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Good Morning folks.
Just had a nice tasty Toasted English Muffin with Peanut Butter and honey on it. I’m not a fan of Peanut Butter, but like it this way! Gives me some extra protein.

Dave not sure why we couldn't get on this site earlier this morning, but sure am glad it’s working again.
CONGRATS on passing with the heart doctor. I’m amazed at how MANY LOOPS you have had to go through for this procedure. It’s like getting a 70,000 mile tune-up on your car. After this you should be good for a long time! I hope you don’t have to wait too long for a surgery appt.

Waiting until 11 a.m. to call the restaurant where I got the carry out Humus yesterday. The LAST place I used it.

PAT & Bert: Belated Wedding Anniversary to you both! Wishing you many, many more. Sorry you had to miss your Anniversary cruise.

I don’t have much to add to this post right now. Be back later.

Any bets that the UPS delivery from Beat Buy with my new “router“ won’t make it today! The UPS truck just passed by and didn’t stop.

We're having a few snow flurries right now. Just when most of the snow melted. Thank goodness it’s finally MARCH....the worst of Winter is hopefully almost over.

Later safe.

A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
Do you have painting clothes Lee, or do you just wear a raincoat?
Actually Dave, I prefer to pain "nekked" (there, get that image out of your head!). That way I don't get any paint on my clothes and cleanup is a snap! Good to know that things are getting sorted for your procedure. I always try to take stairs, if I can, in places with elevators. Just to avoid the over crowding that you experienced. Seems distancing rules go out the window for elevators...
I sure do hope that shortly you will be able to reach out to the restaurant Kathie. I'd likely be cancelling the card in favour of a new one anyway. Just to be on the safe side of things. I think it's so silly that Costco only takes credit cards for their snack bar too. The bean counters must hate charges of $1.59 for a hot dog and soft drink! I'm willing to bet that your router will be t here today. These companies are all trying to live up to the delivery standards Amazon has set.
Just missed you Kathie.
Our friends are on their way down as we speak. Darned cold day to be looking around a place with no doors or windows! Building code dictates where and how many electrical outlets go on walls. I'm not quite sure what they are hoping to accomplish but in fairness it is their first single family dwelling and first time ever they have built from scratch to they are just plain excited. And that's neat!
That for me is the second best time for an appointment Pat. I really prefer first thing in the a.m. so the rest of the day is free. You know how important that is to retired people. When is it that Bill and Rita head back to MA for their second shots?
Coffee hit the brain yet Karen?
I think that I need coffee. Just to warm up after our walk with the pups this morning. The temp after yesterday being in the mid 50's id right on freezing. It was a lot colder down by the river!
You all be good today. Ya, ya. You all know the drill about the washing of the hands, the sanitizer, the masks and so on...

Bellalago Belle

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Good morning, everyone! Our nice warm weather has come to an end for right now. We're only having temps in the low 70s today. I know, to some of you that would be heavenly, but to me, I like it warmer by at least 10 degrees.

Dave - Glad you got a good report from your heart doctor. I know how you feel about going into a hospital these days. My heart doctor's office is also in the hospital. Only good part is that he's in a separate building from the main part of the hospital, but you still have to go in to the main part first. There they take your temp, give you a new mask, and put a big sticker on you to show that you checked in. I have to go back and see him next month for a checkup.

Lee - Thank you for warping my mind with your description of what you were NOT wearing while painting. UGH!!! LOL

Kathie - We never use credit cards unless absolutely necessary, or when Bert needs to use a card to keep it active. He learned that the hard way. We had one card with a credit line of $35,000 that was strictly for emergencies. He got notified that the card had been canceled due to lack of use. Fooled him once, but not going to happen again, so he makes minor charges on the other cards just to keep them activated.

I had started this post over an hour ago, but got interrupted by a phone call from a friend who likes to hear herself talk. She repeats the same things over and over and when I tell her that she already told me that, she ignores what I said and tells the same thing again. She's a widow and lives with her single 50 year old daughter who works at home in her office, so I guess she likes to keep conversations on the phone going for as long as possible. I feel sorry for her at times, but trying to get her off the phone is like pulling teeth!

So now back to the regularly scheduled comments ... Our dinner at Tarantino's last night was delicious, accompanied by a carafe of wine. We have leftovers too. We also got a cannoli to go for later tonight.

