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Good morning...let's see if I can actually get this typed & posted before I get distracted & another day is over before I know it...

Kathie, that is one fancy looking coffee maker you bought your self!! Sorry about all the snow that's getting dumped on's pretty...but I know pretty wears off fast

Lee, you icicle comment was priceless..:D
Nice to know you've heard from Nancy...I've talked to her a little bit on FB....she's on my mind a lot...but I don't want to bug her...

Pat, Bummer about Cappi still chewing up the O2 line....time to make a trip to Dollar Tree & get her some cat toys....mine have a basket full they barely play with....but leave a box on the floor & it's instant Nirvana....go figure...

Dave, hope you didn't over due it with the snow removel yesterday...neither you or Kathi needs to end up with more back problems....sounds like you guy's are really enjoying the air fryer...

Went to Jane's on Tues to check out the shelf...not really sure why it fell down...all of the brackets except one were still in the wall...and I made sure they were in a stud...I'm going to go back tomorrow & use a 2x4 attached to the studs to support the back of the shelf instead of those cheap little plastic hooks that closet maid sells...hopefully that will do the trick...good news is...nothing broke when it fell...
Jane came over yesterday & I did her taxes....
Been doing a lot of puttering around the house...and outside while the weather is half way decent...last night it turned cold & damp so I had the fireplace on for a little bit...this morning I took my walk in shorts & tank top...crazy! Now the washer is calling talk to you all later....

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Good morning! Happy National Wine Day!!! In honor of the day, I ordered 2 cases of our favorite wine. Bert rarely drinks wine, but has really taken to this one and is ready to break out a bottle with each meal these days! Never thought I'd see the day!!!

Definitely a sit out on the lanai type of day. It's already in the high 70s. Come tomorrow we're supposed to get lots of rain to usher in a cold front. I really hate this time of the year as the weather is so up and down. You really don't know how to dress.

Dave - That's a lot of snow you have in that picture, so the question demanding an answer is Who got to do all the snow blowing? I bet it was Kathi, right? Emily is becoming more like her mother every day and that's scary. The ex is dragging poor Gary back to court looking for full custody of Ethan and wanting Gary to only be able to see him one weekend a month. That's never going to happen. This is all costing Gary a small fortune for a lot of nonsense!

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I accidentally posted the above before I finished what I wanted to say, so here's the rest now -

Karen - Is there anything that you DON"T do for your sisters? Home repairs and taxes too! WOW!! Good suggestion about Dollar Tree. Bert looked for toys in Publix but he said they were junk and cost too much.

Lee - Sorry you and Lu-Ann got your butt kicked by the shot. Hopefully, you will feel better soon. Good idea not taking the dogs for a walk. That salt can get really nasty on their paws.

Kathie - A snow fort is so much fun. We used to build them as kids in NJ. No wonder once we went in for the night, we were ready to fall into bed from exhaustion.

Not much planned for today, thus the lanai comment above. We are going to the Grille tonight for dinner and should be able to sit out on the patio. In honor of National Wine Day, they're running a BOGO on wine, so we may as well take advantage of it, right?;)

My dryer is calling me, so I better head for the laundry room to shut it up. Stay warm and stay safe, everyone! :)

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Good evening folks.
Feeling much better today. Until Lu-Ann got up. Then it was off to the paint store for paint chips. Nine months in this house and somebody wants a couple of walls painted. Which I know usually never ends with “a couple”...
Dave, I’m glad that you mentioned a bad reaction to the shot too. Most people we know say they only had discomfort at the injection point. We both had flu like symptoms. The van has the remote start feature too! As you said, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Even the seat and steering wheel heat comes on in the cold with that remote start feature. We need Kathi to share pics of all of these Ninja creations.
Kathie, one winter I applied at a regional air line to be a pilot. The asked me about my experience. I told them that when I shovelled snow I’d “pilot” wherever I could find space. No, I didn’t get the job. We have friends who, unknown to us, flew to Mexico to close a deal on a condo. Well, God works in mysterious ways and they both contracted mild cases of Covid. He was in hospital for a few days. Their response...”We’re glad we had covid insurance“. With that attitude a lot of their friends are just lambasting them on social media. Lu-Ann reads me stuff because I can’t be bothered with unsocial media. I don’t know which is stupider. To go in the first place or to go and post about it.
Anyway, sure is quiet around here. Hey Dave. I bet I know why. The “women folk” are cleaning the hutch today. :minion maid: Dang, I can’t blame that comment on Tony. But I bet he smiled.
You all stay safe and sound.

