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Morning Folks!

Thanks so much Rita for the good update on Bill's condition. You'll be glad to see him home today, and he will sure be glad to be there too. If for no other reason than not to have to wear a mask all the time.

Speaking of which; I always wear one when out in public, but I'd sure hate to have to wear one all day long at a job.

KC; You usually stay tough & resilient during any situation. But since your sisters rely so much on you, how are they handling all these shut-downs and the pandemic in general?

I just knew you'd like your new SUV over a sedan, K2. Just sitting up a freckle higher gives you a better view of the road. Plus SUVs are a lot easier to get in and out of. Happy to hear you found 2 more of those metal roll-out shelves. Those things are such back savers.

So Lee, you are telling us that you now live in the sub-tropical part of Canada?

BB; OK "Marcia", don't you ever run out of stores and other places you need to go to every day?

Have a fun and safe trip tomorrow San. I'm guessing that shorts and sandals won't be found in your luggage.

What a joy it was to hear that Biden got the GO for the transition to begin. That must have made the Buffoon grind his teeth.

Oh how comforting to see that QUALIFIED people are being chosen to serve in the Biden administration. And not just relatives, campaign donors, and people the Buffoon has seen on Fox.


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Good morning, gang. Get those tails fluffed and moving. There's a holiday coming and you need to get ready for it.

Rita - So glad to hear that all went well with Bill's surgery. That's one he!! of a birthday present! Nice that he'll get to come home today. I'm sure he'll be looking forward to that.

Make sure you have everything, if you are making dinner. If you started with a frozen turkey, it should be about defrosted by now. If not, defrost it in the sink under running cold water. Elaine told me last night that they just bought a 21 lb turkey that's hard as a rock, so thus the cold water method will be used. She has never had to make a full Thanksgiving dinner by herself before, so I need to offer her some hints how to do it when they return once again today to help finish off the leftovers from last night. Found a new favorite they all loved which I have never made before - pot stickers! Publix had them as a BOGO a few weeks ago, so I figured we'd give them a try. I've had them before at a Japanese restaurant where they call them goyza and at parties. They're so easy to fix.

K2 - G&E Live about 5 miles away from us in the Oaks, which I'm sure you passed more than once the Winter you stayed on Poinciana Blvd. All I have to do is offer to feed them and they will come. I haven't found anything yet that they will not eat. Some have certain foods they don't eat, but most will eat everything.

San - Enjoy your getaway to McCloud. Is there any snow there now besides any you can see on Mt. Shasta?

Dave - Just a quick stop at one store for us today and that will be to Publix to pick up my meds. Bert forgot to pick them up yesterday when he was there. Other than that, we're home to stay,

I found something pretty good to use if you find wearing a mast very confining and dislike having it right against your face. It's a simple plastic shield that you wear under your mask. It isn't quite so confining and you can breathe easier. It also helps to prevent your glasses from fogging up. I gave G&E's gang about 6 of them last night to use when they are in school and have to wear a mask all day while there.

We now have a naked Christmas tree in the family room window looking out. I wonder how long it's going to take before Bert brings in the box to decorations for the tree. Maybe a couple of hours at most, is what I'm thinking. Guess I better take care of all the things I want to do myself before that box comes out.

Have a great, safe day, everyone. Be good and wear that mask. I'll try to stop back later unless I hit the lottery. Take that as an "I'll be back!", as I don't buy lottery tickets!! :)


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Good afternoon....Turkey Day T-Minus 2 and counting...
Sweet Pie Thanksgiving GIF by Piffle

Dave, actually my sister's are doing better with adjusting to the pandemic than I did...jane is retired & only goes out when she absolutely needs to...and has started doing the Walmart grocery pick up...Barb works from home...and also does the grocery pick other than coming to my house they both pretty much stay home...

Pat, your appetizer dinner last night sounded good...that is what I am going to do for our Christmas get together with Wendy...nobody really eats big meals like we used to...

Kathie...glad you were able to find another pull out shelf's really aggravating when stores put defective items back on the shelves..

Rita, hope Bill makes it home today as planned....and that YOU got a good nights rest last night as you will probably need it!!

Lee, how cute that a little girl named Ava got to meet your new addition Ava....the snow looks pretty...but I'm glad it's there & not here...

