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Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

As our weekend comes to a close, allow me to share a special song that made ShipMaven think of her days on her beloved RMS Queen Elizabeth. "Five Minutes More" was the second-to-last song played by the orchestra every night on this, her favorite ship of all time, her Lizzie. ("Goodnight Sweetheart" followed it.) What an appropriate title for how we are all feeling right now. RIP, dear friend, and thank you for everything.



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Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

Good night Charles! I'll handle drinks for my crew and anyone else who strolls in before I have to give up and go to bed. Many thanks for hosting Open House with Horhei, and I know our Mary Ann would approve.


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Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

Hi, I hope I'm not late I would love a Vanilla Latte.


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Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

I got it for ya John.. I think Charles went to bed. He did a great job today.

J.E. M.

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Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

Thanks Charles for all you hard work.
Hooked, I have a bucket of beers if you are still tending bar.


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A Late Posting on Mary Ann


I realize this is a late posting but, Joe and I just returned last night (Sunday) from being on a cruise. It was a cruise that Mary Ann had arranged for us. When we received word aboard ship about Mary Ann, needless to say, devasted was an understatement on how it affected us. It was very difficult sitting in our cabin with all the decorations, flowers and such that came from Mary Ann.
I slowly put the roses into the sea as I said prayers. This was my way to make tribute to her love of the sea and to comfort me.

There are "Special" people we meet thoroughout our lives who make a difference. Mary Ann was one of those "Special" people.

I have heard it said that Mary Ann had no one, no family. That was not true. She had hundreds of children from all over the world, especially her Cruise Addicts Family who she loved. We were her family.

Mary Ann wasn't only our TA she was a very dear personal friend. She was the most unselfish, kind and caring person I have ever met. She was always the first to reach out to help any of her children in time of health issues, deaths, saving animals, happy events. moral support and keeping cruise addicts going. Mama Duck was an appropriate name for her. As she always did her best to protect and make life easier for her little duckies. To me, Mary Ann was "The Lady With The Heart Of Gold".

Who can ever foret her love of pets especially her beloved Pucci and the love of the Sea. Thanks to Mary Ann those loves brought so many of us together to form a strong and lasting friendship.

I feel an empty void in my life with her gone. Even though it was too short of time on earth, I thank God that I was blessed and fortunate to have had Mary Ann in my life.

Knowing Mary Ann the way liked to take charge, I would say that God as a Special assignement for her. I can just visualize her being the "Head Escort" in Heaven. It gives me great comfot to know when it comes my time to leave this earth that Mary Ann will be waiting to escort me to my place above.

Mama Duck, THANK YOU, for everything you have done for so many. We love and will miss you terribly!!!!!


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Re: A Late Posting on Mary Ann

I keep thinking I have no tears left, and then they start to flow again.............


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Re: A Late Posting on Mary Ann

Beautiful sentiments Gram. We also just returned from a cruise that Mary Ann booked for us, and of course, everything was perfect. As was she. Our loss will be felt for many years to come. May you rest in peace, Mary Ann.


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Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

Just don't post the ones of our "stroll" around the deck. What were we thinking ...?

Now I'm curious...



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Re: A Late Posting on Mary Ann

Very nice. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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Re: A Late Posting on Mary Ann

Very well said.



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Re: A Late Posting on Mary Ann

Very beautiful Gram. How wonderful you were able to put those roses our to sea with your prayers for her. What an appropriate thing to do. Our hearts are still heavy here at Cruise Addicts. She was a wonderful lady.