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Good evening. Well my right index finger can bend again, of course mostly with a catch and a click but it should get better.

Lee, yes Sunday is F1, then Indy 500 then the Coco Cola 600. I don't watch the F1 but do the 500 and 600.

Had rain this afternoon, nit much but almost all afternoon.

All have a good night.


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Happy Belated Birthday Lu-Ann!

Yea, who is this,
"this is sad" person???

Not much time to post this morning. We've gotta get organized for a couple of granddaughters coming over for some weeding, planting posies, and putting new mulch around them.

But yesterday was our lucky day. Instead of waiting for June 6th to roll around for the delivery of our new refrigerator, we got a nice surprise yesterday when we got a call saying it could be delivered in an hour. You betcha we're home.

Up and running and in a need of more groceries to fill it.



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Good morning.
Lu-Ann sends her thanks to everyone for her birthday wishes.
I bet this trip to the grocery is going to generate a near record tab as you and Kathi fill the new fridge Dave.
It is Saturday Kathie. Seems like only a week ago it was also Saturday. Good call on fewer flowers. Less upkeep and way less expensive. I hope your computer issue clears itself!
Has any driver ever competed in both Indy and The 600 Nancy?
OK, Ava and I have had our first walk. I’m gonna grab some fruit and yogurt for breakfast but wanted to say “hi” before heading out.
You good folks have a fantastic Saturday!


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DAVE: Is this how your NEW Refrigerator got delivered?
What a FANTASTIC SURPRISE. :clap002: Good luck with that grocery bill. LESS is BEST! :emoticon 0102 bigsmile:

53F in Pure Michigan right now at 9:12 a.m. SUNNY and suppose to be another fantastic day by afternoon time! Yippee.

LEE: I was turning over and pulling up the covers while you and Ava took your first walk. BLESS you for all you and Lu-Ann do for Ava! Pups in your home always live like Kings and Queens!

I'm off to make a DING DONG cake for my family. Will deliver it to them as soon as it's done.

You all have a wonderful day!


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Good morning. Well we may not get rain today. Would be nice. Just cut up the steak and seasoned it for dinner tonight, will be cheese steak subs. Winn Dixie has T-bone steaks on sale so I got a package and have cut two of the three for the subs, the third is in the freezer for another dinner.

Will be watching the Xfinity race and then later practice and qualifying for tomorrow Cup race.

All have a great day.


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Glad to see that you decided gto join that church and perhaps it was that decision that made your wishes that the casino gods would be kind to us, Karen. Both of us had good results and while our winnings were not enough to cause us any significant tax liability, it was nice to come away from there with more wampum than we had when we arrived. Was pleased
to find that the Mohegan Sun Casino is now smoke free and, at least this time, the slots were extremely generous.
Kids will be coming over later so I have to get out of here and
pick up a cake for the birthday celebration.

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As usual, looks like I'm the last one checking in on this beautiful Saturday morning. I'm getting like Bert and not getting up until after 9. We've got nowhere to go in the morning, so why get up too early. It makes for a very long day.

I too have been wondering about who this "It's sad" person is and where did he/she come from. Very strange!!

Dave - What a nice surprise getting the refrigerator delivered unexpectedly like that. We're getting a nice surprise delivery today too ... The wine I ordered at the beginning of the week that wasn't supposed to come until mid next week, is getting delivered today. Bert was getting worried that our supply was getting low. Never thought I'd ever hear that from him.

Kathie - Smart move not getting so many flowers this year. Now if you had grandkids like Dave & Kathi, you could have had them do all the planting, if you wanted more flowers. Do you and Art actually water twice a day during the summer? Wow! That would never happen around here.

Nancy - Enjoy your weekend filled with races.

Bill - How nice that the Indians took such good care of you both. Plus a smoke free casino. Nice! I wonder if the Tampa casino has done the same thing. Last time we were there, a few years ago, you could smell the smoke all the way out into the parking lot. One of the reasons we've never gone back. Wish Rita an extra happy birthday from me.

Lee - Glad Lu-Ann had a nice birthday. You sure are ambitious early in the morning with your walks with Ava and then working on the shed with the rest of the crew.

