-Ann’s workout room.
Oh joy. The Ontario brain trust has released the schedule for people to book their Covid vaccines. My age group can register on line...starting June 1st. July 1 for Lu-Ann. Provided of course we don’t run in to production shortages or another lock down.
What ever the day brings for all of you I hope it is all good!

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Good morning, fellow hutch mates! Getting a slow start on here once again. Just write it off to being very laid back or lazy this morning.

Not a lot going on around here this morning. Bert's off to the bank. I didn't feel like going with him. He'll be back within minutes, so why bother, right?

Sounds like some of you are getting a touch of what spring feels like. Of course, you know Mother Nature will take it back at least once and then laugh at you. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Lee - That really stinks that you and Lu-Ann have to wait so long to get vaccinated. Just keep your guards up until then. Hopefully, after that they will be able to open the border again and you can get some of Kathie's baked stuff hand delivered.

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Dave - I hope you get good news when you get the results of your tests yesterday. They really make you jump through hoops before approving any procedure these days. They're just covering their a$$es. People look at me funny when I tell them that I had my tonsils removed right in the doctor's office with the windows open and my parents standing right next to me while talking with their friend the doctor. Like that would ever be possible today!!

Kathie - I definitely an going to try that trick with salami. Too cool! Now I just have to restock with cheese before I do another charcuterie board. We ate all we had!

It was such a nice night last night that we were able to eat outside. Haven't been able to do that for a while. Dinner must have been good because they devoured just about everything. I had prepared a huge bowl of strawberries, but they brought a Carvel ice cream cake shaped like a rabbit's head, so instead of shortcake, we ice cream cake with strawberries and whipped cream. Definitely not the diet variety!!!

Best get this posted before the clock rolls to noon. Have a terrific day, no matter what you're doing. Just make sure to stay safe and wash and sanitize those hands!:)


3rd Officer
Good AFTERNOON gang. I have spent the morning DOING NOTHING! And I don’t even feel guilty. Well.....maybe a tad.

Pat: Glad you like the Salami Rose trick. Your desert sounded yummy.

Dave: Do let us know if Bud left a few surprises in the Bank Lock Box. It would be neat if he left “notes” to each child. And perhaps a special GOLD COIN! We use to have a Lock Box years ago.....never really had much of importance in it and closed it when we moved.

Those doctors are really giving you the once over. There should be a law about OVER DOING it. Hope the final doctor give her BLESSINGS! I think after all this is done and you are totally recovered I’d be tempted to send them a INVOICE for all the time you spent going to all these appointments! Wonder if any of the doctors would reply! Ha ha.

LEE: Yikes that seems like a long time to wait for those Covid vaccine shots. The Pandemic might be over by then. ( wishful thinking)
It should be interesting to know what will be required to cross the border to Canada/ USA once it opens! Can you even imagine the lines. All those people who have cottages of Summer Homes in either country will want to check out their properties, boats, etc. And ALL the families who haven’t seen their LOVED ONES in over a YEAR! They should get priority entrance rights over people who just want to come over the border to “shop”.

I can’t wait until the “Old Contractors Guys” get busy on Lu-Ann’s work area! I bet they’ll be thrilled to get together, even with MASKS on, to work together again.

Karen......did you get those awnings painted? And I wish I lived in your condo complex so you would get ’sorry A*S‘ taking walks with you.

Out of here for now. The last time Jill stopped by she brought over 2 pairs of her Work Scrub slacks for me to hem. I think I better at least drag up the ct. sewing machine and use the long dining room table to work on this project.

Lee: I ordered a Hewlett Packard LapTop from Costco Online. It was $200 off and no shipping charges to our local whse. Let’s hope they send the right one this time. I like it because it has a 15.6” screen.
I checked out the Apple computers at Best Buy one more time and just couldn’t pay what they want. I have their iPad and the bigger LapTops were in the $2000. range. For what we do with the computer it wasn’t going to happen now.

You all have a good day. You know the routine.....wash the hands, sanitize and MASK UP!

A’Burg Guy

Security Guard
Blue skies. Blue water. Blue skin if you fall in!
A lot of ice flowing down into Lake Erie as things warm up. Some of the ice is as clear as glass!
About the is what it is. We all have to be patient and we will get through this.
Looks like I need about 75 - 4‘ x 8’ sheets to do the ceiling and walls. I wonder if I can find young guys to haul the sheets into the basement?
Dinner time for the pups.

You know the routine.....wash the hands, sanitize and MASK UP!
What Kathie said. :emoticon 0105 wink: