Return of the Cruising Bunny's....

Bellalago Belle

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Good Sunday morning, everyone! Bright sunny day here but on the cooler side with 24 mph winds which make it feel that much cooler.

Nothing on tap around here today, so I guess you could call this another Saturday, when we also did nothing!

Dave - Happy "Tootsie Roll" hunting! I'm so glad I don't have to worry about doing that any longer. Just a cat box to empty.

Kathie - There's nothing in this world that would keep me up that late, especially a tennis match or golf game. Sounds like you guys have the TV on all day over your way. Do you? I rarely put TV on before the news in the evening and if it was up to Bert, it wouldn't go on until at least 9 or 10. I will admit that I was bored yesterday and I did put it on in the afternoon and watched Bobby Flay. For some reason Netflix wasn't working for me yesterday. I'll try again today.

Never made it to the Grille yesterday and with this wind, I'm not sure it's worth it for chips & salsa. We might go out for dinner, but the verdict isn't in on that yet.

I'm looking out the window at the spool guy cleaning his pontoon boat. He's really funny doing this. He's spraying stuff on it and then hosing the inside all down. He'll do the outside a little later. Once it's all clean & shiny, he'll put the cover back on and leave it for the next 3 months!! He spent a lot of money on this boat and rarely uses it. What a waste!!

Allergies are really kicking in. There's so much pollen in the air and the mango tree next door has flowers on every branch. It's like 15 feet from us and is a major contributor to my allergies right now.

Well that's it for me rambling for right now. Have a wonderful day, everyone, and do what you need to do to stay safe! Now I think I'll have one of those banana muffins. :)


Chief Security Officer
Pat: When you have all this SNOW and temps in the TEENS up here there's not much to do besides to have the TV on and listen to "BREAKING NEWS" Ha Ha and bake and cook dinners, etc and then watch a movie or parts of Episodes in a Series that folks have suggested. We'll be all caught up by the time the new series start up again. Or we can just let them BUILD UP and binge watch them like we are right now. CAN YOU SAY BORING.

Oh and add in taking Art back and forth to the various EYE doctors. Wednesday we go back to the Cataract doctor for a one month check up and to confirm the March 11th 2nd Cataract surgery. At least he picked a good time to have this all done. He'll be able to get outside and BIKE by the time he gets done and has new glasses.
I was just glad that I didn't have to worry about him biking in the freezing COLD and SNOW this year! Whew.

I'm waiting for ART to shave and then we're going to go over to the Big Park for a drive around the ponds. Might stop and get a CARRY OUT at a local restaurant that we have gift cards for. Hate to see these cards just sitting in the cupboard.

Karen, Lee, Dave.......what are you all up to today.

I saw pictures of PQ (Chris) and her Mom at one of the Disney type places. They sure do know how to get around and about during this Covid mess. So far they are safe.

Later gang. You all got Prayers today at Virtual Church. I saw a few more BRAVE SOULS in the pews when they panned the area.

A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
Good Sunday evening Bunnies.
Well Kathie the colour is Benjamin Moore 2040-60 and called Antiguan Sky. I get told off when I say it’s pale blue. Those are darned fine looking muffins young lady. I think many of us are getting lock down fever. Same old same old every day for almost a year now.
We had picked up everything needed yesterday to get started this morning. I taped the baseboards, brought up my high ladder, brushes, rollers, paint tray and liners and...they’ve changed the size of the inserts or the trays by about 1/2 an inch. Really...I said a bad word. A couple actually. But still had to go get what I needed to do the job. The wall looks good. Tomorrow I’ll do the walls on either side of the fireplace.
What do you plant to get a spring crop of tootsie rolls Dave? This one, from Caddy Shack, is for you Buddy.

So sorry to hear that the allergies are causing you a bit of a mischief Pat. Funny enough around here “snow mould” is what causes many people allergy trouble. Knock wood my allergies have been pretty good!

I hope you’re on the mend Rita.
Speaking of “mend” Karen, what projects have you been tackling these past couple of days?
Like my neighbour, I’m out from my corner of the world too.
Stay safe folks.