Time for my cardiologist visit report. It's good news/bad news ... Bad news first - I still have to wear this albatross around my next until after the ECHO cardiogram. Good news is that it will be done July 3rd. Then I have to wait to get the results at my next appointment with the cardiologist. That's the good news part - Originally the gal setting up the appointments told me that the soonest she could schedule me for that visit was SEPTEMBER 9th!!!!! I was ready to have a fit. There was no way I was going to wear this d*mn vest for an extra 2 MONTHS. When she printed out the sheet with appointments, it showed that I had scheduled another appointment 3 months ago for July 10th. So I don't have to wait 2 extra months for the results. Like I said good news/bad news. It is what it is, I guess.

Absolutely nothing going on around here today. Bert's still hurting. I had Missy pick up some Salonpas for him to put on is boo boo. She didn't get the one I wanted her to get though. I told her to get the one with lidocane, but she just got the regular one. Bert's going to try it today to see if heat will help. Ice didn't do any good. Unfortunately, doctors today will not prescribe any pain killers, so Bert has to suffer with whatever until the muscle heals.

Well, I see that it's just about lunchtime, so I better get off here and see what we have to eat. Have a wonderful day, everyone, no matter what you're doing.

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OK, so the OGC's have knocked off a tad before 12:00. It's getting warm and none of us does warm all that well. The "kit" Linda ordered comes with very poor plans and lumber. It's like a puzzle. It's up to us to figure out what goes where and to cut everything to length. Doug and I had already done the floor. So, this morning we got the shorter side walls cut and assembled. Then we did the back wall. A couple of the pieces are just tacked in place because once we get the front wall done we need to run the four 12 ft roof joists from front to back. I reckon that will take care of tomorrow.
Generous slots in a smoke free environment AND Rita's birthday! What a great weekend Bill!

Well Pat, it is a good news bad news thing. But it's more important that they keep an eye on you even if the albatross is a pain in the, well, everywhere. I sure hope the stuff gives Bert some relief. The stuff being either the Salonpas OR the wine.
Thanks for the link to the article Nancy. That's quite a feat when you think about it. Adapting to two completely different race cars after 500 miles in the lighter and faster of the two!
Ding Dong cake Kathie! Now THAT sounds darned good to me. I bet the family is eagerly waiting for the delivery Corsair to show up.
OK, time to gather up my sweetie and head to the grocery store.
Be good folks.



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Lee: That’sone big “SheShed”! Is she going to have a BAR and couch & small table and microwave, small wine cooler, etc, etc. Maybe a Murphy Bed in case she can’t make it back to the house! Ha ha. Looks great so far.
The Ding Dong cake will have to wait until tonight or tomorrow to get made. :chef:

I decided to start to trim the shrubs in the backyard while the temps were still not in the 80’s!
Got 8 out of 18 done and then COMMON SENCE kicked in and I quit for the day. There’s always tomorrow or another day. Neighbors DO NOT JUDGE how it looks 1/2 finished. It’s like a cemetery back here Everyone must have gone UP NORTH to their cottages! :D

Pat: Glad the wine is coming soon! Wine and Salonpas should help numb Bert’s pain.
I have a bottle full of PAIN pills from my surgery. Never took any, but like DAVE…I’ll save them until they expire just in case I might need them.

Pat we spent way too much money on plants last year and had no choice but to water multiple times some days. Wised up this year big time! :emoticon 0122 itwasntme:

I have a story to tell you all, but it will have to wait until tonight.

Have a good day all. It’s just perfect here right now.

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The shed is 8 ft x 12 ft Kathie. Big enough for Linda to store her lawn tractor and seasonal furniture. We are building a 4 ft x 8 ft shelf across the back wall to give her more storage.
I'm waiting for your story.
I hope it's not sad.

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Lee - That shed is really looking great. You guys are doing a fantastic job!!

Wine got delivered bright and early this afternoon.

Bert's using the Salonpas and he said it is feeling a bit better. He was ready to go to Sam's until I reminded him that this is a holiday weekend and that place would be a madhouse for sure. Actually, telling him that, I was cutting off my nose to spite my face, as the saying goes. At least it would have been out. I am so bored, it isn't even funny. With nothing to do and nowhere to go, this sucks. Trouble is, I am a people person (that's a teacher thing) and not seeing anyone or going anywhere is totally against my nature.

