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Bellalago Belle

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Once again I am checking out of here early. We're getting ready to head for our dinner at the Grille and I doubt I will be back on the computer after we get home. So have a wonderful, safe evening, everyone, and I'll se you tomorrow! :)


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As his kingdom collapses around him, the Buffoon golfs.

Good Sunday morning Bunnies!

Angel Tree shopping done, KC? I'm curious as to what's the most requested item.

K2; I like the idea that you do have both masks and face shields. Just remember that the best of the two is the mask.
" Lots can get TOSSED" But how much of that stuff in the cabinets did you still keep?

Funny how the 2 legged Ava got confused, Lee. For some reason that's never happened with Fuzzbutt and Big-Foot. Thanks so much for posting the pictures here. Those large bulbs outside your front door a very popular here too.

We're going to have one of your rainy Florida days today, BB. Although Kathi and AT&T got all 3 of the TVs up and running, I'm disappointed in the performance of these new and improved TV boxes. The picture just isn't as sharp and the new remotes are more difficult to use. In answer to your question about who will get the vaccine right away when it's available; I will, if Doctor Fouci recommends it and takes it himself.

Nice to see you popping in, San. I'm afraid that my long list of names to describe the Buffoon would include too many swear words and obscene references to ever be allowed on here.

Since there's not much going on here today, I think I'll continue with my Christmas present wrapping.


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Dave, surprisingly one of the most requested gifts this year was blankets!!Almost half the kids I picked had them on their list....lucky for me $5 Below has these super cute, super soft plush throws for $5....just the right size for a kid to cuddle up in & lot's of cool everybody got a blankie...

Bellalago Belle

Firefighting Team Leader
Good Sunday morning, everyone! It's going to be a pretty day here with only a slight chance of a shower.

Dave - Sorry the rains went your way now. They were supposed to go to California! I tend to agree with you about the vaccine. Has anyone else made up their minds as to whether or not they will get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available? I bet K2 would get it, being the germaphob that she is. Am I right, K2?

KC - It's been so long since I've been in $5 Below. Might just pick up a couple of those throws for when the grandkids stay over. They like to snuggle in plush blankets and throws. I also like to pick up some cheap games from there and when they wear it out or misplace parts, it's no big deal.

K2 - You still working on that cabinet?

Our dinner last night was really delicious. We got to spend some time chatting with the manager also. Seems like he tends to spend more time talking to us than he does with other customers. Getting close to the point where he might also consider my suggestions, including changing up the menu once in a while. He was telling us that some people didn't buy tickets for last night's dinner, but wanted the Grille to be open on Thanksgiving for a turkey dinner then. He should have reminded them that even Mickey D's is closed for Thanksgiving.

What's on tap for today around here. you ask. Well, Bert has to return that David Baldacci book to the library. We might make a run for some wine while we're out. Otherwise it might be a good time to put away all the autumn flowers and centerpieces around here and start getting Christmas stuff, starting with the tree ... UGH!! Or we might put it all off and just watch TV all day!! LOL

Bert is just getting ready to come out to the kitchen, so I'm going to get off here for now and start planning our day, including what I'm making for dinner Have a super Sunday, gang, no matter what you're doing. Stay safe! :)


Bosun (Boatswain)
Good LATE morning to all.
IT’s snowing here and sticking on the grass, sidewalks, rooftops, etc. Yup, my first thought “Oh how pretty” second immediate thought was “Okay, it can STOP anytime enough already!” Ha ha.
I’ll try not to complain too often this Winter. It will be hard since we’re not going to Florida.
Sure glad we got those outside Christmas lights done when we did!

SAN: That’s neat to have those big bldgs up at McCloud to store your TOYS! Best part is they are INSIDE! And it’s so nice A&A have all that land so you guys can camp out and be close to each other. Not sure if the’ll let you and Nancy stay in the Toy Trailer until you totally get your strength back. Maybe next Summer!

Only have 2 small cupboards above the washer & dryer to finish up today. Pull out drawers are all out of stock at all stores around here. Art said he would build and install nice wooden ones, but I really want the heavy duty chrome ones. I’ll have to think about his offer. Ha Ha

I went to Virtual church and said a prayer for all of us.
Hopefully, KC did the same.

Negc: Alk the best with your surgery. Have Rita let us know how you did.

Lee: I bet the park you take the pups to looked pretty with the snow fall. Brrr too!