Chief Security Officer
Lee: I love how you can always find the appropriate Video to match up with whatever is said on here. Gotta LOVE ”Caddy Shack”. Let’s hope that Dave doesn’t do anything foolish while collecting all the Treasures from his pups!
I’ll look up the color in my color pallet strips and let you know what I would call it! Ha ha.
The Banana Muffins tasted great and I passed some on to 98 yr old NICK and our friends Marie & George up 24 Mile Rd. It’s always good to share! If they ever open the dang BORDERS I could always share with you & Lu-Ann.

We watched a few more Episodes of Kaminsky Method. Now Art is watching his English series on Detroit Public TV. He’s got the CLOSED CAPTIONS on so he can understand what they are saying.

Out of here for now.

Karen....hope all is good with you.


Able Seaman
You've all heard of that fella who could walk on water. Well amen & hallelujah, our 2 dogs can walk on the top of snow without their paws sinking in. (Or at least they think they can.) Ya see, yesterday was sunny most of the day and the temperature was right around freezing. So the top of the snow started to melt down. BUT, as the sun faded and the temperature dropped this wet snow froze up. So I'd see them walking on the top of what was 4 to 5 inches of snow. When I fist saw them do it I thought, "This can't be right". Until I figured out why this "miracle" happened.

You and Kathi, K2, had the same idea about what to do with some darkening bananas. But you made muffins and she made bread. You got me with this "Kominski" show you're binge watching. What's that all about?

I don't know what is worse BB, cleaning out a cat box or picking up "Tootsie Rolls. All I know is that cat pee can stay in and ruin carpeting. Your neighbor seems to do what most boat owners them and then just let them sit until they can unload them on someone else.

Thanks for the turd in the pool video from "Caddy Shack", Lee. I'd forgotten about that scene in the movie. Happy painting Pal. Better thee than me. Changing the standard size of a paint tray insert is idiocy.

Anybody got a clue as to what the "Buy me a coffee" adds they put in between posts is all about?

I just shook my head when they announced yesterday that the U.S. had hit half a million deaths from Covid. It was an amount that was mostly avoidable. Heck, last March 21st there were only 23,000 CASES of infection. Not deaths, just infections.

Hi to the rest of you Bunnies.


Firefighting Team Leader
Good morning from Balmy Belleview....I enjoyed bright blue skies & sunshine on my walk this morning....

Kathie, those Banana muffins look downright delicious! I know your friends must really enjoy your baked treats!

Lee, what in the world were they thinking changing the size of a paint tray...oh yeah....I everybody will have to buy new stuff & we can make lot's more money....isn't it funny how you can move into a lovely new place & then after a year or so you decide you really don't like the way something was done & boom...the projects begin...

Rita, OUCH!! Hope you are feeling better after that nasty's a miracle you didn't puncture a lung or something breaking all those ribs....

Dave, I bet the pups thought they were hot stuff being able to walk on top of the snow like that...they are going to be majorly disappointed the next time it snows & they sink in....
The buy me a coffee seems to be some kind of fund raiser or something....maybe because this site doesn't have all the ad's like CC used to....I may wander over to one of the main boards & see if there is any chatter about it there...

Pat, I didn't know there was a Mojo's in your area too....wonder if it's the same far as I knew the one's here were not part of a major chain....hope your allergies clear up have enough breathing problems without them kicking butt too!!

Worked at Jane's a couple different times trying to get the shelf back up...and it just was not we went to plan C and just bought a 5 shelf metal rack to put out there next to the one she already had....worked out good....except for me cutting my pinkie finger with the scissors she gave me to take the plastic wrapping off the shelf poles....sliced the heck out of it & bled like's not deep...just in a spot that every time I moved it would open the cut again...but we finally got it together & the garage all organized again...looks nice too!
Today I need to work on my garage...getting all my tools put away that I used at Jane's....later this afternoon I have a home inspector coming...I'm chaning home owner's insurance & they wanted an inspection...
Wednesday I'm hoping to FIANALLY get over to Barb's & get her 4 awnings painted on her house...I've been trying to get it done for months....but it always turns cold...Wed. is supposed to be a high of 76 & it should be a good day to paint!
Now I think I'm going to find something for breakfast & have another cup of coffee before I tackle the garage...sure wish I had a muffin or some banana bread...later gang!

