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Wow, Tony! There's no one on the roads for the night before Thanksgiving. That is totally amazing and great for you guys. I hope it's like that for the rest of your journey.
Only traveled once on the night before Thanksgiving and were driving to NJ. Made great time until we got to the NJ border. Then what should have taken us less than an hour to get to my brother's house, ended up taking us almost 4 hours to go about 60 miles!!! Same thing happened to us heading home Sunday night. Took us an extra 3 hours to get to J&J's house where we were staying overnight. Never again!!

Bert and I took advantage of a beautiful late afternoon/early evening out on the lanai. Temp was perfect and it was so relaxing. Glass of wine, going over what we did today and talking about what we still need to do tomorrow. I'm making sausage garlic alfredo ravioli with spinach for dinner tonight. New made up recipe. Wish me good luck. It sounds good to me, so we shall see if it's a keeper.

I'm going to check out of here for tonight. After dinner we're going to watch a new Christmas movie on Netflix, called "Jingle Jangle" that I've heard is pretty good. I'll let you know tomorrow what I think. In the meantime, have a great evening, everyone, stay safe, and have a great night before Thanksgiving. :)


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If the check engine light came on the van has kept the code. A good mechanic with a code reader should be able to diagnose the problem.

It sounds like she needs a new throttle control.


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KC: Yikes that was scary. Glad the social worker was so willing to help you gals.

SAN: That was a neat picture. Nice to see BLUE SKIES. We had drizzle and gloomy weather ALL DAY HERE?
Enjoy your time up North
I’m sitting on the couch and watching the 11 O’clock news. Then it‘s time for bed. It’s be a productive day.
You All have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. We all have lots to be thankful for. Love you all.

LEE: I was suppose to share this info regarding a church that serves Thanksgiving Dinners. They have done this for decades. We actually went to it a few times when we first got married. You use to have to get there early and buy your dinner ticket and the go for a ride to see the Geese at Jack Miners. The dinners were served family style on long tables back then. Art said that this year it’s drive up and curb pick-up only.
COTTAM UNITED CHURCH, Ontario...74th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner.
2:30 pm - 7:0 pm.
Dinners to go only.
$18.00 each
pre- order @ Cottam United Church Website.
137 County Road 34 West in Cottam

Again, sorry I didn’t get you this information sooner.

I do like your idea of a Starbucks Sandwich with the dressing & Cranberries. I’ve had one and they’re worth the money. Well, maybe NOT Canadian prices. HaHa.



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Happy Thanksgiving! Time to gobble-gobble. I'm sure glad that people are eating turkey and not rabbit.

It'll be interesting be to see how they pull off the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this morning.

So far we have 2 Christmas trees in our living room. One is a light-up ceramic tree that Kathi made years ago. And the second is a light up one that hangs on the wall inside a large picture frame that her mother made years ago. Only one more to go, and that is a miniature tree under 3 feet tall.

Because of a rough year, we just aren't in the mood to decorating like we usually do and bringing up the full sized tree. We'll have a few more small decorations, but that'll be it this year.

Thanks Bunnies for the pictures and cartoons ya'll posted on here yesterday.

That's about all I have to gab about this morning.

Rumor has it that any food you eat while you're standing won't have any calories in it.

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Wishing all of you a VERY Happy Thanksgiving. As it was here in The Great White North in October Thanksgiving will be different for my US cyber family this year. A tough year for all and tougher for some. But as you sit around the dinner table think about the things that we all have to be thankful for.
Tv Show Thanksgiving GIF by Cox Communications

Dave, had I known you would be standing for dinner and the Zoom visits I may have suggested pants!
Thanks for the info about the Cottam Church dinner Kathie. It's about 30 minutes from us. I still think that my sandwich is a good idea. Oddly enough the prices are pretty much the same at Starbucks here and in the US.
We watched "The Christmas Chronicles part 2" on Netflix last night Pat. It was a fun movie. Again, my takeaway was that Kurt Russell has played a lot of rolls in his time but he was made to play Santa!
So glad that everything worked out for you and Barb yesterday Karen. All these electronics that run vehicles these days sure don't make it easy for the backyard mechanic to keep on top of everything. And nobody will be open to take a look at Barb's vehicle today.