Bert's got a meeting to go to this afternoon. So glad I'm not on the advisory committee any longer and no longer have to go to meetings like this. It's actually the first one they've had since the virus reared its ugly head, so it may be a long one for him.

On that note it's time for me to grab some lunch and decide how I'm spending the rest of my day. Stay safe, everyone, and follow the rules! :)


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THE VISA CARD is at the RESTAURANT. Off to pick it up now.
This place is very very small. So I am NOT going to cancel the card.
I'll just make sure to really look over the next statement carefully.
I'm also writing down all the places and times when I use the card until
the next statement comes out. It'll make it easier to check off the purchases.

LEE: Do you at least wear a FIG LEAF while painting nekked?? Now try to get that site out of your head folks. I think we've grown to know each other well enough to joke like this. Ha Ha.
Senile old people that we are. :cool:


A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
Good news on the restaurant having your card safe and sound Kathie.
Pat, I personally find that Mister Softee story hard to believe! We use credit cards for everything which is OK because we pay the balance every month. To be honest I couldn't tell you off the top of my head what the limits are on the two cards, AmEx and MasterCard, that we have. Way more than we need I suspect. During the hight of the pandemic many businesses here refused cash!!
And because we can laugh together, Lu-Ann took this picture of me getting ready to paint yesterday...

Gee, that picture makes the bathroom look huge! :emoticon 0140 rofl:
Be good, stay safe and laugh my friends.


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Lee: BLESS your little....HEART for posting that adorable picture. You have some good looking ABs going on there boy! (You Wish)

The new MODEM never made it. I knew it was too good to be true! Hey, there's always Friday!

30F degree's right now and a decent WIND going on too. Next week Lee & Dave will be wearing shorts for sure. Up to 50- 55F.
Heck, I think Dave wears shorts all Winter.

We had some nice yummy grilled Salmon tonight. House stinks a tad, but it's not a UGLY fishy stink. I have candles going right now. I brought out my CAST IRON pan that has groves in it and it made nice grill marks and did the fish really perfectly.

Art was wondering when he had his last Colonoscopy and so I called the Dr's office where he had it done and it was in 2014. His next one isn't until 2024. Which I had to remind him is only 3 years from now.

He gathered up all his Doctors Business Cards and taped them to a nice stiff folded book like paper. Now they are all in one place. He also wrote down the surgeries he has had and the dates and doctors. He's had 5 surgeries. And out of them 2 of the doctors have died and 1 has retired. One of the doctors that passed away did 2 of his surgeries.
This almost sounds like one of the MATH QUESTIONS they use to give us all when we were in school. Hated those big time.

If you all want to keep yourself busy for a DAY or more.....gather all your doctors names and reasons you went to them and surgeries you have had. PAIN in the BUTT. It does save a lot of time when you go to fill out those HORRIBLE DOCTORS office forms.

Basketball game on tonight. Mich State Univ vs Univ of Michigan. They play them again on Saturday. One of these is a make-up game.

Later gang.



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TGIF Bunnies!

I'm hoping that this morning when I get ready to post this Cruise Addicts takes it. At 6 yesterday morning it wouldn't. And at 9 it still wouldn't. But by 9:30 it would. Must have been some sort of maintenance or upgrade going on.

And that's why, boys & girls, I write my posts in an E-mail to myself. Then if it doesn't go, I'll have a copy of it. And it doesn't go poof.

So happy for you K2 that you recovered your credit card. Not so happy that your new router didn't make it.

"Lovely" statue of yourself painting, Lee. Would that be a Canadian lawn ornament? Yes, fewer and fewer people carry cash with them anymore. Kathi needed to pick up a 2 dollar item the other day and she apologized to the clerk for paying for it with her credit card. The clerk told her not to worry about it. He's had one guy use his credit card for something costing less than 50 cents. Because of card fees, a local drive-thru has a policy saying that you can't charge anything under $5.

Loved your Mister Softee cartoon, BB. Sorry to hear you got stuck on the phone with a friend who would not shut up. The next time she won't get off the phone, say; "I've got to go now, my explosive diarrhea is kicking in". Then just hang up.

Morning KC, Bill, and Rita.

Today is the day the carpet installer comes and takes his measurements. Another one of those large arrival times, between 8 and noon. At least he'll give us a heads-up a 1/2 before he arrives.

