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A’Burg Guy

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Not much dust around here today. The rain is keeping that under control! Three hours up the road where we used to live they’re getting snow. Maybe 6” of it. Good place for it I say.
Karen, ya got me there. And there IS a story. When I started at The Old Post Office I was partnered with a wylie old veteran, Frank. A veteran of the Canadian Military and The Royal Mail as it was called in the 1970’s. Many postal employees were vets back in the day. Anyway, I started in December as a Christmas helper to carry excess mail and once proven to deliver a few houses. Frank’s route was in a very established area with many large, old homes. We were walking past a park to get to our next pickup point. The snow and wind were just whipping. When we got to the relay box, and clearly I’ve never forgotten this, Frank looked at me and said “Ox, that wind is colder than a hooker’s heart”. The Ox part? That’s what he nicknamed me for my ability to carry all of the mail and packages that were part of the Christmas rush. Now, aren’t you sorry you asked. ;)
Who doesn’t like pizza Dave! What a neat gift. Ya, our leaders hope to have everyone who wants a vaccine to get it by...Fall 2021. My SiL who works in the cardiac department of one of Toronto’s big hospitals got her first shot yesterday. Her turn came after all of the front line folks at Toronto Western Hospital got theirs. My BiL can’t get his even though they share the same home.
I hope Art gets a good post op check Kathie. Some days the wind at the river is worse than others. Still, I’m glad it’s close by and we can enjoy it. Even under our stay home order with this lock down we’re allowed out to walk the dogs and for exercise.
How you doin’ today Pat. I agree that you should be entitled to the best bedroom in the hutch. The one with the wine fridge built in to the night stand. And a big TV with the channels YOU want. And meals delivered by G & E on trays wth those fancy silver domes.

I see you posted while I pecked away. Believe it or not we ordered that game this morning. Only $8 to ship to Canada! As for the “witch’s t1t”, I can’t comment personally and Frank never mentioned that.
As always I hope you are all doing well and are staying safe.
Enjoy your Friday!


Bosun (Boatswain)
We're back! Well, we have been back!
All went good. Said with Art's eyes it will take a week for things to be CLEAR.
It really doesn't matter.
He gets the next EYE DONE March 11th!! If everything works out okay!
The delay has to do with him still getting those injections in his eye.

Nice that the 2 doctors are coordinating all this for him!
The STAFF is absolutely the best group we go to. So kind and polite and patient. ART said they must be on DRUGS to be that nice! Ha ha.

I'm busy making charts, so I can keep track of when to give him the necessary drops.
MAJOR PAIN! I'll try and post a picture of all the times that need to get checked off! WOW

Pat: Nice new game you have there and the Round Lazy-Susan (that's what they use to call those things) is going to be nice for everyone. Wonder who will be the first person to try SPINNING it at top speed and watch everything fall off! Ha Ha I'm betting GARY!
Glad they all helped with Kitchen Detail.

Karen: I saw where your UNCLE & AUNT are staying for the Winter. Good for them. I take it they live in OHIO the rest of the year??

Lee: Did you get a tad of a misty rain earlier this morning?? We got enough to turn on the wipers 2 or 3 times on the way to the Dr's office. None since then.

Bill & Rita must be having a grand time...........haven't posted since they got to the condo.

Tony: So what the heck are you up to over there that you can't stop by and chat for a little?
Hope all is going well for you & Nancy. Tell us if your area has any plans put together for getting shots in peoples arms. From what I see on the news there sure are a lot of Covid cases in the LA area and surrounding areas too. SAD.
You guys just be careful.

Art talked to one of his close biker friends and the guys son is a ER Trama Doctor. He got tested a few times and finally got his Vaccine this week. During one of his testings the results showed that he actually HAD the COVID VIRUS with NO SYMPTOMS. So he was basically a SPREADER! How scary is it to find that out. Luckily his wife and 3 kids didn't come down with it or his DAD who visits often since he is a Widower and likes to see the kids in between biking outings.

ART is so ticked at himself for losing all this GOOD WEATHER, NO SNOW and LOW TEMPS biking time. His Hamstring is finally healing. Still one area that is tight. And now all these trips to the EYE Doctor he just can't get a break to get out on his bike.
Sometimes you just have to take care of PERSONAL THINGS and let biking go for awhile. Not easy for this guy at all. He does have a nice trainer bike set up in the basement that he will start using to get back into biking shape again.

Out of here for now.

DAVE: I still love that PIZZA gift your daughter gave you guys. FANTASTIC!!



Ordinary Seaman
Good morning if I get this finished in the next 30 mins....good afternoon if I don't....

Lee, thanks for the story on the hooker's heart...I knew it would be an interesting tale and sure enough... I was right!