Tony, Hi...back at ya!! :minion wave:

So glad to see it looks like this election nonsense is finally coming to a still just boggles my mind the number of people who buy into his maddness and believe he is RIGHT!!
Need to get busy & get a few things done around here...tomorrow I will make the cranberry sauce, the pumpkin cake & the sweet potatoe casserole...also need to set up the rolls in the fridge overnight to thaw & start to rise..I am making the Rhodes frozen dinner uncle made them for us last year & they are sooo good!!
Then in the afternoon I am going with Barb to drop off a Christmas tree & ornaments to a family she adopted thru a local agency here...hard to believe 1 month from today is Christmas good bunnies...Santa is watching now!!

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Back from our trip to Publix, but with a wee side trip to Joanne's. Gary brought over 3 handmade stockings last night for me to put names on. I needed to get some puff paint glitter pens which I haven't used since I stopped teaching. The handwriting just isn't the same any longer :( so I need to practice a bit before I do the names on the actual stockings. Joanne's has so many sales (40-50% off on lots of Christmas stuff)going on right now it was very hard to just get in and out with Bert pushing me in the wheelchair. I wish he had brought the scooter battery. Then I could have checked out all these sales. Instead, we just shopped like a man - got in - got item - got out. Boring, boring, BORING!!!

Time to fix the charcuterie board once again. They are coming over earlier to eat as Elaine has a conference at 7:30. At least they are bring dessert!


Bosun (Boatswain)
Hi Wrabbits.
Got our Turkey nice and early. Great set up. You give your name at the door, lady looks it up and give you a 3x5 card with your order on it. You proceed to the next area and they have guy and gal all bundled up in warm coats waiting to look at your card to see how big of a turkey you ordered. I ordered 8-12 pounds. They brought out a 8# one and I said make it 12#s. Paid for it at the next station and walked out. Took all of 5 mins. Only 10 people allowed in the store at a time and must have masks on.

Stopped by Starbucks and used some of my REWARD STARS and got the biggest VENTI coffee. Since I was using my STARS it's always best to get the HUGE SIZE. Same amount of stars for a small, med or extra large. Carmel Brulee was my choice of energy this morning.

Came home and set the table up in the Dining Room. I moved 2 chairs to the side to make sure nobody is too close or directly across from each other while eating. I know I'm going to get "ribbed" by everyone for doing that, but you know what....THAT'S THE WAY IT GOES.
Made fresh Cranberry Relish for Art and I. The Maxwell's like the smooth one with rings around it from a CAN! Ha Ha

Art is schedules for Cataract Measurements Dec 18. Surgery on his good eye is Jan 14th.
Next eye, the one that keeps getting shots, is 3 weeks later. So I would say by the end of February he should be all finished with surgeries and doing the drops, etc. He'll just need to get new glasses. He's not opting for MONO vision. He said he has had glasses all his life it's too late in life to not wear them just to look cool! LOL
The new glasses will cost more than the 2 Cataract operations. Oh well....Always Something!

I was thrilled to watch the news conference w/ the introduction of 6 of the new cabinet members. Nice SENSEABLE LOOKING GROUP.

Now if Pres Elect Biden would only STOP putting those INSERTS in his SUIT JACKET POCKET. That is so OLD SCHOOL. I'm going to find a address and write to him. Nobody wears those in their pockets anymore. I remember when Art use to have Silk Squares that would go into the suit coat pockets. They use to cost a fortune, but you had to have back in the day!! LOL

Lee: So are you going to keep the tradition going in your new home and have a TURKEY SANDWICHES this Thursday? I hope so. After all you are Officially 1/2 American!! Ha Ha

SAN: I had to laugh early this morning. I woke up around 5:30 am and remembered a dream I had last night. You and Nancy were over our house looking at our new cabinet shelves and as you were leaving Nancy gave me a hug and then YOU gave me this HUGE HUG. How nice of you!! I was thinking you must have been in my sub-conscious mind since I read your post LAST before shutting down the computer yesterday.
Nice of you to do a road trip all the way across the USA to see my cupboards!
Have fun in McCloud when you get there. Be safe on the highway.

Hey BB: Good to read that you actually got INTO JoAnn's to get your supplies. You need to do that more often. Heck you have a scooter might as well use it. Bert could drop you off and then go sit in the car until you phoned him to come get you at the front door!!

Out of here for now. I have some pictures to post, but I'm on the big computer and can't post them from here.