Guess it's time for another glass of wine and see if there's anything to watch on TV.

Have a good evening, everyone.


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Good evening!

Bill, please wish Rita a very Happy Birthday from me! Glad to hear the trip to the casino was a successful one, those visits are usually pretty rare.

Pat, bummer you haven't gotten sprung from the albatross yet, but hopefully you won't have to wear it much longer. I bet about now Bert is wishing he HAD broken something instead of pulling or spraining something. Hope he feels better soon!

Kathie, glad to hear you took a break from trimming bushes, you might want to consider a nice Epson salt soak yourself tonight to ward off any sore stiff muscles!

Dave, do we need to start a Go Fund Me for you & Kathi to pay the grocery bill on filling the new fridge? Nice that it actually got delivered early!

Lee, that is a fine looking shed you & the OGC's are building, and nope at our age working in the heat of the day is NOT in our best interests!

Went to Barb's this morning & moved her chair into the house she bought last week and then repotted a jasmine plant she has. Also brought home a couple of her old flower pots to repaint & put new drought resistant flowers in because she never remembers to water stuff. She sent me home with a hamburger & bun & homemade potato salad. I had picked up 4 ears of corn from Aldi's so I took 2 of them to her & had the other 2 with my burger and everything was Delicious!!
Nothing much else on tap for the weekend, church tomorrow & then Monday afternoon they are having an ice cream social at the clubhouse so I'll probably go to that.
Tom ended up selling the curio cabinet I listed on FB for him for $5 more than I listed it for. The people only had a $100 so when Tom went to make change the guy said just give him a $20. I should have told Tom that was my commission.


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Good evening. Well the cars never got on the track today. It started raining at the time the Xfinity race was to start and there is so much they canceled practice and qualifying for Cup. So they have set the starting line up for tomorrow and the Xfinity race is Monday at noon And today was supposed to be the All Drivers, with Cup drivers doing all the reporting but they did keep them busy for the whole time until they went to reruns.

The subs came out good. and have enough for another dinner.


Yesterday I could bend my right index finger and can't today. Maddening.

All have a good night.


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Bill; To me, anytime we come home from a casino with the same amount of money we went with, it's a good day.

Getting your wine BB takes some of the sting out of having to wear that life-vest until around July 3rd.

Thanks for the picture of the shed, Lee. It's always fun seeing the stages of a house or shed as its' built. I see it's got a wooden floor, as most of them do. I have a cement slab under ours, and it's hard to find a shed designed without a wooden floor. So I had our nephew/contractor build it, just so I didn't have to have a ramp on it. Too many riding mowers bottom out going into the shed. (You may want to check the angle of the ramp to match how low that lady's rider is.)

Good thinking K2, you're showing your smarts; Only trimming 8 of the 18 shrubs. And holding on to unused pain pills for when you really need them.

Barb sure gives you exercise, KC. Congrats on the curio cabinet sale.

Picture perfect weather on this Memorial Day Weekend for the granddaughters to plant posies yesterday. When they were done they decided to put up a bunch of my small American flags around them. Looks good.


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Good morning. Right now it is a very nice day but supposed to rain later. Will be putting ribs in the crock pot soon, they will be ready about 6 pm.

Will watch the Indy 500 and then the Coca Cola 600.

All have a great day.


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Good Sunday Morning. Church services for 4 Serbian Churches are going to be at the Festival Picnic Grounds somewhat in the country. (somewhat..... because things are building up around the picnic grounds fast) NO I AM NOT GOING! Ha Ha.

70F already and Sunny. Not sure how many shrubs will get trimmed today. But I'm not pushing it.
Got 2 - pans in the oven with cake batter in them. Finally trying to get this CAKE done and over with. Multi tasking. The cake has to cool, so I'll do some shrubs after it gets done.

Okay the story is SAD.

#1 My brother that lives in Chicago area fell out of his wheelchair. They will not restrain him so he doesn't slip out of the chair.... against the law. They can't even use SIDE-RAILS on a bed for patients these days. If you roll out of bed... TOO BAD FOR YOU. Dumb LAW.

Anyways, he went to the hospital 2 times and he has a fractured knee. BED REST for 6-8 weeks. He'll go out of his mind being in bed that long. Then what little strength he has will be gone. It's a sad situation. At least the Assisted Living place he is in can care for him in his apartment and he doesn't have to go to another facility.