As far as little BUFFON goes I am so ticked he’s trying to discredit all of Detroit’s votes. Those 2 guys that went to see him yesterday in DC are total jerks. The one guy admitted he couldn’t pass up the opportunity and invitation to see the inside of the White House. They stayed at the Trump hotel. I bet that they’ll manage to Expense the outrageous hotel bill to the Detroit Tax payers. Minions big time!

Dave: It’s that time of the year when you get to stop POOP-Scooping in the yard. The snow covers everything! It will melt by tomorrow so don’t put away your scooper just yet! Ha ha.
Later gang. I think I’ll be wearing my Super Good NE95 mask to Home Depot.

Later gang.

BB: How did things go at the Grille dinner? Good/Bad? Can never be bad if you didn’t have to cook

Just saw your post BB. Glad it was a good night.
I don’t think I’ll be to much in a hurry for that vaccine. They have their work cut out on how to get the entire USA 2 shots and at the correct freezing storage temperature. Companies are making storage units as fast as they can. Showed one manufacturer on the news last night. Storage areas full of finished units. Can we say Big Bucks $$$$$ for these companies.

KC: Good for you finding the blankets for the little kids on your list. You ROCK! I don’t think our church did a Angel Tree this year.


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Move to Amherstburg they said. We don't get as much snow they said. Winter is about a month shorter they said.

Does this look like less snow??? We're sure that this is Ava's first look at the white stuff.
Good afternoon. I started this at 11:30 and kept getting interrupted. Tomorrow is games day so I said that I would make biscotti.
Dave, if you did call out to "Fuzzbutt" and a kid replied I'd be concerned. I can almost see "Big-Foot" as a kid's nickname though. That's too bad that the new boxes and remotes aren't as good as the old ones. I would have figured that they would be crystal clear and sharp!
I find blankets an odd request in FL Madam Vice President. But I guess that kids of all ages all over the world like to snuggle in a warm "safe" blanket.
We had a slight chance of a shower here too PAt. Problem is the warmer weather dipped a little south and our shower turned white! Good to hear that you enjoyed your dinner. I'm sure that. the manager has back checked some of the customers and know who the long time patrons like you and Bert are. You've seen all of the ups and downs in the past and hopefully he'll pick your brain for more ideas.
As you can see Kathie, The Navy Yard did look kind of pretty with the wet snow clinging to everything. It really wasn't all that cold either! You cupboard looks good. I'm with Dave. You should have done before and after and showed us all of the stuff that got tossed. I know what you mean about staying home this winter. The way things are going we may not be able to drive over until spring anyway.
Ah Tony, what descriptors can be used to describe that embarrassment in DC? Like most of you I could go on from an international point of view. But even Canadians use bad, very bad words every now and again.
I did Google "removing an insane person from the presidency of The US" and was directed to the 25th Amendment. Interesting. I doubt the moron has even read that one. Why? Well it's way past page 1 and there are still no pictures.
There goes the timer. I have to take the biscotti logs out of the oven and let them cool a tad before cutting them on the diagonal and putting them back in for the second bake. Roughly translated biscotti means "twice baked". Damn I'm fun AND educational.
You all stay safe!

Bellalago Belle

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Went to Sam's and Aldi's today. That leaves only a trip to Publix and I am set for the coming week and beyond!

Going to call it quits on here for tonight. Time to make dinner and then it will be time for some quality TV watching - NCIS LA and NCIS New Orleans. Have a great rest of the evening. Sleep well and I'll see you in the morning. :)


Ordinary Seaman
Night from Belleview...lot's of running on the schedule for tomorrow & I hope to get an early not sure I'll get to check in tomorrow...


Dance Instructor
Wakey, Wakey Bunnies!

Blankets. I never would have thought of that as being in demand by kids. I can only speculate that it's because parents are turning down the heat this year to save money. And/or the stress of the time.

BB; For all the Dollar Stores we have around here, I can't remember any $5 Below stores. Good game for the Steelers. And also the Browns. A week off for the Bills?

As for the vaccine when it's given the OK K2, people our age are on the short list for getting it early on as well as medical workers and nursing homes. YES if it's going to snow, my number of poop-patrols will definitely be reduced.

Thanks so much for posting the pictures, Lee. I have to tell you that one of my granddaughters is also named Ava. Maybe it's all the water near you that shortens the winter.

I got most of the Christmas present wrapping done yesterday. (Even wrapped up a tin of reindeer poop. (It's blobs of chocolate.)

I talked with my Arizona daughter last night. She told me about a 30-something lady, who had lost her job, up at the Rez that came up with a brilliant gift in connection with "The Elf On The Shelf". It's a plexiglass room for your elf in quarantine. It comes with a couple of miniature surgical blue face masks and a calendar to check off the 14 days. The cleverest thing is that with one of these, the parent doesn't have to move the elf every night when their child goes to bed.

