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Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. We are checking out an Irish Pub later today with our friends Rich & Dianne. Will let you know our opinion on their corned beef and cabbage and probably a Guinness two.
No movies
currently showing that seem to interest either Rita or me, BB so I guess we will have to wait until we get home, unless there is something of interest showing on our flight home. Still waiting to hear a definite date that our car will be picked up.
Rita's youngest niece had her baby recently and since it was born on Rita's mother's birthday the baby's middle name will honor her great grandmother.
Temps yesterday were just about perfect but the heat is due to return today followed by a few days of rain and perhaps a thunderstorm or two.


3rd Officer
Quick check in to wish you all a Happy St. Pat's day!! No corned beef, cabbage or green beer for me thank you very much!

Pat, I just have to ask, WHY is Jimmy's party being held at your house when M&J have a brand new house of their own? I'm guessing because it's a surprise, but still your family is convinced you run a B& B or Party Central.

Lee, good luck on your heart test, hard to believe Tiff is 16 already, but then again my great niece Samantha will be 18 in July. These kids need to slow down & quit getting so old, lol

Kathie, hope the bad weather holds off till you get home from the eye Dr. appt. You had asked about people moving in & out here, that doesn't happen a lot, mostly the only way people leave is because they die or end up in a nursing home. Betty was a renter & her landlord decided to sell her place.

Dave, you crack me up with your grocery shopping, I'm more of get in & get out kind of shopper when it comes to groceries, and actually the older I get the less interested I am in wandering around any stores to be honest.

Bill, hope your dinner out tonite is a good one. How neat that the new baby was born on her great grandma's birthday!

Yesterday was drop off day for Scooter for her blood pressure testing & also a recheck on her UTI, haven't heard anything back from the Dr. yet so not sure how the meds are working. She did lose a little weight so that's not good.

Still busy getting ready for my company next week and I have decided after they leave I am going to do a MAJOR sort & toss of my craft closet and my linen closet! So much stuff in both of them that I just never use anymore, time to let it go!

A’Burg Guy

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Ireland. Because its capital is always “Doublin’”.
Getting all of their tiny seatbelts done up.


3rd Officer
Got a call from the vet a little while ago, Scooter's UTI is all cleared up. Her blood pressure however is not responding to the liquid meds she's been on for the last month. I told the vet that was probably because it's next to impossible to get a full dose into her.....soooo we are going back to a combination of 2 pills and try that again and see how she does. The vet did say it may just come down to controlling it as best we can without focusing so much on the "numbers"

Also got final inspection on the roof yesterday & it passed, and tonite the inspector they hired called me to set up the wind mitigation inspection, that's set now for Thurs. afternoon. Now I need to get over to their office next week & pay them


Wacky Wabbit
GROAN on your St Patty's Day jokes LEE! ;) :emoticon 0100 smile:
Like BB mentioned.......we need a picture of Tiff. And if you find one of her when she was 10 yrs old we could stand to see that to compare how fast she grew up.

Karen: Good going on getting inspections passed. Hope the WIND MITIGATION passes too.
I think the Vet has the best idea. Just get what meds you can down Scooter. Hopefully, whatever you get into her it will be better than nothing.

We got our TAX REFUND in the checking acct yesterday. Not as much as some years, but still better than paying.

The new eye surgeon was 110% better than the 1st Dr I went and saw. Easy to talk to and did a heck of a lot more checking than he did. Also, one of the things the other Dr said could improve my overall vision she didn't agree with. I asked the question in a way that I didn't reveal what he had said. Her FEE is more expensive, but she is also doing more work than he would have been doing. All I paid today was a Co-Pay office visit. Now I just need to do a tad more online research regarding the procedures she explained to me.
She is booked 6 weeks out right now. That works for me just fine.