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Instead, we just shopped like a man - got in - got item - got out.
So now you know the right way to shop Pat!
I can say that because we're not venturing south this year and I'm counting on you forgetting that by next year thus saving me a good old fashioned Gibbs Head Slap.
john kasich blog GIF

Rita, that is great news about Bill. Thanks for letting us know that he did OK and will be home before you can say Thanksgiving.
Karen, all I can say is that when I started to scroll through your message I thought that you had posted a slice of punkin' pie sitting on the toilet!! Go ahead, try it yourself. It gave me quite a chuckle. The snow did look pretty and now there's not a trace of it. Back in Ayr they got 8 inches and still have most of it!
So to that end Dave, yes, Amherstburg is in Canada's sub-tropics! Do you wear your mask everywhere out in public? Here we have to wear them when in ANY building or if we are outdoors and can't social distance.
That sounds like a super organized way to pick up the turkey Kathie! Good on you for getting your money's worth with your Starbucks stars. I suspect that the next time they modify their rewards they will have different tiers for different sized drinks! I'm leaning towards a Starbucks turkey, cranberry and dressing sandwich on Thursday. Using my stars too! Oh, get that pencil tree and have Art hang it upside-down from the ceiling. It's give the Anderson's and The Maxwell's something to chuckle about.
Again Tony, safe travels and enjoy your time off the grid.
Folks, I have to say that I admire all of you and how close you are to your families. Something that neither Lu-Ann nor I ever really were. I see it throughout the year and especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas. All of the planning and sadness that this year these two holidays in particular are going to be so different. And I send hugs to all of you for doing your part to try to get this danged virus under control.
About Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris...finally things are moving in the right direction. I even refused to play a game yesterday because they told me there was a trump card. ;)
I have a couple of things to catch up on from today. It was pickelball day and I find that each week the workout is a little better than the week before. Tough playing with that mask on though!
My urology appointment tomorrow has become a virtual one. Another sign that things are "heating up" here with COVID and they're trying to keep people out of the hospital.
OK, best get going.
You all know to stay safe, sanitize and watch out for the other guy. But I've told you anyway.

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Last post from me for tonight. Believe it or not, the gang is already gone! They came, they ate, and the left with full bellies! Just about time to get comfy to spend a long evening watching TV. There's a holiday movie I've been hearing about on Netflix to check out called Jingle Jangle. Might get into that after we see who's getting a Gibbs slap tonight.

Good night from this tiny corner of the world. Sleep well and I'll see you all tomorrow. :)


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I really enjoyed the hug, Kathie.

Lee, you could easily fit into any of our families. Any of us would glad to have you.

I have lost weight due to my treatments, so I think I should hang out at Pat’s house and eat some great meals.

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Tony, I AM honoured to be part of all of my cyber families in the hutch.
I looked up your movie Pat. It sounds like it could be good.
Interesting new development here Dave. Because of the number of people coming to River Lights and the inability to social distance effective tomorrow night visitors to The Navy Yard MUST wear masks between 17:00 and 23:00.
OK, G’nite from The Burg.


Bosun (Boatswain)
Good reding on here today. Love my HUTCH family when they ALL post.
Nice to just know everyone is okay. After all it seems like we have all slipped into the need for MEDICAL AID years of our lives. Ha ha.
Tomorrow will be PREP DAY, as BB calls it, Today I got a lot of done and will not need to go out of the house for days.

Have I told you how much I love my roll out shelves? Yup, I go by and pull them out just to see them work! Ha ha.

SAN & Nancy and Matthew & his gang.....Safe travels to McCloud.
Make sure to send us a few pictures of the area and Annelie‘s WISHING AREA!
Happy Thanksgiving too.


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I just shake my head. Here we are in the middle of a raging nationwide fire of Covid. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying. And yet so many have their blinders on thinking that their house will not be effected. They don't need to safely control their behavior. I just shake my head.

BB you've got me confused. A face shield that goes under a mask? You're going to have to explain that one to me or give us a link so we can see one.

KC; Good for your sisters going for the Wal Mart grocery pick-up. Both of Kathi's sons do that too.

Good for you separating chairs at the dining table a little bit, K2. Imagine how horrible you'd feel if someone picked up the virus and you hadn't taken that little extra precaution.

"Do you wear your mask everywhere out in public? Here we have to wear them when in ANY building or if we are outdoors and can't social distance." I do the same as you Lee. I even wear it at drive-throughs.

San, with your weight loss, you're the only one of us who can eat till you explode on Turkey-Day.

It's just Kathi and me tomorrow, so there's not going to be a lot of actual cooking. Kathi got a pre-cooked, roasted, sliced turkey breast from Honey-Baked-Ham. We've gotten them before and they are good. So everything just needs heated up.

Kathi has a camera set up for ZOOM calls to relatives on Thanksgiving. Guess I need to wear more than a Hawaiian shirt and underpants on those calls.

