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Quick good morning...another beautiful Spring day here! Lot's of errands to run this morning....Lowes & Home Depot....but I'm doing curb side pick up for both...I know how those home projects sneak up on you...gassing up the truck at Sam's club...then off to Walmart to look for plants for my sister's big planter she bought...and last stop Panera bread...they sent me an email last week with an offer for $10 off any for $8.50 I get a cup of soup & half of sandwich for free....I pick it up at 11 and then am going to stop by & have lunch with Barb & then see if I can figure out the awning situation....catch you all when I get back!!

Bellalago Belle

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What a great brunch we had at the Grille. It was really crowded on the patio, but tables are spread out, so you're not near anyone else, unless you want to be. The mimosas were great. Bert & I finished off the whole bottle of NY champagne while eating and then just relaxing at the table afterwards. Some boaters came in from across Lake Toho to have brunch there also. We were there for at least 2 1/2 hours!!! Time well spent on a beautiful day! :)

Good morning! The above is a post I wrote after we got home from the Grille and apparently forgot to hit the PORT REPLY button. On well, you're just seeing it a day late!

Getting ready to head out here too. Bert has to mail a package, return a book to the library and stop at Publix. I'll just go along for the ride and to make sure all is well in the parking lots!!

I'll be back later ... promise! :)

A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
Karen and Bert weren't the only ones to hit the home reno stores and post office this morning. I started off at the post office to mail a package, walked down the block to the paint store to get a gallon of paint for the bathroom (another story...), got the van washed, stopped at Canadian Tire for window cleaner and made my way back home. Then I tidied up Lu-Ann's bench and got a second coat of paint on it. Who knows what the rest of the day may bring seeing as it's only 2:15!!
Pat, your brunch sounds like it was time well spent! Now, are the boaters residents of Bellalago or do they just come across for the food?
Oh Karen, how we miss Panera! they have them here but the closest one on our side of the border is about 3 1/2 hours away!! The closest one in on Kathie's side of the border and even crossing the bridge, its only 40 minutes away. Good luck on a solution for the awning!
We used to have a "high pressure" furniture chain here in Canada Dave. Lu-Ann and I barely got in the door when a sales person almost ran up pointing at the wall unit inside the door hollering "Good buy. Great price, a good buy!" Much to Lu-Ann's chagrin I turned around, headed back out the door and said to the bewildered salesman "Good BYE!" Hmmm. We actually used to live beside a "stud finder". She was with one guy when we moved in and went through a couple of other live in younger guys in the space of about 10 years.
Kathie, what are you up to today? We just had a note from friends that were on their way from Kitchener to Sarnia and they are driving through a terrible snow storm! We're under partly cloudy skies and it's nearly 40F! I hope that snow is staying away from you and Art.
So, about that paint...Somebody decided that hey would like their bathroom painted. Can't say that I disagree seeing as the builder picked all of the kinda drab colours. So, I asked a simple question. "Would you like the bathroom done and the basement put on hold?" After my haircut tomorrow I'll tape the baseboards and the tile. Then I can take the mirror off on Wednesday morning and get an early start on the walls. I know one coat will do it so it's not that big a deal. The colour...a soft coral. I'm sure it has some fancy name but that's what I call it.
Gonna go check the bench.
You all be good and keep this hands washed! And away from your face!!

Bellalago Belle

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See - I told you I'd be back. Our stops along the way this morning were to buy gas, mail a package at the post office, return a book to the library, pick up the March sale flyer for Restaurant Depot, and finally Publix. I'm beginning to feel like we are the new substitutes for our dear Marcia & Carl! By the time we got home it was already way past lunchtime, but we had sandwiches anyway. Now I won't want any dinner again, but I'll have to have some of that delicious steak from last night.

Very humid and sticky outside with lots of clouds, but no rain called for. Might just go outside for a little while anyway just to relax & enjoy a glass of vino! :)


Chief Security Officer
Good Afternoon gang!
Wow...busy CHATTY group here today.
Nice to see everyone posting.

Lee: Just HOW MANY ROOMS do you have in this new home? So far you got 2 PAINTED! Just wondering how many MORE you will be doing before your "BRIDE" has you outside planting more flowers, etc! LOL Don't you just love the fact that PAINT cost more than your electric bill these days. Unless you get it when Sherwin Williams has their 40% off sale. Should be coming up soon now that Spring is almost here. Tell that you your BRIDE and maybe she'll plan the next rooms painting accordingly!