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Good morning from, as Karen said, balmy central Florida. It's going up into the low 80s today. Spring has sprung in Florida!!

Karen - I mistook the name of the restaurant you went to with one down here that has a similar name, but is not the same as yours. I goofed!! You sure are a busy lady these days. Between putting up shelves and painting awnings, your sisters don't really know how lucky they are to have you. But look at it this way - in a short while it will be time to be hitting the pool again and you can relax. Nice thought, huh?

Kathie - You did good giving people some muffins. I was planning to make blueberry muffins next time the gang comes over, but Bert bought 3 boxes of strawberries, so we will have to use them up first. They look too good to waste. Plant City strawberries have been coming in and being they no longer have the strawberry festival, there's plenty available.

Lee - That really stinks that you had to go back to the store for another tray. Of course, they wouldn't tell you this while you were buying the supplies. That would have been too easy. But aside from that, how does the new paint look on the area you've already done? I do hope there will be pictures afterwards.

The wine is here! The wine is here!! FedEx already delivered all 4 cases of wine, surprisingly. I really didn't expect they would deliver this early and that the whole order, from 2 different distributors would all arrive at one time. Good thing the delivery driver had a hand truck to pile the boxes up on. Poor Bert had to cart them in one at a time. I really think he was cussing his idea that I should order it all.

Making something new for dinner. Both of my daughters make this for Christmas dinner, but I've never made Roladen before. I've always known how to make it, but just never did. I'm strictly making it for Bert & I before I consider making it for the rest of the gang some one of these years. I know it takes hours to cook, so I'll have to start it this afternoon in order for it to be done for out dinner tonight.

Time for a cup of coffee and to psych myself up for the cooking ahead. Have a wonderful day, everyone. You know the drill! :)


Chief Security Officer
Good MONDAY afternoon Wrabbits.

Gloomy outside here today. Much easier to get through the day with the Sun shining!

Dave: Here’s the Kominsky Method series is good. It’s on Netflix Free. Season 1 and 2 are out there now.
You can google it to watch a Trailer.

The Kominsky Method​

LEE: I would call the paint color Light Sea Blue. It’s easy on the eyes and should go well with your floors! How’s the painting coming along?

Karen: You REALLY have been a busy Bunny. Good for you and your Sister. Hope she is outside watching over you when you paint the awnings.

BB: PARTY AT BERT & PAT’s house. No need to being any wine! Ha ha. Now try and pace yourselves.
I was never a fan of Roladen. Never liked the Taste of the sauce/gravy. It had vinegar in the kind I ate. Food luck with it.

RITA: So have you found a good place to sleep somewhat comfortably? Hope you can get to the balcony to look outside. Take care.

Time for me to do BILLS. Hey, somebody has to do it.

Take care and be safe.
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Bellalago Belle

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Karen - Cappi asked that you thank his "cat cousins" for the surprise gift. He's already chasing them all over the place. Thank you so much for this surprise! :emoticon 0152 heart:

Kathie - I have never heard of Roladen with vinegar used in the gravy. Maybe that's the Serbian method. The real German one is done in beef broth with bacon, onions & pickles rolled up in it. Just about time to get that show on the road and t hen head outside for a while. It's just about 80 on the lanai.


Firefighting Team Leader
Pat, You're very welcome...glad the package arrived in a timely kitty's were just terribly upset to learn Cappi had no toys & was forced to play with boring old plastic tubing...hope this keeps her happily occupied...


Chief Security Officer super sweet of you to help Cappi out with new toys. I think if Pat just put some of that WINE in the Kitty's food it would slow it down on eating the plastic tubing. HaHa

Pat: You are most likely right about not having vinegar in that Roladen. Maybe it was the pickles rolled up that I didn't like. We had it at a German Restaurant that is not longer in business. The building was torn down years ago. We really don't have any German restaurants close to our area. Lot of Italian, Mexican and Polish take its place.