A’Burg Guy

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Good morning!
It's raining here today. That'll keep the dust down! Not that we have much dust around here now as just about everyone is moved in!
Guess I need to wear more than a Hawaiian shirt and underpants on those calls.
Dave, would you post a warning before you you say things like that. Now I have to wipe coffee off my screen!! Most Zoom calls are usually the shoulders and the head. You're OK with just your underpants. Be sure they are clean...just in case the camera moves down a tad.
I'm heading to Lowe's for a tarp for our outdoor furniture. We stacked it and put it up on the back covered patio but if the wind blows right our of the east rain and snow will land on it. I also want to pick up some screws and anchors to mount the sounder under the TV. Ya, Santa came a little early.
I'll be back. I know that I won't have the usual cross border traffic to deal with today but I'll be careful out there anyway.
I'm sure that things are going to be nuttier than ever on the roads where most of you live so look both ways if you have to go out!
Keep your hands away from your faces, sanitizer in your pockets and wash your hands!
Just to clarify...take your sanitizer out of your pockets to use it. It doesn't do much good in your pocket now does it!


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Good morning!!

Lee, thanks for clairfying the proper hand sanitizer routine....all this time I've been putting my hands in my pocket to sanitize them...

Kathie, those are some nice looking pull out shelves....don't blame you for taking an extra peek now & then...

Tony, safe travels to McCloud today...look forward to seeing some pictures of all the fun you guy' s have up there....

Pat, did you catch the launch last night? I was watching tv when channel 6 had the little pop up come up in the corner telling about the was a perfect night for's really cool cause you can see how red the sky get's near the ground & know it's going to be lifting off soon...

Dave, I would hope you at least co-ordinate your Hawaiian shirts with your underwear...

Woke up to early again this morning...but managed to stay in bed till a little after most of tomorrow's prep is done..Sweet potatoe casserole is made..fresh cranberries cooked & the pumpkin cake is baked...just waiting for it to cool enough to frost with some cream cheese icing...
Kind of hard not to look back & think about last Thanksgiving....juggling visiting Dad for lunch and cooking dinner for my sister's...I'm sure Kathi is dealing with similar memories...but I think we can both be pretty confident we were there for our Dad's & did the best we could for them...


Ordinary Seaman
Thought I'd share a picture of my pumpkin cake...first time trying the receipe...but I think it turned out fairly good...20201125_091945.jpg


Bosun (Boatswain)
Good Thanksgiving Eve to you all.
Lee: Not sure what a “sounder under your TV” is? Maybe it had something to do with SURROUND SOUND?
No rain here right now. Just gloomy as all get out.

Dave: Good luck with that Zoom meeting w/family. Way too much to get out of my head this early in the morning.

KC: Sounds like you were busy in the kitchen. I bet it will all taste yummy.
I was glad that I picked up a bag of the mini marshmallows a few weeks ago. The shelves were empty the other day! A lady was talking out loud as she looked around at no sugar or marshmallows. I almost felt bad for her.

I’m waiting for the Electric company to come and pick up our OLD TRUSTY REFRIGERATOR. We get a check for $50.00 bucks right on the spot for getting it off the electrical GRID. Old ones use way more electricity.
ART can’t wait to get his car back into the garage.

Okay, coffee and prep work are waiting for me in the kitchen. Joy. Joy!
Be safe my WRABBITS snd stay away from as many people and places as possible. Xoxo

Bill: Hope you are doing good today. Rest and be nice to your NURSE.
San: Drive safely snd give us all a heads up when you all arrive! Should be a fun week. Keep your distance in the cabin even though you are all family. I’d have a mask handy if I were you.

KC: That cake looks FANTASTIC. Good job.

Feel bad for these Turkey’s!
Ha ha.

Bellalago Belle

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Good morning, gang, and happy Thanksgiving eve!! And just think --- Christmas is 1 month from today!!!!

Dave - These are the under mask shields I was talking about. They're called

3D Bracket Face Mask Inner Support Frame They're available on Amazon and They might also have them in the store, if you're brave enough to venture there these days. Possibly at other places, like drug stores, where they sell masks.

KC - Your cake looks great! You are right on top of things, as usual!

K2 -Brackets for you shelves to slide out and the old refrigerator leaving, for which you get $$$. Girl, you sure have a lot to be thankful for this week!! Happy PREPPING your dinner for tomorrow. Even though I'm not making a turkey, I do still have some things to do to get ready for our dinner tomorrow. It's supposed to be a beautiful day, so we should be able to eat dinner outside. All I want to do today is make a Key Lime Pie.
Almost forgot to tell you I love your cartoon!