Carpeting isn't cheap, so the 10% military discount at Lowe's will definitely come in handy. And so far, neither Kathi nor I have changed our mind about the color.

It could get noisy while the guy is here. After a year of hardly anybody coming inside out house, I anticipate that the doggies aren't going to take well to a stranger being inside their territory.


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Good Mid Morning gang!
Got up early and made us a Banana Nut Bread. It smells so nice in this kitchen area right now!
Temps are rising slowly. Started out at 25F and now we are at 34F. SUNNY and that helps.
Not quite Florida weather. We talked to friends yesterday that are vacationing in Naples, FL. And yes, you could tell just in the sound of their voices that they were having a grand time there. They usually vacation in Palm Beach, California but wanted to stay closer to home. The have a daughter who having her 2nd baby soon. They both hhave their shots and say that not too many folks wear their masks. NONE in restaurants. Oh well.

Dave: Nothing better than the smell of new carpeting and freshly painted
walls. The hard part is moving furniture out of the way.
And YES....carpet is EXPENSIVE. Jill and Mark want to re-carpet their home. It’s a 2 story house or as we call them here a Colonial. The cost is like into the $12,000 range. They keep putting it off. :eek: I can’t imagine moving all the heavy furniture like China cabinet, buffet, couches, tables, etc. Better them than me!

Okay, time to take the Banana Nut Bread out of the oven. Looking good.

Have a good day folks. Stay safe. Later.

UPDATE: I saw that Rita and Bill got their 2nd shot and are their way back to Florida. That was one EXPENSIVE way of getting the vaccine. I give them EXTRA CREDIT for flying back and forth, having to get a hotel room to stay in and for Rita to do this with broken ribs! OUCH. Hope they can now just lay back and REST.

A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
Good morning Bunnies!
I thought that was banana nut bread I could smell in the kitchen this morning Kathie. It just wasn't our kitchen! And once again, from your description of the maskless FL society, shots or not, I have to ask myself why people won't think of others who may not have been vaccinated or have a legitimate reason to not get the vaccine.
Good luck at the doc's Pat! Hope that you get a good report.
I hope that the carpet dude is on time and the measurements don't add a shock value to the cost of the carpet Dave. Now about that yard statue...Back in the day there was, and to some extent still is, a very large Italian population in Amherstburg. So much that one of the main roads used to be known as "Via Verde" or "The Green Road". Now it's Texas Road (no, I don't know why - yet) but the original road signs are still there too. Anyway, I digress...There are a number of homes with large concrete ornaments that harken back to the owners Italian heritage. Most of them are kind of tasteful and well done but then there's the house with two silver angels flanking their garage...
We were out to the reno stores early so Lu-Ann could pick out trim to make a frame for the mirror in the bathroom. I grabbed a pack of corner brackets and screws. Seeing as today is "Trivia Day" I'll likely get to that little job tomorrow.
How's tricks - and chores - in Belleview Karen. Did you solve the awning problem yet?
A really walk walk down by the river. Cool but bright. So much ice today. I guess it's breaking up further up river and making it's way to Lake Erie. The funniest sight was the sea gulls riding the ice flows like surf boards!
Why look at that. The old clock on the wall says it's almost lunch time.
Hang in there folks, with the vaccines being rolled out there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Hmmm. I sure hope that light isn't a train!
loop time GIF


Bellalago Belle

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Back from the doctor's office. After I ran through my list of ills due to allergies, I have 3 new prescriptions to take on top of the 9 or 10 I already take. At least most of these are short term. Things like an antibiotic and prednisone. The meds to use in the nebulizer is something new, I think. I hope they work as I have a heavy cough right now and am very congested. Same thing that happens every year at this time.

Kathie - Your banana nut bread looks delicious. I've got 3 over ripe bananas right now, so I might just have to make some for us too. Here in Florida we have certain areas where the people refuse to wear masks. Those are the more repub areas. We always wear masks going into any place, including the Grille. Once we sit down and get our first drink, the mask goes away until we are leaving. You can't very well eat and drink with a mask on and who wants to keep putting it on and off? All the tables are far apart, so it's a pretty safe area. Now convenient stores are another story around here and the people just don't care. Bert always wears his mask any place he goes into and then uses hand sanitizer as soon as he gets back to the car.