We didn't have any Corned Beef or Cabbage on this FINE ST Patty's Day. Instead it was homemade BEAN and Ham soup that I had frozen. Man you just got love having those quick meals that you make and freeze on hand. We both took 2 Beano Anti-Gas pills before we dug into the yummy soup! Not taking any chances.
blue bear love GIF by Evan M Cohen

Negc: Our Michigan State - Spartans moved on today after a close WIN. IZZO the coach was so ticked at his team at one point he BROKE the PLAY BOARD in half over his knees! OUCH! Nice thing is that after he did that the team started to SHAPE UP and won the game! They play again on Sunday.

BB: I know you LOVE to entertain, but please be careful not to over do this Surprise B-Day party. Wonder how the conversation will go when Gary and Elaine finally show up. I'm putting my money on them being NO SHOWS! :emoticon 0122 itwasntme: And you better be watching that SALT INTAKE GIRL. We don't need you checking into your favorite Hospital!!

Nancy: Hope your neck and hands , etc are feeling a tad better. Just amazing that the doctors can't get you some relief. Seems like those therapy visits are doing more harm than good. Take care.

Dave: I stopped into the Krogers last night on the way home from Choir practice and picked up 5 items and some bananas and thought I would go through the SELF-CHECK OUT lane. NOPE.....they were all closed. They had ( 1 ) cashier ringing up orders. I was 5th in line. And 2 ladies had baskets that were OVER-FLOWING with groceries. I looked at this guy that was just getting into the line and his eyebrows went up when he saw the line. I just pulled out of line and left my 5 items in the basket. (nothing perishable) and drove towards home to the New Meijers by our sub. Got the same 5 items and they had 15 self serve check outs open, and 2 regular check outs with a cashier at them. I went to one of those and was done and in my car before I knew it.
And by the way, I grabbed a new brand of Ice Cream....PURPLE COW. It was ON SALE! Called: Salty Toffee Caribou. It was better than Nestles brand of the same flavor. Very creamy.


Okay Wrabbits, I'm out of here for tonight. Temps are dropping fast. We never got any snow today. The sun is actually shining right now.

Funeral for the Priest that passed away. It will be a LONG 2 hr Service. There's a service tonight in church, but I passed on that. It was at 6:00 pm. No way was I going through rush hour traffic to make it there in time. And our priest already told us we weren't going to be singing any responses tonight. I guess there's quite a few priest coming from out of town Serbian churches and they'll be doing the singing. Whew!



3rd Officer
Morning Bunnies! Hope you all had a good Saint Patrick's Day. I got a kick out of the Catholic Church giving people permission to eat corned beef yesterday, even though it was a Friday. Does that mean that they think God is Irish?

Anyone wake up with a green tongue from a few pints of green beer last night?

Loved your Irish jokes Lee. Especially the one about tiny seatbelts.

Good thinking K2 on taking your Beano tablets. You know what they say about people our age should never trust a fart. Nice to hear that your Spartans are still in the basketball playoffs. Of the tens of millions of people that filled out brackets, there's less than 800 that are still in the running because of all the upsets.

I had a feeling KC that your new roof would pass inspection, after all the good things you've said about your roofer. Been meaning to ask you how old Scooter is, since she's been having so many medical problems.

BB; How long will it be before you start renting out your house as a party center? So, did you ever get up at the Grille and dance a jig last night?

Other than my own, I only remember the birth date of one of my daughters, without looking it up. Why? It's on
Saint Patrick's Day.



3rd Officer
2 minutes ago#1
Good morning. Will be watching NASCAR today and this evening we are going out to dinner.

Had to put the AC on last evening as the temp in the house had risen to almost 80. And right now it is 79 outside.

All have a great day.

Bellalago Belle

2nd Officer
Good afternoon, everyone!

I'm waiting for Gary to arrive. He needs to pick something up in Orlando, so he invited himself for some leftover corned beef & cabbage. Goodness knows, we have plenty, so can use the help consuming it.

Karen - Sounds like Scooter is just being Scooter. How old is she now? Glad your roof passed inspection and hope the wind part does as well. We've got to go look for a new insurance company also. We just got the bill and they raised our insurance over $1,400! It's going to cost over $4,000 a year!!!!!! Come Monday Bert will start his quest. I thought he had already started, but now he really has an incentive.