Great shot of the open road Tony. I always wonder how the heck we ever got anywhere before GPS assistance! You are right about the vehicle retaining the error code. A service tech should also be able to plug the diagnostic module into the vehicle and get the same info right away. Hmmm. When did they go from being called mechanics to service techs?
I know that you're all busy today so I'm outta here too!
Whether you are a gathering of two or a few more hungry guests, enjoy your day!

Stay safe.


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HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO MY EXTENDED FAMILY. ENJOY THE DAY! And don’t fall asleep eating that Turkey! Ha ha.
Lee: Glad you got info on the Cottam Dinners.
Art said it’s close to Kingsville. Might be a nice drive!
Okay, time to get busy around here! You’ll all be in our Thanksgiving Prayer today! Later folks.
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Happy Thanksgiving! Potatoes are peeled...gravy is made..rolls are on the counter to rise & I will be putting the turkey breasts in the oven in a few minutes...table is I'd say everything is pretty much under control....let the feasting begin!!
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Happy Turkey Day, everyone! We have so much to be thankful for this year,

I can already smell the turkey roasting in all of your ovens (except for Lee) and not a lick of turkey to be found here, but that's ok. Shrimp cocktail followed by steak will be perfect. Temperature will also be perfect for when we're ready to eat outside. Life is good on the lake!

Dave - I too an curious as to how they are going to do the Thanksgiving Day parade this year. Guess I should put the TV on to find out. OK TV is on, so I shall soon see.

Lee - We haven't started to watch the Christmas Chronicles yet. We watched "Jingle Jangle" last night and we really enjoyed it. It's pure escapism mixed with fantasy.

Kathie - Have a wonderful day with your family. Don't eat too much! LOL

Karen -That could have really been scary for you gals yesterday. Glad that lady was able to help you. Enjoy the day with your sisters!
I see you just posted. You've got your dinner well in hand.

Bill - So what are you and Rita doing for dinner today? Whose house are you going to?

Tony - Have a fun day with your gang. Wish them all a happy turkey day from Bert & I.

Made my newly created recipe last night and it was a big it. Only problem with it was it was over the top on calories being made in garlic alfredo sauce. Still have enough left for another meal.

Guess it's time for me to prep a few things for dinner later. I'm not too impressed with how they're doing the parade. Not a single Christmas song yet! Basically it's nothing more than a chance for a bunch of unknowns to sing their songs. So far, I'm not impressed and won't feel bad fixing stuff in the kitchen. Then I'll be done and will get to sit down and watch the dog show.

So now as I slowly back out of here, I want you all to know how thankful I am for all of you as my cyber family. We're always there for each other, be it through the good times or bad times. Here's a virtual (((HUG))) for each of you. Love you all! :)

Before I get out of here, I just had my best laugh watching this parade. The Gay Pride marching band just played "Dancing Queen". How appropriate was that? :D


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Happy Thanksgiving Night...hope everyone had a wonderful day!! We had so much food for just 3 of us....everyone had lot's of leftover's to take home & enjoy!
After we ate my crazy sister Barb wanted to go to the pool....and in she went...pool temp was 75 degrees....I've arranged a nice padded room for her at a local "resort"...

Now it's time to get comfy & relax for the rest of the night....


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We lived through Thanksgiving 2020! Now to see if we'll all be healthy in 5-14 days!
No hugs or kisses. Wore the Masks for the first 10 mins and while getting the food on the table. Gave up on the Buffet idea. It was lonely without my brother and his family. We all say our hello's over the phone. Not the same.

Dishes are done, kitchen floor was STEAMED with the Shark steamer and I'm ready for a drink of Cognac to relax me.

KC: Barb is one brave gal. I have goose-bumps just thinking about getting into that cold of a pool.

As they say in Serbian....." Lako Noc " ......or Good Nite!

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What a great afternoon and evening! The gang left a little while ago. They consumed a lot of food! Then the phone calls started coming in including a call from a guy who used to live here in Bellalago who now lives in San Diego. His family has scattered to the winds and he's now all alone. First year we knew him here, he cooked Thanksgiving dinner. He made a turduchin with all the fixings at his sister's house. M&J and their boys were also there. Funniest part was that we were the only white people there. His family are all from Trinidad and Tobago. It was different and a lot of fun.