Dave - Good luck with the carpet measurements today. I hope that by now the has come and gone and you can get on with your day. I used to work with a teacher who charged everything. I was with her once when she charged $1. for a pack of cigarettes! Can you believe that?

Lee - Your birthday suit picture sure is causing a stir around the hutch!! Back in the day, we cruised on the Carnival Pride and were one of the first to have a specialty restaurant. It was called David's and they had a huge statue of David overlook the centrum. It was awesome. The ship was decorated with lots of murals and statues done by the "masters". Some people warned others not to take their children on that ship as it had "dirty pictures & statues"! We thought they were very tastefully done. Caesar's Palace in LV also has a large David just before you get to the area where the shops are. He seems to be a very popular guy!!! LOL

I guess I should see about making something for lunch. We're going to the Grille tonight with friends. They have shrimp etouffee as this week's special. I hope the chef makes it right, as it's a favorite of mine.

Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone!


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LEE: WE got a big HOOT out of watching Seagulls on the floating Ice chunks when we were up by Port Huron/Sarnia area last time. They cracked me up! Good for you getting another project to do. A frame for the mirror. Are you going to glue it over the mirror?
Love the Chu Chu Train gif! Good luck at Trivia.

Pat: Sorry you have MORE meds to take. And I do hope they help your breathing issues. POLLEN is a ugly thing this time of the year in Florida. I remember having to WET-sweep the floors everyday at the condo we rented. It comes in through cracks in the windows, on your shoes, just opening the doors. The glass table on the lanai had to be wiped down and it was GREEN and YELLOW with pollen. We had a HUGE beautiful flowering tree at the patio door and when the wind blew I bet it spread all that pollen through the screens and onto the lanai.
BUT OH HOW I WAS THERE RIGHT NOW TO SWEEP THAT UGLY POLLEN. sob,sob. And then walk 5 steps to jump into the 86degree pool . I hate the COVID for taking this away from us.

The new MODEM will be here on Saturday. Ha Ha. I just knew it wouldn't get here any sooner. I even told the young man when he said it was suppose to be here on WEDNESDAY that I doubt it would get here before Sat. Hate when I'm right.

Off to pick up our FISH DINNER at the Catholic church. Drive-thru dinner to help the neighborhood church out and spare me from cooking.

The Banana Bread is really good. NO OIL in it and not too much sugar. Found the recipe online.

I've been BINGE watching "The Reign" on Netflix. I'm now into season 2 episode 7. It's so good. At times predictable, but still good. They sure did do a lot of SEX and LOVE MAKING back in the 1600's. And with other partners. UNREAL. And it was nothing to have the KING cut off HEADS, ARMS and LEGS for somebody who crossed him. They could use a little of that kind of ruling here these days. I could see HALF of WASHINGTON, DC traitors being BE-HEADED!! Yes....bring it on. Ha Ha.

Have a good evening all.


Chief Security Officer
Well I’m in the FISH FRY LINE AT the Catholic Church parking lot. Unbelievable response this week! I’ve been SNAKING through this huge parking lot for 56 mins right now. It looks like some of those COVID vaccine centers. This church is making thousands of dollars every hour. $10 bucks a dinner.


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Quartermaster (Helmsman) - QM
Good evening!

Kathie, I sure hope they don't run out of fish dinners before you get to the head of the line....
The Netflix series you are it Reign...and about Mary Queen of Scots? If so I watched that way back when & am in the process of re-watching it again...amazing how much you forget about a show in 4-5 yrs time...
Oh, and you have me craving banana nut bread & I have no ripe bananas...

Dave, sure hope the carpet guy showed up as to wait on the install...I would like to do my posts in emails...but I can barely remember what I've read from the time I finish reading till the time I start I can hope for is to remember to hit copy while doing my post...

Lee, well that's a creative method to avoid getting paint on your clothes...not sure it would work to well on outside projects...probably get a lot of "supervisors" showing up to inspect...and not just the paint job either!:eek:

Pat, sure hope the new meds help with the sure don't want to end up back in the hospital!
Enjoy your dinner at the Grille tonite...

Met up with a guy yesterday at my sister's to see about having him do some handy man work for her...he's a young guy...been doing remodeling work since he was a youngster.. seems like a nice guy. She had a new back door installed a few years back & it's leaked in when it rains ever since it was installed...this guy spent about 20 mins. working on it & getting it to close better...and didn't charge her anything...."but"...she is going to need to have a new door put in because the frame of this one is all rotted out...always something!