#2: My sister-in-law that was in the horrible accident and is finally home "for awhile" had to go to emergency the other day.
Cardiac Arrest. Her blood pressure was at 200! Yikes. She has so much on her mind I'm surprised she is still alive. Has to sell the house and move in with her daughter because she can't get around properly yet and is running out of money to pay for my brothers SELF PAY residence. $96,000 a year. Her leg is still not totally healed.
On top of that the hospital said she has Kidney failure going on. She was retaining PEE big time and that's what caused the blood pressure issue. It never ends for them.
Say a prayer for both of them if you get a chance. Thanks.
Count your blessings after reading something like this.

Life throws out a lot of lemons, but these two are just getting too much lately.

I'll be back later.

Lee: Thanks for the
explanation on the She Shed. I think in our area you have to have a RAT WALL and cement floor for any big outdoor sheds.
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Good morning Unlike Nancy, we are not expecting any rain today through Tuesday. There's not a cloud in the sky, so it will be a great day to go sit on the lanai and read.

Karen - You sure were busy will all you did for Barb yesterday. I like the idea of drought resistant plants. I wish I had more of them on the lanai, especially since Bert hasn't been able to water anything. A few of the plants are looking very sad and droopy. Wesley is coming over in a little while to earn some gas money. I got a plumeria from a friend for my birthday and we want him to plant it on the side of the house. I think I'll also have him water everything outside while he's here.

Nancy - Enjoy your ribs. We baked 2 whole racks of ribs the other day for dinner Friday night. Everything got eaten. They were fall of the bone tender and very meaty. I think today I'm going to make parmesan crusted chicken with fettuccine alfredo and mixed veggies. Being tomorrow is traditional kick off of the summer season, we're going to BBQ Jenni-O turkey burgers. That will be something new for us.

Dave - Glad the grandkids got the flowers planted. It's nice to have laborers built into the family, isn't it?

Kathie - OMG! Your poor brother & sister-in-law! I will definitely keep them in my prayers. Alright, I'll bite - What the heck is a RAT WALL??????? We know about your DOOR WALL (a sliding glass door to the rest of us), but never heard of one for rats. Explain, please.

Just heard from Wesley. He's on his way over. He REALLY wants that gas money bad, I guess. He's going to a concert tonight in Orlando and will be taking pictures of the band. He's a great photographer and bands do employ him to do pictures during performances. When he lived in Texas, he did a lot of photography of bands and, believe it or not, FOOD! He worked for one of those micro-breweries and would photograph their food specials for them.

Time for a cup of coffee while we wait for Wes.


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Good morning!

Kathie, so sorry to hear about your brother & Sil! We went thru the same things when Dad was in the nursing home, he would fall out of bed & they could do nothing about it! At least the 2nd place he was in would put his bed down to the floor so he wouldn't fall out.

Dave, I miss those days when my nieces were little & were always so happy to come over & "work" at my house. Even making the bed was fun at Auntie Karen's.

Pat, your dinner sounds so good! I'm having leftover Chinese food, this will be my 3rd meal from it since Thurs. the place Jane & I order from gives you so much food in there lunch specials it's crazy
How cool that Wes get's to take pic's for bands, now if he got paid that would be even better!

No clue what I'm going to be doing today, but pretty sure pool time isn't going to be on the list, it was 58 degrees here this morning. Nice & sunny but still cool, I should go work on the patio some.

Just saw where Daniel Boones sidekick Ed Ames passed away, he was 95 & I still remember him on that show

I'll tell you what, my new church doesn't waste anytime getting new members involved once they decide to join. A lady came up this morning & asked if I was going to be there for Father's Day, when I said yes she asked if I could make a breakfast casserole for the Father's breakfast. I said sure, no problem. Then later on another lady asked if I would help her during the service to take the offering & elements to the altar for the priest, that was scary cause I had no idea what to do or how to do it but at least I didn't drop anything going up the aisle.
Talked to Amanda Friday night, hadn't talked with her in a while, she is still having her up's & downs with the liver transplant but she takes it all in stride.
Now I need to figure out something to eat, we had coffee & cupcakes after church today but my tummy says that isn't enough