Kathie, that's great news on Art's eye progress....hoping he continues to heal quickly! And Uncle & his wife live in Ohio near Toledo when they aren't in Fl.

Dave, that is one super cool gift your daughter sent you!! I may have to figure out a way to borrow that idea for my brother in W. Palm....he is impossible to buy gifts for...but this idea might be fun!

Pat, nice that the family is giving you a little pampering for a change....that game looks fun!

I finally broke down & have an appt. for next Tues. with a new eye Dr. I still continue to have issues with the eye that had surgery....not the itching & irritation anymore...thankfully the presevititve free drops seem to have taken care of that...but more & more blurry double vision....but mostly when I am watching tv or driving...which is NOT good...having to drive with one eye closed because things are so out of focus...
I had been talking a while back to one of the ladies I used to go to church with & she had cataract surgery years ago...she said it could be a problem with my new lens being cloudy & told me the place she had used for her surgery...which is in the Villages....about a week or so after talking to her I get this advertising card in the mail for the VERY place she had been telling me today I finally called to se about getting an appt...and got one for Tues the about things falling into place in a hurry....hopefully it is something simple that they can fix pretty easily...or I may be driving around like a pirate all the I need to get myself in gear & head to the grocery store...Publix has some good deals on freezer items this week, so I want to get there before they sell out....later gang!!


Bosun (Boatswain)
Karen: Glad you’re not giving up on the “eye”.
If you can remember ask if they do the YAK Procedure.
Both Jill and I had that dine to get ride of floaters in the eye and to
sharpen the eye-site. It worked for both of us. Only thing is our insurance does not pay for that procedure. All the best.

One of Arts eye drops is a Steroid. Which helps decrease any SWELLING.
Doctor told him today it may take up to a week to see clearly out of that eye. And even then he won’t see totally clearly in focus because he still has the old lens in his glasses. He’s actually going to have to wait until he gets his new glasses to get the benefit from all this surgery. And that should be sometime in early April at the rate he is going with appointments. It would all be quicker if he didn’t has the aneurism in that eye!

It’s been a long dreary wet day here. I miss the sunshine.

Time to get a puzzle started.

Bellalago Belle

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Just back from our dinner at the Grille with friends. First time I've actually seen enough people there to make it look like a "REAL" restaurant. Our steak was awesome. No to go boxes tonight. Too bad we came out to it raining a cold chilling rain. Rushed home and now I think It's time for something to warm the inner us. Hot chocolate with Bailey's? A good shot of 18 year old Chevis? The night is still young and the possibilities are limitless. Time to see what Bert wants.

On that note I will call it quits for tonight. I want to get comfy and put this day to bed. See you all in the morning. Sleep well, w :) abbits!!


Dance Instructor
Oh peachy; On the morning of Biden's inauguration the Buffoon wants to give himself a military parade with all the pomp and circumstance before he boards the plane to Mara Largo. A wanna-be dictator till the end.

Nothing much to yak about this morning.

Love the lazy-susan, BB.

Great story Lee on, "Colder than a hooker's heart".

K2; It's starting to look like Art is really testing his vision insurance to see what its' limits are.

It's good that you are continuing your hunt for a fix for that eye problem KC. And not just accepting a lousy outcome from you surgery.

Nothing planned for today. Just milling around smartly and winging it as we go. May just plunk down in a chair and watch a commercial free movie I've recorded about the Tuskegee Airmen called "Red Tails".

Bellalago Belle

Firefighting Team Leader
Good morning, gang! Getting on here early enough as I'm going to make Kathie mad and spend the day mostly in the kitchen making a ginormous pot of beef stew to see us through for the next few days and maybe even get to freeze some of it. Time will tell.

Had a special experience last night at the Grille, but I have to give you a bit of a back story first ... About 12 years ago, M&J rented a house here in Bellalago. The boys were within walking distance of school and when school got out each day the boys would then go to one of our friend's houses until one of their parents got home from work. This friend would bake cookies with or for them and have all sorts of goodies ready for them to enjoy. They lived too far away for them to walk to our house.
So to continue - At Christmas time the school sets up a shopping experience for the kids to buy gifts for whoever they want to buy for. Wesley & Justin went and did their shopping and couldn't wait for Christmas to give these gifts to everyone. They got something for all of us, but for our friend who watched them after school, Justin got a small Christmas ball that said GRANDMA on it. It became sort of a joke that she was the grandmother and I wasn't! She, by the way, has had snow white hair for as long as I've known her. I didn't in those days.
Fast forward to last night. There was a little gift bag on the table and before I could ask what it was for, she handed it to me and said this was something she should have given me years ago, but it kept getting packed away each year. It was the GRANDMA Christmas ball!! Seeing that totally brought me to tears. To give up something so special, I thought was so sweet of her. I guess that's what a real friend would do and I so appreciated it.
End of story. Hope I didn't bore you too much with my tale?