DAVE: Any doctors appointments or tests this week??
We have NOTHING....absolutely NOTHING written in the calendar for this week. We should get into the car and DRIVE until it's 70 degrees and then stop and just get a room and sit by a pool! Ha that would ever happen with my Art.

I managed to give him a nice BUZZ cut haircut earlier. He was starting to look a little seedy.
He won't go to the Barber until the Covid is more under control. Well, it's going to be real soon, because I HATE giving him haircuts. There's a limit to my WIFELY duties! And yes, I told him that same thing. He laughed.

Karen hope you enjoy your sandwich. We have a couple of Pandera's close by. The problem is they take WAY TOO LONG to make a sandwich and the drive thru lines are super long.

The new Chick Fa La restaurant that opened up about 3 weeks ago on Hall Rd is still drawing a UNREAL crowd. They wrap around and around in the huge parking lot and the police and the restaurants staff are outside directing drive-thru only traffic. Just can't see being in a line for over 45 mins for a chicken sandwich. CRAZY.

Okay, I'm off and out of here. Need to drive up to our Kroger's parking lot and drop a card into the mail. It's one of those small reception cards that you return and I fear the mail person losing it in the small truck. Feel safer dropping it into the big mailbox.

Lee: NO SNOW here today, just SUNNY and COLD and WINDY. REAL WINDY. It's March winds blowing in!

Later........ you all know the routine.....masks, hands, etc, etc.


Firefighting Team Leader
Yes, Kathi went back to Lowe's and got another wood shelf yesterday.

Boy, do we have kitchen gadgets. That's mostly the reason for the extra shelves in that one closet. Get them all together in one space, and not all over the kitchen in the back of many cabinets.

We too don't like a lot of gadgets sitting on the kitchen counters. Only the toaster and the coffee maker.

So now sitting on the new shelves is a bread maker, blender, vacuum sealing machine for the freezer, a George Foreman grill, the air-fryer, a medium sized crock pot, and a large crock pot. I think that's it. There's probably more smaller gadgets still in other cabinets like the mixer. At least now we don't have to move a lot of stuff to get at all these gadgets.

You Bunnies sure like to make a lot of stops when you go out. Even before Covid, Kathi knew my limit was 3 before I wanted to go home.

No doctor's appointments today, but tomorrow I'll find out how my heart tests came out last week.

It's tough finding a mailbox these days. I can only think of one near us.

I understand that the food is good at Chick-Fil-A, but we've never had it. We tried once, but the super long line in the lobby and the drive thru nixed that idea.

After Sunday's temperature of 58, yesterday we had an afternoon dusting of snow good enough to make lawns white.

No plans for today. Just may watch "Lethal Weapon #4". Heck, I never knew they made that many of them. But so far they've all been funny, and make me laugh.

A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
Let’s all join in a chorus of “Hallelujah“. I’ll be off shortly for my haircut. My last one was October 29. Then we were plunged in to “lockdown”.
Kathie, Lu-Ann is big on accent walls. We did the one wall in the entry. Then the two walls that flank the fireplace. On Saturday she started to paint her “decorative“ bench for the front hall from natural oak to an off white. She did a pretty good job sanding, priming and then painting it. I gave it a quick sand yesterday and put on the second coat. It’s back in the hall in front of the blue wall this morning. The only brand I will use is Benjamin Moore.
Yep Dave. Coffee maker and microwave are the only two things on our counter. I like counters clear and open as much as possible. I prefer an over the oven microwave but we didn’t have that option in this house. Seems big fancy hood fans are “in”. I can vouch for Chick-Fil-A and the food! Unless you have a hankerin’ on Sunday. They are closed. I find them to be incredibly efficient at moving people through the inside line or drive through. We usually stop in on the road or in FL. There were plans to open one in Windsor but the covid thing put that on hold. There is one other in Canada near Toronto.
After all that running about you deserve a glass of wine Pat. So does Bert. Yes, Marcia certainly used to log the miles running errands. There was something we were watching the other night. It had an elderly lady and her gun living alone out in the country. She reminded me of the “Tales of Aunt Willy” Marcia used to share.
Any thoughts on the awning project Karen? Did your sister make it into the pool?
Holy Cow! I better get a move on.
Hi to the rest. Wash, sanitize and all that stuff...