So I got the bills paid. Both the ONLINE ones and the Doctor's Co-Pay ones that I call into the office to pay after I match them up with my Blue Cross letters of explanation. I never pay unless they match. Today, one of them was off by $4.66 cents and I told the nice gal on the other end of the phone that I'll only be paying the amount that matches to both statements. She had NO ISSUES with that.

Nice to get this out of the way for a few more weeks. Always a challenge.

I did call the IRS about that letter I got last week saying the Stimulus Check was going to be deposited into our checking account. Well, it turns out that was for the LAST CHECK they dropped into our checking account. The nice lady said they were a LITTLE BEHIND in getting out the letter. Ha Ha. I mentioned that I didn't think the newly elected Pres Biden had SIGNED ANOTHER Stimulus check yet. And she said's still being discussed.
I see that coming through in the middle of March for my Birthday! Ha Ha.

My NEW LAPTOP computer made it to Costco and is ready for Pick-Up.
I called the store and said that I noticed the tracking said it was there on this PAST SATurday. The clerk checked and said YES it is in the store. He said I was to get a e-mail from Costco telling me it was there. Ha Ha. NOPE ....NO E-MAIL. Just like everything lately, you have to do your OWN CHECKING UP on orders.

I'll be going over before they close to pick it up! I still need to buy a new Router so I can take the one I'm renting back to Comcast -Xfinity store. The savings will pay for the new router! I'm hoping Mark can hook this OLD COMPUTER up in the basement with a Router he said he had at home. That way we'd have a back up if needed. I am the dreamer. This old computer might not START UP again once it's disconnected and shut down. :oops: :rolleyes: :eek:

I don't feel hungry and I don't feel like cooking. Might be a BREAKFAST TYPE DINNER going on over here. We had a nice lunch so it's no big deal. I have blueberries and might make us some Blueberry Pancakes.

I want to watch the last of the Episodes of Keminsky Method.
DAVE this is for you. I hope you have Netflix and can start watching these from the beginning.

Later gang.

LEE's that painting coming along. I must remember to tell Art about the 1/2" size difference in equipment. Was that the Paint PAN or the Roller Holder that was different now. Or the Rollers???

A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
And the walls are done. Actually they have been for a while. Pictures are back up and it looks pretty good. I’ll try to get a picture that accurately shows the colour.
I was chatting with a friend about the great tray / liner debacle. He said the same thing. Every time he wants them now he just buys a new tray and some liners.
Dang Pat, I really enjoy rouladen and haven’t had it for ages. Kitchener, near where we used to live, hosts the largest Octoberfest outside of Germany. Many German restaurants and the all offer “the best” rouladen. So, how long do 4 dozen bottles of wine last? Did you tip the FedEx guy with, well, a bottle of wine comes to mind.
My gosh Karen, you barely get one job done and you’re looking ahead to a handful more!
We’ve had a real mix of sun and cloud here Kathie. We enjoyed The Kominsky Method. I think Alan Arkin steals the show. Have fun with that new laptop!
Yes Dave, I can help. “Buy me a coffee“ is a program where you send a couple of bucks to your friend in Canada. He drinks the coffee and sends you a heart felt “thank you”. One thing for sure here. Our long legged pups at 75 pounds do tend to break through the snow.
Speaking of sending, Kathie, did you get the email I sent you with our new address and stuff? I know you were having problems getting our emails at one point.
Hi to the rest of the gang. You all stay healthy, wealthy and wise.

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Dinner is almost ready. It smells amazing! By the time we finish eating I will need someone to roll me over to the couch, so I will say good night now. Have a good evening, gang! :)


Chief Security Officer
I went and picked up the new LapTop. It was all wrapped in non-see-thru shrink wrap, so I took it and went home.
Opened it.
Looked at it and was taking a picture to send to my Son-in-law Mark and noticed they sent me a DIFFERENT MODEL! I was suppose to get a #5 and they sent a #3. Joy, Joy.

I called and told Mark and he said at least I didn't have it all installed and then noticed the model was wrong. Yup....I guess that's a plus.

So then I called Costco.Com help and waited 1 hour and 18 mins for someone to help me. UNREAL. least she was English Speaking when I finally got through.