Lee - Loved your jokes. There's a ton of Irish jokes out there and they're all pretty funny. So what are you doing with Tiff today? Whatever it is, have fun!

Dave - No dancing a jig last night, but lots of singing and having fun.

Kathie - Good luck with that 2 hour funeral mass tomorrow. I hope you don't have to stand the whole time. Congrats on getting your tax refund. Wish we were that lucky. Now we have to pay quarterly taxes. My teacher's pension is the only one that can have taxes deducted and apparently no matter how much we increase the deduction, it's not enough.

Bill - So how was the corned beef and cabbage at the pub last night? That was the featured dish at the Grille too and boy, am I glad I didn't order it. It was just way too dark and the corned beef looked more like goulash! Definitely not very appetizing.

Nancy - I have to agree with Kathie in that what your doctors are doing is causing you more pain. Enjoy your race today.

OK, time for my tale of Pat the Putz ... Seems like last night after we got home, I was heading for the family room and got twisted up with the walker and the oxygen life. Of course, I did the only reasonable thing - I fell!! Aside from the fact that my finger was bleeding really badly, I also couldn't get up, even with Bert's help. Made a call to Missy and she and Wesley came over right away. They got me up and then helped to clean up the crime scene. There was a lot of blood on the rug in the family room for them to work on. We really need to rent a rug shampooer to do a better job.
Biggest problem is that it's my right thumb that got cut. Do you have any idea how much you rely on that finger to do things? Take my word for it - a lot! It kept waking me up all night and is hard to hit the space bar on the computer. Like I said, I was a real putz.
Can't wait to go to the Irish whiskey tasting tonight. We'll be with the same people as last night, so you know I am going to have to explain what happened a few times before the tasting is over.

I see Gary just pulled in the driveway, so it's time for me to get off here for now. Have a wonderful Saturday, gang!


Wacky Wabbit
Oh Pat ….OUCH on your cut finger/thumb! What are we going to do with you girl?
Buy one of those small BISSEL CANISTER PET SHAMPOO cleaners.

The 2 hour funeral service turned into 3 hours. :eek: Then we went to the cemetery and it was WINDY, 2OF and close to zero with the WIND CHILK FACTOR! Then we went to the Memorial Luncheon! I got home at 4:00. Crazy long day.

There were 13 priests and a full Coach BUS of parishioners from Pennsylvania where he was a priest for 37 yrs before retiring. Nice send off.
If you can enlarge the picture you’ll see the TOTALLY OPEN COFFIN. They do this for priests. Don’t as me why!

Sunday it will be 12 degrees here. Yikes. I blame LEE for coming home too early from Florida. Ha ha.

Phone is running out of power. Be back later.



3rd Officer
And to think, just last week at this time we were beginning to adjust to the time change. The Oscar's were coming up. And we KNEW that our favorite college basketball team couldn't be knocked off in the early rounds of March Madness.

How our focus can change in just a week. WHO just might be arrested this week?

BB; Are we going to see your house featured on one of those police dramas as a crime seen soon. Just consider yourself lucky on your fall that you didn't break anything, including your thumb. What exactly cut into it to cause all the bleeding?

WOW, a 3 hour funeral service, K2!!! I don't have the legs or the time for that long of one. I've got too much sinning to do. Happy for you that your new eye doctor is as nice as you expected her to be.

Hoping all you Bunnies have a relaxing and fun Sunday.


3rd Officer
WOW, K2 a three hour service is too long for me and I don't care for open coffin. As a child went to a Great Aunt's funeral and her coffin was open during the service, I remember going up to see her and I am glad that it did not take too long for that memory to go away.

Dinner last night was again very good. There was a guy at the table that is allergic to shrimp so the chef did not cook the seafood until the end so there would not be any cross contamination. Both of us brought home some food so I know that will be my lunch today.

Main plan for today is to watch the Cup race.

All have a great day.


Wacky Wabbit
Happy Sunday GIF by bluesbear
Bright, Sunny and 28F here! Brrr.