Kathi ordered 2 of them.

Bellalago Belle

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Good morning, y'all! Landscapers here at exactly 8:00. Must be Monday, as the garbage truck is now going through the neighborhood also. No sleeping in around here today. Heck, even Bert got up early!!!

Dave - I've see that Elf on the Shelf in quarantine a few weeks ago. I told my girls about them, but I'm not sure they every got the kit. They really are a great idea to give parents a bit of a break!!

Not much else to say right now. Nothing exciting is going on around here, except Bert is starting to put up the Christmas tree. he really has a lot of energy this morning!

Getting ready to do a little bit of running around in Poinciana - PO, bank, library - and then a stop at Publix to pick up a few things we still need for Thanksgiving and for tonight when the crew will be here for cheese & crackers as well as appetizers. Want to get this done before the stores get too crowded. so I'll be back later. :)


Bosun (Boatswain)
Good Morning GANG. Wishing Bill all the best on his surgery.

Seems we're all doing a little extra running or wrapping etc, etc.
I haven't even thought about presents. Actually, it's the LAST thing on my mind.
I have to force myself, this year especially due to Covid, to make Christmas nice for everyone else!

Out of here in a few minutes to hop over to the EYE doctor to start the process for Art's hopefully getting Cataract surgery. They had a opening today and we jumped on it. 10:30 am
Then at 2:00 pm he gets to take himself and his one hearing aid to get the STEM fixed. Seems like he had the same type of thing happen around a holiday LAST YEAR. The man is a too hard on those things if you ask me or they just don't make them sturdy enough.
Always Something!

KC: Hope you have or had a good day running around.

SAN: Getting your things together for your drive up to McCloud?? I didn't think so. Ha Ha Not a guy thing to do anything too early.

Dave: Never got into the Elf on the Shelf thing. Jill didn't do that w/her kids either. Just another thing to remember to do.

Got a lot sorted out last night in that laundry room. I bought a roll-out metal shelf that I found at Lowes and we all but had it installed this morning and found out a RIVET was broken on one of the tracks. Now I know why the package was OPENED when I picked it up.
Hmmm. Hope our other Lowes a little further down the road has another one. I really liked that I could pull out the drawer and see all the food cans, etc on it. I'll let you know how that works out.

To the rest of you FINE people.........I'll be back later.

A’Burg Guy

Ordinary Seaman
Good morning!
Most of yesterday's snow is either gone or will be soon under sunny skies we have here today!

Hope that all of Art's appointments and running about work out for him Kathie. I hope that Lowe's has another shelf for you and they don't give you a hard time about returning the one with the part missing.
I hope that you make it out and back safe and sound before things get too busy Pat. 9:45 seems early for Bert to be up and about with the tree! I guess that the landscapers woke him up too!
Ya, it was a bye week for The Bills. Darned good thing that The Broncos beat The Fish or we'd be tied at the top of the division. That quarantine room for the Elf on a Shelf is brilliant Dave! As we understand it the river and Lake Erie do play a big part of the more moderate winters here in The Burg. I guess we'll see this winter, won't we. Our friends in Kitchener sent pics of the snow they got yesterday and there was WAYYY more than we saw here!
Hope that the surgery and recovery are a simple one Bill!

lot's of running on the schedule for tomorrow & I hope to get an early start
Well then Karen, I would suggest that you should have gotten up even earlier! :emoticon 0109 kiss:
Enjoy that time away San!
Time to head off. You all stay well.

Bellalago Belle

Firefighting Team Leader
Back from our running around. Almost time for lunch - leftover flounder sandwiches. Then it will be time for me to start fixing some of the stuff for our crazy dinner tonight of cheeses and appetizers. That's what they want and it works for me too.

Waiting to hear from Rita as to how Bill's surgery went. Keeping him in my prayers all day today.

Well, we've got half a tree up! It comes in 4 or 5 pieces and has just cleared the window sill. Cappi is all upset. He likes to snooze and watch the birds on the bench that is usually under those windows. It's right in the sun for him. But now he has no sunny windows to sleep in. He also will never climb into the tree without claws.

K2 - Be careful out and about today. From what we saw that short time we were out, all the crazies have been released and got put into driver's seat in the car. They are doing some of the dumbest things and making it dangerous for everyone.
Some of our grandkids were already too old when Elf on the Shelf came out, but the other kids love finding them each day. It's a challenge and parents get very creative with what they do with them.