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OK. Weird. When I started this note there were no posts except Dave’s. So I took to kidding The Belles, north and south. Then messages started to appear from all through the day. Then I couldn’t amend or delete my post.
Oh, I’m gonna get my butt kicked...


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Hi GANG! Late check in for sure!
Went to Costco and got a parking spot right in front by the main entrance. Amazing. I went in to CASH my REWARDS check. It took all of 4 mins and I was back in the car backing up and on my way! in my purse!! Ha ha

Then I stopped by the TAX MAN's place. I use to work in this beautiful bldg at one time. Dropped off our tax papers. They had about 6 boxes on the floor in front of the reception desk with names of your Financial person on the front. You put it in the box and were on your way. They'll call you when they are done and you need to sign the papers and pick up your copies. Gotta Love COVID changes in getting your taxes done. At least the guy doesn't have to SMALL-TALK with us older folks/ Ha Ha

Lee: Nothing like a little FRESH PAINT to get you feeling better. You should have faked it and made off like you were still too sick to go to the paint store! Hope Lu-Ann picks a nice color. I want our hallway and dining room painted, but I have to wait until ART gets his next Cataract surgery done and drops all done too. I want him to be able to see what he's painting. DUH!

Karen: Good for you getting your sisters taxes done and and fixing that darn shelf at Jane's.
I bet it's nice to be able to turn on the fireplace and get that COZY feeling while watching TV.

DAVE: Can't wait to hear about the Pork getting done in the AirFryer. Let me know if it dries them out or not.
Bummer on the VET's place getting flooded. Must have had a pipe on a outside wall that froze. Hope you can still get the DOGGIE's Meds!!

I really think that Tony is reading along as we post on here. I find myself being careful about what words I use just like I use to when he was still here. He'd jump on some of the stuff Pat and I would post quick as can be. Ha Ha. I just plain old miss the guy.

I dropped off a ring at the jeweler later this afternoon. It was sized to make it bigger about 5 years ago. Well, I haven't been wearing it and yesterday I decided to wear and it got caught on the hook where I put my robe. YUP, it snapped and a little 1/4" piece of gold that they must have used to make it bigger popped off. I got the ring off very easily and took it in and DID NOT TELL the guy I basically pulled it apart. He said he would use a different process to fill it in this time! And the best part is it would be FREE of CHARGE. He cleaned my wedding ring! sure sparkles now. And he cleaned a necklace too. And ....yes there is more....he gave me a jar of jewelry cleaner for free too. I told Art about all this and he said the poor guy is going to go out of business with me as a client. Naw....this is a Up Scale place and he told me that they were closed for 2 months because of Covid and then the GOVERNMENT gave them some recovery money! The place is NOT HURTING at all.
Some OLD FART was there buying his wife (or mistress) a trinket while I was there. I'm sure because of where the place is located they are doing just fine.

Okay, I'm out of here to make myself a Hot Chocolate. Actually, a Hot Ovaltine.

Have a GOOD FRIDAY everyone!!


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"Sorry about all the snow that's getting dumped on's pretty...but I know pretty wears off fast." So true KC. It's been the story of my life. Good thing I have my charm and humbleness to fall back on.

BB; Kathi and I worked pretty much 50/50 with the snowblower. That was one noisy operation. What needed to be cleared was in layers, due to snow and freezing rain. Ice on the bottom, then a layer of snow, another layer of ice, and topped off with a layer of snow. It's a 2-stage snow-blower. So the first impeller broke up the ice ino small chunks, and the second impeller breaks it up even more before blasting it out the chute. It sounded like we were snow-blowing gravel.

Lee, I too wonder whey they call it "social" media. Getting back to that shingles vaccination; I was given a heads-up by the pharmacist to schedule it for a weekend because it could knock me down for a couple of days.

K2; At least you and Lee are talking about painting and not wallpapering. After taking down a few rooms of wallpaper, most people will never put it up again. You sure made out at the jeweler's. As for the lemon pork, it came out fine and dandy. Our luck is 3 for 3, so far. In a few days we'll be air cooking some buttermilk fried chicken.

Other than hitting the treadmill I have no plans for today. Time goes by quickly when I watch a movie I've recorded. When I've done my time, I just hit stop, and continue with the movie the next time I use the treadmill again. Finished "Air Force One", with Harrison Ford Yesterday. Today I think I'll start one of the "Lethal Weapon" movies.