I got to sleep in today! Still trying to catch up from a week of doing too much!

Dave: Imagine that the choir loft DOE NOT HAVE PEWS TO SIT IN! We STAND! We have bought some Samsonite padded folding chairs that seem to finally get used more than past years. But after standing for decades your body just knows when you walk up those stairs or take the ”chair lift up” you’ll be standing!

As for the March Madness thousands of bets went down the drain when a few teams failed to advance. Our Mich State SPARTANS play today at around 5:30pm. Help cheer us on to a win!
Somebody just joined in.


Wacky Wabbit
BB: Hope today is going to be a Super FUN day over at your ‘Party Rental’ home. Have Missy take some pics and post them for us. And for heavens sake LET THE FAMILY DO MOST OF THE WORK!
I need to go to the local Italian market to buy some BUTTER they have on sale for $2.99 a pound. Great price these days.

Also want to swing by Costco later today closer to closing time to cash our REWARD CHECK! Somebody mentioned that Costco might start doing DIRECT DEPOSIT of the REWARD MONEY. Great idea. They have t have THOUSANDS of dollars at all their stores this time of the year to hand out and that to me is not only dangerous to Costco, but also the neighborhood robbers know folks might be walking out of the store with lots of CASH IN THEIR POCKETS! Not good.

Lee: How’s things been going with your HOUSE GUEST? I wish it was a little warmer for you guys, but kids don’t seem to mind the cold as much as us older folks. Hope that Ava is enjoying her company.
KC: What’s going on in your neck of the woods? Did you get some more “STUFF” pitched? Once you get done at your lace I could use the HELP here. I just gotta bite the bullet and start pitching. Garage sales just don’t make it around here. We’re too deep into the subdivision and the average person won’t follow the SIGNS AND TURNS to get to the house. Drives me crazy. Ha ha. And the second reason I‘m not into garage sales as I was decades ago is people want EVERYTHING FOR JUST ABOUT FREE!
Negc: Are you still in the running with your March Madness Brackets?

I’m off to get a coffee refill and the. CONTINUE TO DO NOTHING! Ha ha.

I do need to go and get that butter that is ON SALE!

Go Green….Go SPARTANS!

Bellalago Belle

2nd Officer
Good morning and happy LAST DAY of winter!

Kathie - You're a better person than I am to stand for a 3 hour service in church. I too dislike an open coffin. Just plain creepy to me.
Glad you like the new eye doctor. What kind of surgery are you talking about anyway? I seem to have missed that information somewhere along the way, if you had explained it to us.
I see you just popped in while I'm typing. The surprise birthday party is NEXT Saturday night. I think we've finally got all the details of who's bringing what and who's doing what to get ready for the party. Have no fear. Aside from fixing or supervising the fixing of a few things, I'm planting my butt in a chair and acting like one of the guests. Which technically, I am!!

Dave - Nothing tore up my thumb. I just have really really thin skin. My skin will tear or I will get a bruise by barely touching me. My arms are usually a bruised mess. Right now from the cut on my thumb, I have a bruise that extends down further than my wrist! When I'm in the hospital for a few days, my arms will be black & blue right up to my elbow. They'll look like a map of the world showing all the water! LOL

Nancy - Glad you had a nice dinner. Enjoy your race today.

Our Irish whiskey tasting last night was pretty good. There were 5 whiskeys with 5 food pairings with them. There was a potato leek soup that was to die for and some really delicious Irish cheeses. I'd love to know where to get them. Dinner finished with a cup of Irish coffee, of course. Unfortunately, it came too soon after all that food and sort of upset my stomach. Same thing happened to Wesley. He and Missy came back to the house where Bert and Missy proceeded to have 2 cups of my version of Irish coffee. I just couldn't have any. Maybe tonight though? Who Knows!