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
I can't believe it's almost 1 o'clock already. I've been holding on trying to get through to my doctor's office so I can complete my online checkin for Friday's appointment. I think I clicked on the wrong thing and now it won't let me go any further until I talk to someone at the office. Last time I needed to talk to someone at the office, it took me almost a week to reach a human, even with leaving multiple voice mails. Now I just have to keep trying. :(

You'll be glad to know I am not out and about in the car today. Just staying home and trying to decide what to make as a side with dinner tonight when the gang comes over. This is going to be one of those weird dinners as Gary is on call all night for some sort of change they are making and he w ill have to stay online with them throughout the change. Stinks to be a manager at times and this is one of those times.

Aside from cooking dinner, there's not a lot going on around here today. I might not get a chance to sit on the lanai though as they are calling for rain later. Bummer!!

Lee - We have not been in a Panera's in at least 10 years. That's about the same time since we went to a Starbuck's. Actually, I have not had a cup of coffee in 3 or 4 days now. Not sure why I haven't had any coffee, but just haven't. Strange, huh?

Dave - We don't go to Chick-Fil-A because I don't like their policies on birth control and abortion, as well as how much they contribute to the repubs. That's the same reason I will not go to Hobby Lobby. I have my standards! Newest one is that I will NEVER buy a MY PILLOW. Our son in NC swears by theirs, but what do you want ... they're repubs!! LOL

Kathie - Bert broke down and went and got a haircut the other day. He said that since it's over 3 weeks since we got the second shot, he felt comfortable enough to go to the barber to get rid of what looked like a promising mullet to match his bald spot on the top of his head!!

Karen - The question still remains - Did your sister get in the pool yesterday? Missy's kids went swimming in a heated pool in 60 degree weather up in Ft. Walton Beach last night. As soon as they got out of the water, they wrapped themselves in a towel and quickly went back to their room at the hotel!! Leave it to kids!

Better get off here for now. Now that March is here, it's time for me to get out the stuff for St Patrick's Day. So until next time, follow the drill and be good!:)


Chief Security Officer
Hi gang!
Spent WAY too many HOURS on the phone with Citi Bank. I have a old card and wanted to know if it still was a OPEN ACCT. Well, it was CLOSED due to inactivity. I tried and got disconnected at least 10 times.......REALLY.......and poor Art had to verify that it was alright to have me answer the questions since he is the PRIMARY CARD HOLDER on this card. Well, it all came down to a SIMPLE/STUPID error that the 1st phone representative did that caused a afternoon from HE{{. She put in one number wrong on the account. It was downhill from there and went all the way to the FRAUD DEPT. Ha Ha. Hopefully, after 24 hrs I will be able to call back tomorrow and see if the card has been re-activated. I will make sure to CHARGE something (anything) on this card to keep it OPEN. It has a $15,000 credit limit on it and I always think it's nice to keep cards with that High credit in case you need it in a emergency and don't want to go dipping into CD's, etc, etc.
I must give ART a lot of credit for putting up with all the times I went into the kitchen and had him verify his SS# to the idiots on the other end of the phone.

It's 42F and Windy here right now. Suppose to get a tad warmer later in the week. Snow is doing a slow melt. And all and any snow I throw off the ends of the driveway piles MELTS by the end of the evening. Have I told you I hate to have SNOW PILES on the ends of the driveway. Ha Ha. Just one of those crazy things.

Lee: I still remember Marcia telling us about Aunt Willy and her GUNS! Miss those stories.
Nice that you were able to get your haircut.
ART's BUZZ job yesterday by me will make him not have to get another cut for at least 2-3 months. He said he almost had to put a Cap on his head before going to bed! Chilly!! Ha ha

Nice that Lu-Ann did the HARD WORK on the bench! We have one of those by the front entrance that if we ever paint the foyer and hallway walls might need to get painted a nice White or light Grey color......depending on the wall color. That's way down the road for now.

I managed to get through Season 1 of the Reign series last night. You can really get hooked on this Netflix since it doesn't have commercials and just goes from one episode to another. I won't be doing that tonight. Art gets to watch MSUniv BASKETBALL on the big TV. And none of the other TV's have the box for Netflix use. It's okay though, I need to get some SLEEP. Those early morning hours are killing me. This series has 4 SEASONS and each has about 14-16 episodes. I'll be set until at least May! Ha Ha.

You all behave. Out of here for now.