Now I am so ready to call it a night and want to get into my nightie and just relax for a little while. So good night to you all. Sleep tight and I'll see you in the morning.:)


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Sounds like everyone had a very enjoyable Turkey-Day. Time to get to those left-overs.

Kathi had gotten little plastic trays with different sections for different foods, and made 6 TV-dinners out of the leftovers, which are now in the freezer. (Plus some of the leftovers still left for eating now.)

I for one will give Macy's a 2 thumbs-up for pulling off a great Thanksgiving Day Parade. Pretty much being forced to turn a 2 mile long parade into a made for TV one block parade. I enjoyed it. Still haven't watched the recorded dog show. Don't spoil the ending for me and say a 4 legged dog one.

Got to yak with my Virginia daughter. She too decided just to stay home with just her hubby and cook. (But I still want to give her a dope slap for still planning to go to Washington State for Christmas.)

On it's trial run, the "Zoom" call went off with no problems. Kathi was thrilled with it. Of course I pretty much let her do most of the talking while I had my foot-tall stuffed Marvin-The-Martian peeking over her shoulder. Before long, one of the granddaughters brought out her stuffed unicorn mermaid.

OK KC, what were you guys drinking or smoking at your place to make someone think it was a good idea to get into a 75 degree pool???

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Good morning all you over-stuffed bunnies! So who was out there early this morning to take advantage of all those Black Friday deals? I would venture a guess and say NO ONE in this group, except maybe K2. She's an early shopper.

Not much going on around here today, so maybe we will get out some more of the Christmas stuff. One thing I know I WON"T be doing is any cooking. We have enough food here to last at least a week! Wednesday night I made a pasta dish. From our steak dinner we still have enough of everything for at least 2 more meals. Then when M&J arrived yesterday, they brought a whole smoked turkey that was given to Jimmy at the firehouse he was fixing a truck at. The want Bert to slice it and clean off the bones and will share it with us when they come over Sunday for turkey sandwiches. Like I said, I'm not going to have to cook for a week. That means our Grille time will be very limited too!

KC - Your sister is braver than me to get in a pool at that temperature. You sure she lives in Florida? I know our new next door neighbor will go in their pool, but heck, they're from up north and a 75 degree pool would be wonderful to them.

Dave - Neat idea making your own version of a TV dinner. Good for Kathi for doing that, but is there any dessert included on the tray?

We have a bunch of mardi gras beads that we've accumulated over time. Unbeknownst to us, Jennifer dug them out while they were here and decorated our Christmas tree with them, along with a couple of cheapo flower leis. It does look kind of cute. Maybe I'll just skip decorating it any further and place a sign on it that reads "Decorations by Jennifer"! She also picked some of these very tiny red flowers I have in the yard and made a bouquet for each of her parents. She wrapped the flowers in a little piece of a napkin. She's so creative!

People 2 doors away are getting a screen enclosure added to their house. The guys doing the work started hammering by 7:30 this morning. Now I have to listen to them cutting some aluminum pieces and drilling and screwing in connectors. Definitely not a quiet day at the homestead!

Seeing as how I have been awake since 4:30, I think it is definitely time for a cup of coffee. So I'm out of here for now. Have a wonderful day, everyone, and stay safe. The nuts are already on the roads and are doing lots of very stupid things. :)


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BB: I may be a early shopper when it comes to the grocery store, but my days of doing any kind of BLACK FRIDAY shopping are long over. Truth be told I am still in my ROBE and it’s 10:15 AM

Food was yummy here and we had enough to share with Jill & her gang to take carry-outs with them.

Dave: Good for Kathi making up those Freezer meals. Now if only she had a FOOD SAVER VACUUM MACHINE to ensure no freezer burn they could last forever in the freezer.
I’m going to make a SMALL pot of Turkey soup for us to have either tonight or tomorrow from the carcass of the Turkey. It was a juicy Turkey and just the right size.
Not sure what I’m going to do today. I already did a load of napkins, tablecloth and kitchen towels from yesterday. Snd last night I Steam washed the kitchen floor when the kids all left. It’s gloomy outside and might be a good day to get back into trying to work on the afghan I’m knitting.