Not a lot going on here today and that's good. After a very pleasant day in the low 80s yesterday, we'll be lucky to hit into the mid 60s with lots of clouds and the chance of rain somewhere along the line. I need to make a list of the things I need for the party next week in the food department. Also want to go to the Dollar Tree and pick up some cheap plastic trays to put food out on. I refuse to use our good crystal ones for fear something might get broken. Most everything Missy plans to use is disposable, so that's a good thing.

Time now for a cup of coffee and to read the Sunday newspaper and see what DeathSantis is up to now. He comes up with now ideas, none of which helps anyone and is managing to make Florida the worst place in America to live, especially if you are a female!

Have a good one and stay warm, everyone ... Spring will be here tomorrow!!!!


Chief Security Officer
St.Patrick's Day dinner was just ok, nothing to write home about. The pub was very busy and what was supposed to be a half hour wait turned into more than an hour, partly due to two yahoos who decided to stay seated and talking in their booth long after they had finished their food and drink. Finally one of the waitresses had to go over and ask them to leave. Fairly young fellows who were oblivious to the crowd of people waiting to be seated. As to the meal itself, the corned beef brisket was quite good but I can't say the same about the carrots, potatoes, or especially the cabbage. Only had one Guinness but it was good as expected.
I'm still in the running in the March Madness pool, K2. There are only 11 people in the pool and as of this morning, I have moved up from 11th to 8th and my pick to win the whole thing, Alabama, is still undefeated while at least four of my competitors have already had their pick for #1 eliminated. When you consider how little I know about college basketball teams, I guess I am doing pretty well.
Made our hotel and flight arrangements to go home April 1st. Will need to be out of here and stay at a hotel in Orlando on the 31st but I had enough frequent flyer points and Marriott rewards points to pretty much cover both the hotel and the airfare.
There is an interesting Celebrity Cruiseline repositioning cruise from Boston to Ft. Lauderdale next year that goes to Bermuda, Curaçao, Aruba, and Bonaire and ends in Ft. Lauderdale. Seems a long way off but the price was quite good and we love the itinerary. Of course we still have the Greenland cruise and the family Christmas cruise before then.
Sorry to read about your mishap, Pat and glad that Missy and Jimmy could get to your house quickly to help you and Bert. At our age it seems that falls are our biggest concern.

Bellalago Belle

2nd Officer
Bill - Sorry your St Paddy's Day dinner wasn't better. What was wrong with the potatoes, carrots and cabbage? Just curious. If I was into basketball, I too would have picked Alabama (Go SEC!!). Maybe we can get together again for dinner on the 31st. We don't have to go to DeCarlo's, as there's a lot of good restaurants over near the airport. Think about it, depending on what time you get up to this area.

I think we have hit our high point on weather today -59 chilly degrees. Had some soup for lunch. It felt good on a day like today.


3rd Officer
In the last minute of the Spartans game last night I leaned over and said to Kathi, "I wonder if K2 is about to pee herself.".
Congratulations on Michigan State's win!

Bill; Even us blind squirrels of basketball, find a nut once in a while.

You're better than me BB. If I had the number of people you are planning having over to your house for the B-Day party, I'd go somewhere else for a few hours. I'm just NOT into crowds.

I'm running real low on gas this morning.......So I'm going back to bed.


A’Burg Guy

2nd Officer
Good morning. HAPPY SPRING!

Time to start to get back to normal now Tiff is safely home. She was supposed to get in about 9:45 pm but delays on the rails meant she didn’t get in until almost 11:00. It was really nice to have her visit but not being used to a teenager, the constant use of cell phones, sleeping until 10:00 - that’s 10:00 AM! - I found tough to work around. But it was certainly great to see her and spend some time with her. She wants to come back in the summer when we have nicer weather.
You have all had your ups and downs. In your case Pat, literally! Hope you have no bumps or bruises showing up after the tumble.
I’m going to get going here. Dentist tomorrow and I need to pick up the stupid antibiotics today that I have to take since the heart thing. Wednesday Lu-Ann and I have a meeting with a PD group in Farmington Hills, MI to she if she’s a suitable candidate for one of their trials. No, we don’t have the same support and trials here! :mad:
Everyone stay safe and well.
See you later.