A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
Actually, I have not had a cup of coffee in 3 or 4 days now. Not sure why I haven't had any coffee,
Oh God woman, please tell me you've at least had WINE!! :emoticon 0140 rofl: No doubt "the call" will come in just as Gary tucks in to his dinner.
Kathie, you sound just like Lu-Ann when she's on the phone with one of the companies we deal with. I always try to explain that they are asking stupid repetitive questions for our security. Still, it's a bother. And she hasn't been cut off ten times!
So there I am, sitting in the chair this morning and my wrist vibrates. I always turn my phone off and my watch "to do not disturb" if I'm at an appointment. I glance down and Lu-Ann has sent me a text that the power is out. Poor girl had granola in the oven and towels in the laundry. When I'm done at the hair place I check Hydro One online and sure enough, they are upgrading equipment in our area - a planned upgrade - effecting 425 homes. Could they not have thought to tell people about the "planned" service disruption?
Saw this today and thought of Dave and Kathi. I know it's not appliances but it made me giggle.

Well, as Bugs Bunny used to say, "That's All Folks".



Quartermaster (Helmsman) - QM
Good evening...lot's of reading to catch up on...NICE!! answer the #1 question on everyone's crazy sister DID get in the pool on Sunday....74 degree water temp...she only got about 3/4 of herself wet & stayed in for about 20-30 mins...she is officially the "crazy" person in our family...

Kathie, I didn't have to wait for my food at all at Panera I ordered it ahead of time online & they had it all made & sitting in a little "cubby" area ready for me to walk in & pick up...I often wonder how many people stroll in off the street & just pick up someone's order off the shelf & leave...they are all paid for in advance & no one is checking so I bet it does happen

Lee, that does stink that the power company did not bother to let anyone know about the "planned" updates...looking forward to the next set of pictures from your paint project.

Pat, No coffee for several days?? Have you given up caffeine for lent or something? Sounds like a great way to spend a couple hours on a lovely Sunday morning...glad you had a nice brunch at the Grille!

Dave, nice that you have an area that you can store all the small appliances at in one space...mine are pretty much scattered around the kitchen cupboards...I too only have a coffee pot & my microwave on the counter...I even bought a smaller microwave a year or so ago so I could have more kitchen is quite small...but that just makes me keep it neat...ha-ha...if only....

Had a nice lunch with Barb yesterday...she only get's 30 mins. for lunch though so I had to eat fast & then get outside before she went back to work...I didn't get to tackle the awnings because that would have made to much noise near her work instead I cut up some wood that I am using to build a small deck area over the tongue portion of her mobile's looking like it is going to turn out pretty nice...when it cures a bit I will paint it & then she has a large planter to set up there...I bought her a pretty peach color Hibiscus & planted it in the brown pot today...

This morning I went to Jane's for the first mow of the season...just her front yard...the grass wasn't really that high...but the weeds were threatening to take now it looks all neat & fresh again...I also trimmed some small branches off her trees in the back yard & we took that load to the dump...Hansel was thrilled he got to go along & bark at all the people there...

Tomorrow I have nothing on the schedule until the afternoon when we go out to my Uncle's for our traditional steak dinner...they are leaving around the 15th to go back to Ohio...I think they are crazy to go home so early...but I think he misses his kids...their visit this year sure went by fast...
Supposed to be new shows on tonite so I think I'll get comfy now & relax a bit....see you all in the morning!


Chief Security Officer
Great posts on here today folks. Wish I could have added more than my COMPLAINTS about the 2-3 hours on the dang phone with VISA. Can't wait until tomorrow to see how many times they will cut me off again. Wish me luck.

Karen: You AMAZE ME. TOTALLY! Girl if you lived next door to me and did all you do I think I'd have to hide under the bed in SHAME. I can't even get my COMPUTER PASSWORD book in order. I got the A's & B's completed today. I've been making sure the passwords actually work and the accounts if they are accounts are in order. Tomorrow I will tackle a few more pages.

Speaking of WEDnesday.....the computer is suppose to make to Costco's. How much you want to bet I'll have to CALL THEM to see if it's been logged in. At this point I'm in no rush.

LEE: That really sucks about the POWER going off. So inconsiderate of them not to send out a TEXT in this day and age to warn people. Hope the Granola can be salvaged. Now about the laundry.....just a nice excuse to ignore it! LOL Hope Wednesday is a better day for all of us.

DAVE: Good luck with the HEART TEST RESULTS.