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Good morning!
How was BOGO at The Grille Pat? Seems like a pretty good deal to me for National Wine Day.
Karen, you need business cards to list everything you do. The down side is that it would need to be a really large card or have really small print.
We were lucky Dave in that we have seen mostly light, fluffy snow. I swept another inch or so off the patio this morning. We have concrete driveways here. I really preferred the asphalt as the black surface used to get rid of light snow on its own on a sunny day. I don’t blame you and Kathi for spelling each other off. Hmmm. Another positive review on the Ninja.
You made off like a bandit at the jewelry store Kathie. Good for you. Your observation of the “trinket” purchase made me think of a similar thing we saw on a cruise. An “older” gentleman (was he?) was in the jewelry shop on board with a “younger” woman. The were looking at “trinkets”. She simply loved and had to have one particular piece of all that she had tried on. The man said ”we’ll take it and we heard the crew member say “that piece is $25,000 dollars”. He didn’t even blink. I wonder if she was worth it and if they are still an item?
Better run.
Breakfast time is upon us.
Stay safe folks.


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Good Mid-Morning gang!

The snow we got all day yesterday and into the night was like Lee said....FLUFFY. You could blow it off the porch and it would most likely blow right back into your face. Ha Ha

Dave: What would it matter if you got the shot the Shingle Shot on a WEEKEND or a WEEKDAY....every-day is the same for us OLD FARTS! Ha Ha.
I need to give the Covid Vaccine time to adjust to my body before BLASTING it with the Shingle Shot! Although it was nice to know it will only cost us $5 bucks for each shot at Costco or any other drug store. Gotta love our insurance program. keep making out with that Air Fryer gizmo and you'll have all of us buying one soon. If only I had ROOM FOR THE DANG THING.

Lee: That guy that bought the $25,000 trinket on the ship.... it had to be for a Girlfriend! Ha Ha. She must have been REALLY GOOD at whatever it was she was doing. Too funny.

Today I want to TRY and work on making new labels for my new PASSWORD booklet. It's getting to the point that I can't even make out some of the pieces of papers I have stuck in the sections of the old book. It's one of those pain in the neck jobs that just needs to get done. It's a shame that you just can't have ONE ID and ONE PASSWORD and feel safe about using it for EVERY THING. Do you all have different passwords for different sites and accounts?

I see that my new Laptop computer is on it's way to Costco's for possible pick-up on MONDAY. This is getting serious now. Lord help us when it gets put together and I have to INSTRUCT ARTIE on how to use it. Patience.....Patience.......Patience! :oops: :rolleyes: :eek:

You all have a good day. Stay warm if you live up North and Stay cool if you live down South.

Later.......... Happy FRIDAY.

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Good morning! I almost forgot to post here this morning, as I got involved reading on news sites and FB.

Dave - All this talk about an air fryer is getting to me too and I have the same problem as Kathie. I have no place to put it. Bert still complains about the immersion blender that I just had to have that is still sitting in the box it came in, so I'm not sure he'd go for another gizmo right now. A number of our friends and neighbors are also using them and love them.

Lee - never made it to the Grille last night. Seems like they had some kind of a "mechanical issue" and the kitchen wasn't open. You could go for a drink and free chips and salsa, but that was it. We stayed home and ate something out of the freezer. Just as good, but made for a long evening with nothing to do. So what color paint did Lu-Ann pick out?

Kathie - Good move waiting to paint until after Art has his other eye done. I didn't think it was that long ago the last time you painted. Was it? We painted in here 7 years ago. Paint still looks good, with little touch ups as needed.

Karen - Might be time to take up Lee's suggestion for getting business cards. You could drop one in all your neighbors' mailboxes!! :D

What's on tap for today around here, you may ask. The answer if nada! It's still pretty warm outside, so I think I take advantage of it and go out on the lanai for a little while before lunch. I promised Bert tuna salad sandwiches for lunch, so that part of planning is take care of. Tonight will be butterflied coconut shrimp. Where's that air fryer when I could use one? Notice the food for today. The hipocritic Catholic that I am always makes seafood on Fridays during Lent. Just my thing, go figure!!

Time to hit the lanai. Have a great afternoon and evening, everyone, no matter what you're doing. Wash those hands and stay safe!:)

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Here's an update on why we haven't heard from Bill & Rita recently. Rita fell and fractured 7 ribs! She's still in the hospital. When I hear more, I'll let you all know.