Lee - At least all your snow disappeared, so I guess rain wouldn't be that bad. That outside furniture, does it have removeable cushions that you can bring in the house and only have to cover and secure the frames?

Does anyone remember the famous turkey drop on WKRP in Cincinnati? That was such a classic. I'd love to see that one again just for a good laugh. Lord knows there are times we need a good laugh these days.

Our dinner with the gang went very well last night. I took a picture of the charcuterie board and posted it on FB, but I can't get it to come up here. K2 - Can you help?

Even if we didn't want to, we have to stick close to home today. Gary told us to expect more of the packages of stuff he ordered to be delivered today. All of the boys are getting computers for Christmas, but with one catch - Under Gary's supervision, they will have to build their own computer from all the parts that will be wrapped individually! That should keep them busy Christmas Day & beyond.

Time for a nice hot cup of coffee before I take on that Key Lime Pie. So I'm out of here for a while. Stay safe, everyone, and as Lee reminded us, take out that sanitizer and use it! :)

A’Burg Guy

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all this time I've been putting my hands in my pocket to sanitize them...
That's it! No more coffee with me when I sit down at the magic light box! I have to keep wiping off the screen. Too funny Karen! How neat to be able to watch that launch. Does that cake ship well? You know, just across the border?
sounder under your TV
I can't tell you how many times I retyped "sound bar" Kathie. Autocorrect once again has a mind of it's own. I think that they should have you a crisp President Grant when they pick up old fridge. Yes, gloomy and drizzle here too. As you can see from our walk down at Fort Malden...
Yes Pat, the cushions are all safe and sound in the basement. I just wanted to protect the frames. Who can EVER forget "As God is my witness I thought turkeys could fly". What a cool way for Gary to pass on his love of technology to the boys.
Why yes everyone, thanks for asking. I would enjoy a glass of wine.
Be good everyone!



Bosun (Boatswain)
Got a lot done this morning.
Going to deliver Ham/Bean soup to our friends up 24 Mile Rd that have the grown daughter that is going through cancer and chemo. Also, cookies for both families and some knitted chemo beanies for Mary.
Then I'm off to the EAST SIDE 1 hr drive in traffic to as Marcia would say: Get the Melons Smashed and have a extra Ultra Sound of them too! Joy, Joy.

I have to start my chopping of veggies for the Stuffing tonight. Got the potatoes mashed and in the refrig to reheat tomorrow. I've done that before and it's a time saver.

Lee: Nice pic of the park. Gloomy just like here. I hate AUTO CORRECT.
The $50 buck check is just fine. Quicker than having to fill out forms and mail them in. Kudo's to whoever changed the way they dish out the money.

Out of here for now. Be SAFE and NEVER let your GUARD DOWN. Old Covid is waiting for all of us to make a mistake!!

BB: I really liked that cartoon too. Ha Ha


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1353 and we have 156 miles to go. Nav says we will get there at 1617. One stop for fuel in Corning, so it will be a little later than that.

the picture is Interstate 5 half way up the Sacramento Valley. Light traffic.


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And under the heading No Good Deed goes unpunished...Barb & I spent a tense & frustrating afternoon in the parking lot of the Interfaith Help agency where we were dropping off the Christmas tree for the family she adopted...we got there a little early & were sitting in the car waiting for the Social worker to meet us...Barb had moved her car trying to get out of the sun & when that didn't work she went to start the car & turn on the A/C and the car would not turned over fine but just would not catch...the social worker came out and tried to help us by calling her husband...he said it sounded like the starter & if we tried a jump it might kick over & start...No luck...tried for over 30 mins. and finally gave up & called a tow was going to be a 70 min. the Social worker told us to come inside in the A/ as we were closing up the van & rolling up the windows for some reason Barb tried one last time and it STARTED... and stayed running! Barb had noticed on light on the dash earlier & when we looked it up it was for the electronic throttle control.... which made sense to us, because the few times it did start it wouldn't stay running...acting like it wasn't getting gas...she also noticed when she'd press the gas peddle the engine didn't rev or just died.. .so I guess it's just one of those intermitiant electrical issues...but now she is afraid to drive her car anywhere...Thankfully we made it back to her house ok...and the Social Worker was kind enough to follow us to make sure we got there ok...Jane will pick her up tomorrow & bring her to my house for Kathie say's...always something!!!