Time to get a few thins done while I can. Have a super day, everyone!


Dance Instructor
Good afternoon. Nothing much planned for today. Staying home.

Tomorrow is packing day and getting the Silverado ready for Wednesday trip north to McCloud. We will be traveling with Matthew and family. (Them in his Ford F-350). HAM radios will be active as we head up Interstate 5. I5 is a long boring trip up the Sacramento Valley until we get north of Redding.

How are you liking your Corsair, Kathie? Have you learned all of it’s features?

Speedy recovery Bill.

Pat, it never ceases to amaze me just how many meals you prepare for your gang. You must spend hours in your kitchen.


Quartermaster (Helmsman) - QM

Must have hit the wrong button, so I'll try again. Bill's surgery went well, I dropped him off at 5:40 a.m. and the doctor called me at 8:38 to tell me the surgery was over and he had done well and was in recovery. I spoke to him around lunch time and again at dinner time, and he had eaten his lunch and dinner and wasn't having any pain, so all is good. Thanks again to all of you for the prayers and good thoughts, much appreciated. Now we hope this is the end of a long stretch of stuff, and hope he is on the road to recovery. This getting old stuff is definitely not for the fain of heart! Hopefully he will be fine for our Florida trip, but I think he will be. We have COVID restrictions in the hospital, so visiting is an issue, only I can go, and today we had torrential rains and thunder and lightning pretty much most of the day, so I won't see him until I pick him up tomorrow. I was not anxious to go with the virus so prevalent, so I am looking forward to his coming home tomorrow.

Thanks again and everyone have a wonderful night.



Bosun (Boatswain)
Rita: Good to know that Bill made it through the surgery and will be coming home on Tuesday. You get one night to REST UP! LOL

Art and I did well today with appts and chores. Art needs to wait for the scheduling Nurse to call with a date for his Cataract surgery on his BETTER of the two eyes. They'll save the one he gets shots in for part two! He said they treated him very well and it wasn't crowded in the office. I was allowed to come into the lobby and then after making sure they knew he was without ONE HEARING AID I got to go into the main lobby and wait. Art said he never had so many tests and drops and attention before. He has to use some kind of Antibiotic Vaseline consistency stuff on his eye lids at night and "Refresh Eye Gel Drops" for DRY EYE until the surgery.

I dropped him off at home. All of 1.5 miles from our house and went to the other Lowes close by and they had 2 of the 20.5" wide pull out racks. I pointed out to the nice lady that the one I was returning should NOT go back on the shelf because it had a RIVET that was broken. Not a good RIVET HOLD.
No problem. Credit to my charge card.
Went and got 2 new boxes and got out of that place. Not too crowded at all.

Lee: While walking to the register at Lowes I saw a PENCIL X-Mas Tree with 200 pre-strung lites on it. Skinny little thing. I though of you and your new tree. This thing was actually cute. I was so tempted to buy it, but I'm not a big fan of Christmas this year and since my entire family is not going to be here and no friends are coming over.....why bother. We'll put up the Bigger tree one more time. Maybe I can get Eric to help on Thanksgiving to bring it upstairs and set it up! Ten to one Art says "You can't ask Eric to do that on Thanksgiving"! Ha Ha.

SAN: I absolutely LOVE my little SUV. It's somewhat like Art's Escape but much more COMFORTABLE SEATS and extras and rides much smoother. Only thing missing is a CD Player. I miss playing my Serbian CD's while I'm out and about. I'll have to find a portable one to hook up in the glove compartment or under the seat!! I should have DUMPED that Lincoln MKZ years ago. This Corsair is so much faster off the light! LOL

BB: How far does G&E live from you? You must feed them things they like since they keep coming back.

TURKEY PICK-UP early tomorrow morning. And that's all that's on the list of things to do outside. Now inside the house is another story. Time to make lists of what to do on Wed.

We get the Old Refrig out of the garage on WEDNESDAY. Art will be so happy. His Escape has been in the driveway for 2 weeks! YIKES.

You all have a good evening.

Madame Vice Pres.....hope you had a good day. :)

Nite all.


Dance Instructor
Rita, I am so glad Bill came through the surgery so well. Glad it’s over for you.

Kathie, it seems that many people are moving to SUVs from sedans. Glad that you got a very nice one. Chevrolet, for instance, sells only one model of sedan now, versus 3 or 4 just a couple of years ago.

Hope Art gets a break from his hearing and eye issues. Scary stuff.

Hi Karen.