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Oh my goodness....pour RITA. They seem to be taking turns doing the BROKEN BONES thing lately. I wonder how it all happened. 7 RIBS is a lot. YIKES. All the best to her.
SO much for them flying back for their 2nd Vaccine. What a mess this can all be. Not at home and in the hospital. OUCH.

Lee, Lu-Ann , Dave & Kathi , Art & Kathie.....PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL on the SNOW & ICE and getting in and out of cars. Make sure your feet are PLANTED securely on the ground when getting out. One slip and you'll be with RITA!! Seriously.... If you have YAKS wear them. Mine are on my boots all the time.

Got a notice in the mail from the GOVERNMENT that we are getting $1200 check. I checked my checking account and nothing in there yet. I didn't think that even got SIGNED by BIDEN yet. Hey, nice to know we'll be getting another check. I should have bought a even BETTER LapTop. Ha ha.

Going to do a DRIVE-THRU at the local Catholic Church to support their FISH FRY that we use to go inside for.

Later gang.

BB: It's been a long time since we painted the dining room and kitchen and hallway.
Last paint job was the FAMILY ROOM and before that it was the master bathroom after the total remodel job. The dining room is that DEEP RED color that Jill told me it's time to get rid of. Easy for her to say that. Ha Ha It will require a special coating to cover the RED and then another coat over that before the actual new color would go on. And I have NO CLUE as to what color to put in there! DUH. I like it the way it is..... but I guess it might be time to UPDATE!


Able Seaman
OUCH! I feel so sorry Rita about your 7 broken ribs. That's got to hurt really bad. Not a good time to get a sneezing fit, or even just to cough.

Sure am pleased to hear that the number of Covid infections and hospitalizations is going down. Now to get the rest of us vaccinated before these highly contagious variations take over. It's my understanding that if you come in close contact with someone infected for 15 minutes, while you're not wearing a mask, there's a good chance you will get infected. But with these variances, just 4 minutes with them could get you sick.

Everybody, including all the news organizations, has a video camera. So explain to me why on news shows when there is Covid news they keep playing the same old video shots of the same viles of vaccine going around on the same conveyor belts.

You may remember that my Arizona daughter gave us a free pizza delivered at noon on the 19th of the month for three months. The last one was delivered yesterday. (Plus she added some hot wings to her order.)

But yesterday's delivery was a bit unusual. Around noon Kathi looked out front and saw that some guy in a 4 wheel drive jeep was on our driveway pushing a pile of snow at the end of the driveway which was put there by the city's plow. We kept asking ourselves; Who is this guy? Turns out it was the pizza delivery guy. Who's actually the owner of the pizza shop. Even more odd than that was that Kathi recognized him. She went to high school with him.

This morning we are going to our Vet's new office for a couple of doggy prescriptions. The old office which got flooded from water pipes breaking got ruined so bad that they just couldn't work around the damages. The old office was just one mile away. The new office is 8 miles from here. I hope this new place is only temporary while they fix the old office.

Now is when they find out how good the insurance policy they have is.

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Good afternoon, everyone! Another lazy nothing planned type day around here, so once again, we slept in. Felt good until the guy next door decided to take his boat out early. When he started it, he must have hit the gas too hard because it actually sounded like a roar!!

Kathie - Gary had a red rec room and whatever kind of paint they used, it covered with one coat. The paint had the sizing right in it. Maybe look into paint like that, so you won't have to work so hard, or rather I should say so that ART doesn't have to work so hard.

Dave - Sorry you have to take such a long ride to get your babies their meds. Wow! 8 whole miles to get to the new office. Heck, that barely gets us to Poinciana. 8 miles doesn't get us to any stores outside of Publix. That's some coincidence that the pizza guy & Kathi went to school together. I think he went above & beyond getting that pizza to your door. Pizza & wings - one of our favorite meals around here.

Might have to go that route for dinner sometime over the weekend. Seems like the mechanical problem at the Grille couldn't be fixed right away and so they can't serve any food the whole weekend. The bar is open though and they give you chips & salsa which we might take advantage of either today or tomorrow in the afternoon, just to break the day up.

I found your what happened to Rita. On Valentine's Day her foot got caught by the rubber rug near the front door and as she went down, she it a bench that is right there. She got out of the hospital yesterday and is in a lot of pain.