Lee: Did you get that Starbucks sandwich? I’m going to make us one from the leftovers for lunch. I think that combination is great!

Negc: Hope you and Rita had a good day yesterday. Hope you stayed home. How you feeling?

SAN: So did you all have Turkey yesterday? What’s the weather like in McCloud?
Don’t over due it up there!

KC: I saved the best for last !!
What are you up to today? Going SWIMMING? Ha ha. Or will you be trying to get Barbs car to a place to get fixed ?

I think it’s time for me to get out of this robe. Although it is cozy.
Enjoy your day. Be back later.

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It sure does sound like all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It sounds like some of you even have leftovers.
We were up early this morning to take advantage of the Black Friday sales. We got to the Canada / US border and the US agent asked the purpose of our visit. We told him to get the good Black Friday deals. He said "The border is closed to everyone except those deemed as essential." I said "So you must be single or you would understand that to my wife shopping on Black Friday is essential." He took our names and address and told us to go home.
Of course I'm pulling your legs! He didn't take our names. ;)
We're going to get the tree put up but I wanted to stop by and wish you all a safe and happy day!
I may even be back in a bit.


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And a very good afternoon all!!

Dave, I wasn't smoking anything yesterday...but I did enjoy a glass or 2 of a nice red wine Jane brought....but not enough to make me crazy enough to go in that you will notice from the picture Barb is a bit on the "large" her body temp seems to be a bit higher than most....she insisted she got "used" to the water very quickly....

K2, you were more ambitious than I was last night...I did manage to get the dish washer ran...and the big pans washed...but that was about it....I did redeem myself this morning though by emptying the dishwasher & then mopping the kitchen/dining area & great room..

BB, Jen's tree sounds adorable!! You need to post a picture for us! No cooking here for a while either...between leftovers from yesterday & food my sister's have given me I'm set for a while...Love it!!

Lee, if the mounties come a knockin you know your friends from the south will kick in bail no worries about that!! Have fun putting up the tree!

San, I'm sure you & the gang are having your usual fun time in McCloud....just pace yourself please!!

Got up around 7 this morning to get the floors mopped...then headed out to the bank & the post office to drop off a package for Barb...then headed to Jane's to take her green bean casserole she forgot yesterday.....while I was there she fixed me a ham & cheese omlett....then I dropped off a package for her at UPS....came home & started packing up the fall decorations..after that I started putting out Christmas stuff and ran out of steam....think I will wait & maybe do that tonite while watching some of the Christmas programs that are coming I'm pretty sure I hear a turkey sandwich calling my name...:)


Bosun (Boatswain)
Making Turkey Soup here right now. Kitchen smells so good. It will be a small pot of soup. Only a 12 # Turkey. Not a big carcass. .

Lee: I have everything lined up to make us both a Starbucks Turkey,stuffing, cranberry Sandwich. I’m going to grill it and make it look like a Pannani pressed sandwich.

Art braved the 46F temps and cleaned out the gutters from leaves. There will be more as soon as our neighbors ugly Willow Tree loses it’s tiny leaves. At least the Maple leaves are totally gone. First time in years the trees are bare and it’s not even December yet!

I took the liberty to make myself my favorite drink. Yup, not even 2:30 pm and I made myself a drink. Tastes so good.
I’m hoping I don’t fall asleep on the couch watching various college football games!

Bellalago Belle

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You are so ambitious today, K2! Soup broth is looking good.

Going to say an early good night today. I am so exhausted having been awake so early this morning, I've almost fallen asleep a couple of times today. This is definitely going to be an early night for me. I will see you all tomorrow. Have a great night, gang, whatever you might be doing! :)


Bosun (Boatswain)
Soup and those yummy Turkey, Dressing and Cranberry. sandwich’s were fantastic.
I don’t know about you folks, but it felt like Saturday all day today. Hope it was a good one for all of you too.
Nite from Macomb.


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And to think, this time last week you were hoping you all had the fixins for Turkey Day. Now you're finding yummy ways to continue gobbling. Even Kathi finds those turkey, dressing and cranberry sandwiches inviting.

Oh yea K2, she does have one of those freezer vacuum machines. She didn't use it on the "TV dinners" because she wasn't sure it would work with those separate food sectioned trays.

Ooops.......gotta run.

Have a good day my friends.