I haven't really had a chance to work on the awning situation...seems like everyday I am running here or there....but they aren't going anywhere.....later gang!


Firefighting Team Leader
Good Saturday morning, Bunnies!

It'll only make it to the middle 30's today, but sunny all day. And that makes all the difference.

The carpet installer did show up for measurements yesterday. between 8 and noon. Right on the button at noon. Even that has gotten to be all tech. Never the use of a tape measure, just an electronic gadget the size of a TV remote. Should hear back from Lowe's in 2 to 3 days with the cost of the whole thing. (Nothing even close to that $12,000 you mentioned K2.)

As the saying goes; "There's no such thing as a free dog." In Rita & Bills case; "There's no such thing as a free Covid vaccination."

Cool train video, Lee.

Even though you and Bert have been vaccinated, I'm pleased to read that when out shopping you both wear a mask. This pandemic isn't over yet, in spite of the many states phasing out mask wearing. That would be like heading home from a little trip and telling the kids, "Since we're only 10 miles from home, you can take off your seat-belts now."

Waiting in line for an hour for a fish dinner. Nope, I ain't going to do it. I'd rather mail the church a check.

KC; When I write my posts for here I write it in an E-mail to myself. Write a little bit, then go back to reading the Bunny Board, flip it back to my E-mail and continue writing. That's how I do it. In essence, both are on the screen at the same time.

If your sister gets a handy-man, that's give you a break from some of the jobs. Sounds good to me.

In a bit, we're heading to Wally World to pick up some prescriptions. Letting them bring them out to us in the parking lot, of course.

A’Burg Guy

Bosun (Boatswain)
Thought I’d pop by and say good morning before another day goes “poof” and I don’t know where it went.
We came second in trivia. Again. But we got the same thing the winners did. Nothing! :emoticon 0136 giggle:
I don’t know what’s up today but even with the cooler temps being bright and sunny I hope it has something to do with being outdoors. We could be looking at temps a tick shy of 70F in a couple of days depending on which weather guessers you look at.
In no particular order...
When I paint outdoors Karen I often have people come by and ask “so, how’s it hangin’”.
My gosh Pat how do you keep track of all those meds? A lot of the statues in The Vatican had fig leaves added after the fact. Seems one of The Popes also thought they were too risqué for the general public!
Fine looking banana bread Kathie. Amazing how much people will support things like the drive through dinners these days.
I don’t know about carpet prices in OH Dave, but a few years back it cost us around 7K for the whole house. That included me moving the furniture and disposing if the old carpet.
Mask wear here is mandatory in businesses. Last evening we popped over to Doug and Brenda’s for birthday cake and coffee. In the house we distanced and wore masks unless we were eating and drinking.
Best run. Ava wants out.
Stay safe and sound everyone.


Chief Security Officer
Good Morning Wrabbits.

DAVE: Good to know the measure guy showed up just in time! And nice to know it won't cost you as much as Jill's place would ever cost her. Of course, she would be doing a bigger area. Upstairs and downstairs. I wish she would put hardwood floors in the upper part of the house and then just buy nice area rugs for around the beds. But's not my house and I never get into what they do with their place.

KC: Geez, you got me all excited when I started to read about the "
Met up with a GUY yesterday...... and then it turns out to be a HANDYMAN. Too funny.

HERE'S SOMETHING ON BANANAS and how to soften them quicker.

Have Just a Few Minutes? Pop Them in the Microwave​

You can zap firm yellow bananas to soft ripeness in just a few minutes. Here's how:

  1. Poke unpeeled bananas all over with a fork or knife.
  2. Then put them on a paper towel or plate and microwave on high for 30 seconds at a time, repeating until they're as soft as you want them.

They won't be quite as sweet as the oven-ripened versions, but they'll be mashable for your muffins and quick breads.
Karen.....I'm losing sleep over staying up late watching The Reign. I'm into Season 3 right now. I might have to give it a break for awhile. Too much STABBING and HEADS flying off! LOL Sure is nice not to have any commercials to worry about.

Lee: I was glad I wasn't drinking my coffee when I read your post. "How's it Hanging"....I'm still smiling over that line.

I'm out of here for now. I smell coffee out in the kitchen that's calling me.

Have a fun SATURDAY. Be back later.