This being confined pretty much to quarters these days has really gotten to Bert for sure. I told you he had me order 2 cases of wine at the beginning of the week. Well yesterday I saw that another distributor that I've ordered wine from before had a really great price on a mixed case of wines from the same winery as the other wine I ordered. Bert had me order 2 of those mixed cases! This is where it gets really good ... both orders will be delivered Monday by FedEx!!!! I told Bert he's the one who's going to have to answer the door, as I don't want the FedEx driver to think I'm the one who is the wino in this house! LOL

On that note, it's time for some lunch. We had some cooked ribs in the freezer that we defrosted. Time to put some more BBQ sauce on them and heat them up. Have a good, safe day no matter what you're doing! :)


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Sunny and 35F here in Macomb, MI. A regular heat wave.

I saw the post from Rita about her FALL. OUCH. What a way to ruin a vacation. At lest she’s somewhere warm and has a view of the Water!
Wonder if Bill is doing the running around for CARRY-Outs! Or if they are calling places that deliver!
I asked the question of Rita if they will be able to fly back home to get their 2nd Shot? I suppose if Rita is WRAPPED TIGHT and takes some pain pills she might be able to handle the plane ride.

It‘s SUNNY BRIGHT here today. Love looking outside at all the snow.
I really want to go for a NOWHERE! Not sure Art does.

Here’s a neat picture BILL took of a FUN TIME at Bert & Pat’s in 2016! We’ll do this again....I promise.

Pat go easy on that WINE! The Fed-X man is going to report you for perhaps Re selling wine in the neighborhood. Ha ha. I can see you having to HIDE WINE from Bert if he takes up drinking it a lot.

Nancy is up at McCloud with the family. Angeline said they had LOTS of snow. Good thing they bought that huge tractor with the plow attachment on it. I know if Tony was around he’d be correcting me on just what the heck it’s really called. Ha ha.

A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
I told Bert he's the one who's going to have to answer the door, as I don't want the FedEx driver to think I'm the one who is the wino in this house! LOL
Don’t worry about being recognized Momma Bunny. Just answer the door with your mask on.
Poor Rita. You go to FL to reduce the chance of a slip and fall and, well, you slip and fall. Get better soon!
A nice day here too Kathie. Thanks for the picture sitting around Pat and Bert’s table. Always a good time.

I see the Canada / US border is closed to land traffic for one more (at least) month Dave. Such is the concern over these new strains both of our countries are eager to try to eliminate cross border infections. This will mark one year that the border has been closed. Never thought I’d see it. Neither ran nor sleet nor piles of snow in your driveway shall keep the pizza guy from his duly appointed delivery!
Gotta feed that dogs.
Tomorrow the paint will begin to hit the walls. I’m so excited...
Keep those masks over your noses and under your chins!


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Not much to gab about this morning.

Last night it just showed the jet engine picture in your post K2, now it shows a link.

How would you like to look out your airplane's window and see that sight? Another reason to have your seat belt buckled anytime you are in your seat. A little while ago some lady didn't, and when an engine on her plane broke apart pieces of it broke out her window, and she was sucked out. But all in all, Saturday's incident was lucky for the people on the plane and lucky for the people on the ground.

So Rita did actually break her ribs "benching" her weight.

Around here we should see some sunshine and the temperature is going above freezing. And during the day it'll stay that way all of next week.

And as the melting of snow begins, I will find many many hidden "Tootsie Rolls".


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Good Morning Wrabbits. Time to clean up your HUTCH Cubbies! Yes, this is a Self-Serve Hostel. Everyone has to do their share.

I stayed up early in the morning and watch the Serbian Tennis Star, win the Australian OPEN . FANTASTIC tennis match. But I will be dragging in about a few hours....I finally crawled into bed at 6:15 a.m.! Yes...I’m crazy.

We watch 8 episodes of KOMINSKI method. That was the 1 season. To ight we will watch the 2nd season’s 8 episodes. It was good. Simple/No brainer!
Also watched Penguin Bloom the other night. It was a movie and although not fast paced it was good to.

14F here right now and EXTRA SUNNY! Thank goodness for the sunshine.

I had 2 very RIPE Bananas and made a batch of Banana Muffins. Sure tasted good with our fresh ground and brewed coffee! Help yourself to one or two! D01831FC-2FD2-4994-8C9F-8117E26EA0B3.jpeg

Okay, back to Virtual Church for me. I’ll say a prayer for all of us!
Have a good back later.