I have a choir member whose dear Mother passed last week. He just sent out a e-mail to the church and choir members with the arrangements. He was more upset than I've ever known him to be. The crazy rules for cemetery burials is just that....CRAZY. The pallbearers cannot remove the casket from the hearse at the burial site. Anybody going to the cemetery service has to stay in their cars or be 50 feet from the actual site and any equipment to avoid spreading the COVID. The only persons allowed by the site are 10 family members and the priest. He's the only one that can touch the casket. Give me a break. This is going a tad too far.
Today our dear governor relaxed the rules on restaurants to allow 50% capacity. Well, big deal, after what I saw last Friday that place was at 80% capacity and 100% at the bar. Sport stadiums can have 750 people in them if their capacity holds over 10,000. Well, our 2 huge University stadiums can hold 40,000 plus people. Nice of them to allow a sprinkle of 750. And these are OUTSIDE. Lordy. I won't go on. NOW WATCH HOW QUICKLY OUR NUMBERS GO FLYING BACK UP WHEN THE BARS ARE OPEN UNTIL 11PM AND CAPACITY IS 50%.

Okay, I'm off of here. Good thing our TONY isn't around to read this RANT. He'd be throwing some big "S*I* my way. Ha Ha. Hope I gave you a good laugh buddy.



Firefighting Team Leader
Happy Hump-Day!

I kept looking out the windows yesterday to see nothing but blue skies. I could easily get used to that after a long gloomy winter and spring.

What is wrong with the Texas Governor and those in a few other states that are rolling back Covid restrictions and mandated mask wearing. Sure there are lots of people getting the vaccines, but less than 20% of people have gotten them. Next week in Texas they are letting ALL businesses open 100%. Removing mask mandates, and that includes nightclubs. Oh, great idea numbskulls. And just in time for spring break.

Lots of unknowing people just got sentenced to death.

The "Tales Of Aunt Willy" could be made into a sit-com, K2.

BB; Your mentioned of Saint Patrick's day reminded me how simpler life would be if relatives and people we know all had their birthdays on holidays. I have a daughter who's birthday is on Saint Patrick's Day and a grandson's is on July 4th. They are the ONLY birth dates I remember.

Cute comic, Lee.

No damn way I'd get in a 74 degree pool, KC. I might have when I was 10, but not now.

It won't be till 1:30 that I meet with the heart doctor to learn about the results of the tests on my heart. It's going to be a LONG morning.


Quartermaster (Helmsman) - QM
Dave, hope you get the all clear from your heart having an afternoon appt. for sure! Back later coffee has not reached brain yet


Chief Security Officer
Good late morning to all.

Dave: Hang in there. Hope you get the okay for the surgery. I know you want to get it over with.

Macomb weather for today! Might melt some more of those huge snow piles on our lawn and shrubs. Suppose to get up to 50F.

I have nothing more right now. Have a good HUMP day folks.

I’m going to double MASK up and go see if I can pick up my LapTop at Costco.

Bellalago Belle

Chief Security Officer
Good 10 minutes left to the morning!

Been busy doing nothing and just wasting time until Bert is ready to go out to the store. Today we get to go to Aldi's for a few things that are exclusively theirs and are seasonal for ST Patrick's Day like corned beef nuggets with cheese and sauerkraut inside. Sound interesting, so I want to check them out as well as the shepherd's pie, lobster & shrimp mac & cheese, Irish cream cheesecake and some delicious sounding cheeses. We don't get there too often, so when Bert agrees to go, I will jump on the chance to actually go in a store with very wide aisles and unique stuff for sale. I will be wearing a double mask also.

Dave - Good luck with those test results Contrary to what other like, I always pick an afternoon appointment for doctor appointment. I am for 1:00 as that's the time they usually come back from lunch.

Kathie - Good luck to you getting the new laptop and that it's the right thing this time.

Our dinner last night with the gang turned out to be perfect. I like to put minced garlic in many dishes and the Alfredo sauce is one of them. They all kept raving about it. Elaine was going crazy over the lemon butter I made to put on the salmon on your plate. She actually went back for seconds on the salmon, just to have mor of the lemon butter!!

Bert's ready now, so I better get off here and head out before he gets involved doing something else.