She looked it all up and said that the Laptop I ordered was OUT OF STOCK. So some
BIRD BRAIN grabbed the #3 and sent it out. Lord how do these people ever get hired???

I'll be taking it back and waiting until it comes back into stock. It's only ON SALE for 6 more days. But the nice lady said keep looking for it, because they almost always come back into stock. Ha Ha.......RIGHT!!

Okay, it's 11:33 pm and time for me to catch Jimmy Kimbel or Steven K.

Talk again tomorrow.

And YES LEE.....I should have gone with a Apple.


Able Seaman
Ya got me nosey KC. What is this cat toy you sent Cappi? A few small live mice?

"The Kominski Method" is definitely a show I would watch, K2. But we don't get Netflix with our TV package. But, Kathi thinks we just might and we just overlooked it. She's going to find out for sure today. (Oh the joys we have to endure to get, and keep running, our electronic gadgets. Maybe we should have just been satisfied with our transistor radios.)

But we aren't going to pay extra for Netflix. Every couple of weeks a new network pops up that they want you to pay extra for.

"Yes Dave, I can help. “Buy me a coffee“ is a program where you send a couple of bucks to your friend in Canada. He drinks the coffee and sends you a heart felt “thank you”. Lee, did you once work as a barker at a carnival?

I'm beginning to see the method to your madness, BB. You and Bert ordered all this wine in at the same time because you don't have a basement. Which means no wine cellar. So you can say that you have to drink it up rather quickly because of the Florida heat. Clever angle.

I don't remember who mentioned it, but; There is no wrong time of the day for eggs, bacon, and toast.

Zip for plans today. So instead of watching the grass grow, like we did in the summer, we're going to watch the snow melt. The excitement of Covid precautions just wears me out. But hey, it's kept us Covid free so far.


Chief Security Officer
Good Mid-Morning GANG! It's off to COSTCO I go to return the WRONG LapTop.
Lee: I might just go over to the Apple Store at Partridge Creek and look at the Apple LapTops.
HOW LONG DO YOU THINK IT WOULD TAKE ME TO LEARN THE APPLE COMPUTER LINGO?? Will I be able to print off envelopes like I do in WORD?? Come boy....give me some good tips on why I should buy APPLE except for LITTLE to NO Hacking with it.

DAVE: I don't pay for my Netflix. My dear brother that lives about 25 mins from me here gave me his password and I'm on his family plan for FREE! I think I might just pay for it, but once Summer actually shows up we do very little TV movie watching. And after being cooped up for almost a YEAR with this Covid crap I plan on maybe pitching a TENT in the yard and sleeping outside all SUMMER. (except when it rains) Ha Ha. I'd have to get some type of fencing around my tent to prevent the CREEK CREATURES from scratching on the sides of the tent. Ha Ha. Muskrats, Possums, squirrels, Raccoon's, etc, etc. Maybe I'll pitch the tent on the deck!

DAVE: I watched this movie last night. It was really good. "I CARE A LOT".

Here is the trailer you can watch. You really don't want this movie to END it's so good.

Be back later folks.

Tonight is HOMEMADE PIZZA NIGHT. Gotta love it. Easy and yummy. No lunch today so I can have at least 3 pieces!! LOL


Firefighting Team Leader
Good morning....started out misty & grey but once again the Florida sun is shining bright!

Dave, nothing quite that exotic for Cappi....just an assortment of little toys...a crinkle ball...tiny fuzzy mouse & a couple other things...

Kathie, that bites that Costco sent you the wrong laptop...but Mark is least you hadn't gone to all the trouble of setting it up...seems like they could offer you a little gift card to make up for the trouble of having to return the wrong one...and then wait on a the new one...

Pat,, so how did the dinner turn out last night? I was curious & did a google search for sounds pretty good...not sure about the pickle...but I'd try it once just to see if I liked it...

Lee, yep I like to keep busy....and knowing that summer isn't far off I need to get as many outdoor projects done now as I can...once it get's hot all bets are off...I've darn near done myself in a couple times trying to do stuff when it was to hot...slowly but surely I AM getting wiser...