Karen - So glad you are going to a different eye doctor this time. Who are you going to? I use Filutowski Eye Institute and can't say enough about them. With all that's been going on this past year, I totally forgot to make an appointment for my annual checkup. I just dug their reminder card out yesterday and will call this coming week. It will probably take me weeks to get in to the office as they are so busy. I go to their Orlando office.

Lee - Too funny that you ordered that same game. It really looks like fun to play and stirs up lots of conversation and memories. Even if your team loses, you still have a lot of fun and can spend a relaxing couple of hours with friends, once you're allowed to see friends again.

Time to do some laundry and get everything out for my cooking extravaganza later. Have a super day, everyone! :chef: :)


Bosun (Boatswain)
Good afternoon Wrabbits. Dreary, damp and NO SUNSHINE to be had here in Pure Michigan. I suppose it's the same in PURE Amherstburg! LOL

BB: Hope that Beef Stew turns out Delicious. Loved your story about the Grandma & Christmas Ball. It tugged at my heart for sure! What a nice gesture for that lady to do.

Nothing going on over here. I'm thinking of making a few Poppy-seed Rolls. I bought poppy-seeds at the Bulk Food Store close by here and Art set up the Poppy-seed grinder on his workbench the other day and did the grinding. It was my Grandmother's grinder and it's smaller than the old fashion nut grinders. It's a real gem. I then make my own poppy-seed filling. Hard to find PoppySeed Filling in the Solo cans these days.

DAVE: I read about the Buffoon and all his military SEND OFF plans. Even a 21 gun salute. I thought they only did that when a REAL Soldier was being buried. I feel badly for all the staff and soldiers that have to actually be part of this charade. I wonder if Melania is still around to attend that with him!! Ha Ha I thought she already took off for Miami. She's going to miss that big WHITE HOUSE compared to Mar-a-Largo. It's so dingy and ornate from the pictures I saw.

SAN: You okay or just laying low. Are you KEEPING SOMETHING FROM YOUR EXTENDED FAMILY?? Better not.
You still haven't told us if you and Nancy are trying to get a appointment for the Vaccine.

Out of here for now. ENjoy your day folks. Stay cozy if it's damp where you live!


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Bellalago Belle

Firefighting Team Leader
Kathie - I have an old hand grinder like that, that my mother gave me the first Christmas Bert & I were married. I have used it to grind up so many different things, meats & veggies, but never poppy seeds. Maybe that's because I have never been a fan of poppy seeds. Makes sense to me!

Got the meat all cut and browned. Already added the beef broth and petite diced tomatoes. Letting it head up before I start making the magic work. AKA - add the rest of the seasonings and veggies. Making this stew takes about 4 hours for it to be perfect, so I'm in no hurry and have no need to rush.

Might just sit in the family room and read for a while. It looks so beautiful out, but the temp is q bit chilly (60) and it is windy, so no lanai for me again today. Oh well! :)


Bosun (Boatswain)
Art took a shower earlier and said that for the first time he could see the GROUT LINES on the walls of the shower. And he could see and READ the letters above the faucets and the name DELTA on the trim plate of the ON and OFF handle.
He says it’s a weird feeling. Since he doesn’t wear glasses in the shower that must be TOTALLY strange to actually see in there for the first time. Art has worn glasses all his life by the way.

Good night from Macomb.
I’ll say extra prayers for everyone in VIRTUAL CHURCH. You are all in my nightly prayers already.


Dance Instructor
Really? It's Sunday already? It is true that the older you get the more it seems that time flies by.

My goodness K2, that antique grinder looks like it's brand new.

That was a really neat story about the Christmas Ball, BB. Thanks for sharing it.

Haven't got a lot to gab about, probably because we don't do much since we avoid going out anywhere. After following all the Covid medical recommendations for almost a year, we don't want to get infected now, with a vaccination in site. Maybe in the next few weeks.

Congrats on the Bill's win, Lee. That 101 yard touchdown was a doozey.

The Browns play Kansas City today, and are the underdogs by 9 1/2 points. But Kathi has her Browns shirt and Browns beer glass ready for the game.

We did watch the "Red Tail" movie I mentioned yesterday. A good flick.

On and off light snow yesterday with a repeat for today forecast.

Time to see if we hit any of the Powerball lottery numbers on our one ticket.

Wednesday afternoon, please please please get here faster.

Bellalago Belle

Firefighting Team Leader
Good morning, everyone! Sure was quiet on here yesterday. I checked back a few times to see if anyone was home, but finally gave up.

Pretty day here, but looks are deceiving. It's chilly once again and we won't see more "normal" winter temps here until Wednesday when once again we will have a few days in the 70s. Until then, be prepared to hear Karen and I moan and complain about the weather.