A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
Not much up here today. After a little more masking things and taking down the light and mirror I started painting the bathroom at about 10:20. The problem with painting a bathroom is all if the corners, nooks and crannies. Not to mention trying to get in behind the toilet tank. For some reason it didn’t cover to my satisfaction so another coat went on after lunch. But it’s done.
Like Karen‘s comment the other day this 30 year young brain better soon realize it’s working with a 67 year old body.
Have a great trip to Aldi’s Pat! We liked that they had nice wide aisles...and that was before this whole covid thing happened. They always had a really neat “chocolate wine” that only came out for Valentine’s day. Your dinner, as always, sounds delicious.
We were in the mid 50‘s today Kathie. And we didn’t have any snow for the temps to take away. I saw my first north bound freighter of the season. Funny how quick the ice seems to have disappeared. We still haven’t been able to give our SiL a proper good bye and we lost Monica almost a year ago.
Karen, I caution against standing on your head in an effort to help coffee reach your brain.
Yoga Self Care GIF by TLC

I hope that all went well at the doc’s Dave and you’ve got the all clear for your procedure. I can’t believe how many people here - all over 80 at this point - think the vaccine will magically allow them to hug the grandkids. Couple that with morons like we’re seeing in Texas and we’ll never get ahead of this thing. :emoticon 0183 swear:
Our friends who are building just around the corner are coming down tomorrow morning to do a walk through. Except for our photos they haven’t seen their home. Right now it‘s framed, the roof is on and shingled. They need to double check outlet placement and a couple of other things
As always, you fine folks all stay safe.


Chief Security Officer
Hi gang! Nice picture LEE. I at times feel like standing on my head just to make sure the BLOOD is STILL getting to my brain.

Picked up the Laptop. Seems like Costco was a TAD FULLER than it normally is. They had some kind of issue at the SNACK - HOT-DOG area and people that wanted to pay with CASH (imagine doing that in this day and age..ha ha) had to walk over to the Merchandise Pick-Up area to pay. They did not look happy and neither did the clerks.
I was 2nd in that line to pick-up my LapTop. It looks nice and seems to be the right one this time. We'll see when I finally start to upload software, etc.
I did go to Best Buy and ordered a new Router. It's suppose to be on my PORCH tomorrow. I told the nice young man I'll believe when I see it. It was 3:00 pm when he put it into the computer. Should be interesting to see if I actually get it on Thursday.

I went to a Lebanese Express restaurant to pick up a order of Humas and Beef Sharma on top and I think I left my CREDIT CARD there. That was the very LAST place I was at before driving directly home. They of course were closed when I noticed it and I'll have to wait until 11 A.M. to call them to see if it was really there. If not.........I'll be Calling to CLOSE the ACCOUNT and get a new card. I think I have only done this once before and the lost card showed up in between the seats when I was cleaning it out to take back after the lease was up. Ha Ha.
Let's hope it is there. Somehow, I have a gut feeling it's not. I looked in my pockets, coat, hoodie pockets , trunk, car floor, between the seats, and nothing. Even checked the trash in the kitchen in case it got thrown away after I came into the house.

LEE: Good boy for putting on another coat of paint right away. Better you CATCH IT than Lu-Ann! LOL Hope your friends got through the walk-through okay. Is it the same model house as yours?

TEXAS is totally F'd up. Such fools for opening everything up 100%. Especially after that horrible storm and power damage.
PAT....sure hope that Missy & Jimmy are careful while there're visiting in Texas.

Later folks.......I need to call it a day. the way.....I called the Credit Card company that I was talking to for hours on Tuesday and the nice lady sent through a REQUEST to RE-OPEN our account. (the one I never use to begin with) It will take 7-10 days to get a letter back from them letting us know if they will be re-opening the account. Unbelievable. At least they finally got the correct Social Security number on the account.

ALWAYS SOMETHING.........:p:oops::eek:


Firefighting Team Leader
Good news, the heart doctor cleared me for the carotid artery surgery. Now it's up to the family doctor to do her blood tests and give me her clearance.

The heart doctor's office is in the hospital, and I'm not too keen on going there, but they check everyone's temperature and put a yellow wristband on you once they ask you all the usual Covid questions. right at the doors as you come in.

All went well, and quickly. But when I was leaving I got in an elevator with one other guy. I would have preferred to be alone. And then, as the door was closing, 3 more people got on. Nuts!

Oh that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you can't find your credit card. Right K2? It's like going out to your car after shopping and you can't find your keys.

Lemon butter on salmon sounds good, BB.

Here's an oddballer you might find tasty; A bag of cole slaw from the grocery store. And instead of using slaw dressing on it, try a light coating of 1,000 island salad dressing. It's pretty good.

There ya go KC, Lee has the perfect way to get the coffee to your brain faster. Now just don't hurt yourself in the process.

Do you have painting clothes Lee, or do you just wear a raincoat?

No great plans for today.