The house inspector actually showed up early yesterday...took about an hour doing the inspection...said everything looked good...he sent me a copy of the report this morning...which means pretty much nothing to me...but as long as I can get the new insurance policy on the house that's all that matters to me...
Made a pineapple sour cream coffee cake this morning...all those muffin pictures had me I saved a little of the batter & made 2 muffins...pretty good...but next time I won't use crushed was a little to wet & the coffee cake didn't rise as good as it usually does...but I'm sure my friends will help me eat it...Now I think I'm going to toss the clothes in the dryer & go chill on the back porch for a while....catch you all later...

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Good afternoon, gang! This is another one of those days where we slept late and what was left of the morning just slipped away. Bert asked me just now what I wanted for lunch and I told him my internal time clock hasn't gotten past morning yet, so I'll skip lunch today.

Dinner last night turned out great. Only thing that was screwy was the mashed potatoes. First time I ever used Publix gold potatoes. When I mashed them, they had about the consistence of either wallpaper paste or spackling! I have not a clue as to why that happened and I will be sure to never get these potatoes again. Other than that, everything was great and I have enough leftover for tonight. A win/win to me!!

Karen - Good idea getting all those little chores over and done with before the hot weather sets in. Glad your home inspection went well. I understand that home owner's insurance is taking a sizable jump this year due to (you'll love this!) a hurricane that hit Florida 3 YEARS AGO!!! One of those "only in Floridah" happening!

Kathie - That's a bummer about the laptop and making you take a second trip due to some incompetent person. I need Gary to check out my computer. I'm positive it has a virus and the virus program I had has run out. He'll install something for me. He didn't do that with this computer as it had a virus program already, but it was for only a limited time and that time is now up.
I also need Gary to check my TV as to why we aren't getting Netflix. Like you, we are getting Netflix from Gary. He may have changed his password or done something like that. It's happened before and I know it's a quick fix for him to do once again.

Dave - I like your way of thinking about the wine, but can't use that as an excuse. Don't forget we run AC all year, so the wine stays comfortable. But I will keep your idea in the back of my mind should we start getting carried away with drinking it. I will though continue to buy Frontera Concha y Toro for daily drinking. It's cheaper!! LOL

Need to take a trip to the library today. I have a book out that I'm reading, but haven't finished yet. Got my notice that it's due to go back, but Bert checked further and it says there are 2 renewals available on it. Well see which is which. If someone else is looking for it right now, I'll return it and then get my name right back on the list so I can get to finish it. Good story following 3 women in the 1930's and the trials and tribulations of their marriages and lifestyles involving NY underworld leaders. The book is called Last Train to Key West.
Also need to make a quick stop at Publix for a few things that I need for our dinner tomorrow night when the gang will be here.

Time to get this show on the road! Have a wonderful day and keep washing those hands and wearing that mask! :)

A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
Lee, did you once work as a barker at a carnival?
As a matter of fact Dave. I did. I only lasted a day because my pitch went to the dogs. I loved your reverse watching grass grow to watching snow melt. Same here as we’re at 45F!
they had about the consistence of either wallpaper paste or spackling!
Well, which one was it Pat? Some of us like the taste of paste. Just thinking back to grade 2. The toughest three years of my life. :emoticon 0136 giggle: I told Aldi’s wine and re-label it so Bert thinks it’s the good stuff...Last Train to Key West sounds like it would make a good movie or short Netflix series!
Kathie, Costco should honour the sale price regardless as to when it’s back in stock. Or send you a better model now. They screwed up, not you! I think you already have an iPhone and iPad so you don’t need to learn new lingo. You already know it. Of course you can print off envelopes through Apple’s “Pages” (their word processor) program using the templates.
Karen, I had to give myself a good old fashioned Gibbs Head Slap because I forgot that summer for you is so hot and humid. That explains getting outdoor projects done now. At least in FL. You take such good care of your home I’m not surprised at all by the inspector’s report.
I’m going to try a picture here of the one side of the wall. The light really washes out the true colour if I try to take both sides of the fireplace. Yep, that’s Katie having a snooze.
You all be good. Keep those masks on and little bottles of sanitizer in your pockets.