Dave - I too can't wait for Wednesday to get here. Will we also have heard the last of the Pillow Guy? What a loon he is!!

Kathie - Glad Art is already seeing the benefits of his cataract surgery. Was his lasik? That's what mine was. As soon as the eye was no longer dilated, I saw immediate improvement. Has he noticed how much brighter the colors of things are? That's one of the parts I loved best. I'm sure he does, but just make sure he has a really good pair of sunglasses that wrap around the sides for when he has to be outside for the next few weeks. I'm still using the same pair on sunny days!

The stew turned out great. The smell drove both of us nuts until it was finished. Then we had to leave the big pot out to cool for hours. Putting it away last night around 11, Bert was tempted to have another bowl! So guess what's on the menu for today, tomorrow and probably the next day? LOL
Next cool down, I'm going to go with something I've never made before but have been wanting to make - seafood gumbo. As you know, we love Cajun food and could never drive through Louisiana without stopping overnight and having a big bowl of gumbo. Of course, we could always take a ride to Ocala and go to Harry's and let them make it for us, but that's too easy. I have a $100. gift card to Harry's that will definitely be put to good use on other things.

Enough of listening to me rattle on. Where is everyone these days? Tony, Bill, Karen ... We miss having you post here regularly lately. Don't make me go on a hunt to find you!!

Have a wonderful Sunday and stay safe! :)

A’Burg Guy

Ordinary Seaman

And that tune Pat is just for you. I thought that the ornament story was simply wonderful. How neat that after all these years she still had it. Our game is shipping tomorrow with UPS. We’ve been playing Trivial Pursuit over FB messenger.
Funny how that 101 yard interception return turned frowns into smiles Dave. There’s a Tuskegee Airmen Museum just across the river in Detroit. I saw the movie by the same name and will have to look up Red Tail.

Art took a shower earlier
Yep, it must have been Saturday. :p How neat that his vision is already that much better. Good for both of you. As I looked at your spotless grinder all I could hear in my mind was The Pickers asking you “What do you need to get for that?” I can’t believe that pompous arse wants a formal parade as he leaves 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. There’s already over 70 million Americans going to be cheering his departure. Not to mention people the world over!
My gosh Karen, I hope that you get your eyes sorted out. Interesting that after hearing about the eye place you got the ad. Um, if you are going to The Villages don’t wear a Biden / Harris T-Shirt. How did you make out at Publix?
Lu-Ann is trying to take her meds so that they give her the best results. With PD there’s often a lot of experimenting. What has worked for a couple of years needs tweaking. That means altered meal times and walk times for the pups. There are no washrooms in the park with covid and water is needed for pills...It will all sort itself in time.
Speaking of which, lunch beckons.
Hi to everyone else and all of you, please, stay well.


Bosun (Boatswain)
Hi gang! I have NOTHING to add after this long dreary day.
I made 2 PORCH deliveries of the Poppyseed Rolls.
One to George & Marie up 24 Mile Rd. George knew I was coming and had the door open. I still just left it on his porch. He comes to the door and said "Do you want to come in"! DUH....NO WAY. Marie has been in Ann Arbor at their daughters ALL WEEK and will be there again this week. Their daughter had a rough time with this last Chemo drip. She lost another 10 pounds. She must be skin and bones by now since she is 6ft tall and was skinny to begin with. I pray that she is spared anymore chemo treatments. When I talked to Marie this morning she said she having a rough time. So sad. I hope things turn for the better for Mary real soon.

The next porch drop was at our Parish Priest and his wife's house. I left it on their porch and called and left a message on the priest phone. He called me as he was driving home from church services and said he told his wife to look on the porch and she did. He said he hopes she leaves him some by the time he gets home! Ha Ha. I thanked him for all he does to keep our church services online and in person for the brave people who actually show up.

I made us Ketchup Steak for dinner w/mashed potatoes and peas and that's about it from me.

Take care and I'll be back.

We are just now getting a DUSTING of SNOW on the grass and rooftops. Streets are still just wet.

DAVE: That picture of the poppy seed grinder was just that a picture I found online. Mine still looks really good, but NOT quite that shiny. I was too lazy to go downstairs and take a picture of it on the shelf. Ha Ha


Ordinary Seaman
Night from Belleview....stiff & sore from working in the garage the last 2 days....sorting & tossing stuff...had a bunch of paint leftover from when I moved in...saved some of each in small jars for touch ups & am donating the rest to an animal rescue.....

Also got tired of dragging plants on & off the porch so I turned my grill gazebo into a cold weather plant station...most of my plants fit under it & then I wrapped a plastic tarp & an old bed sheet around it...easy to uncover to let it get air & light and easy to cover back up when it gets cold again...promise to check back tomorrow...