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Re: A Late Posting on Mary Ann

that was very nice gram. Did you have get permission to put roses into the sea I would like to do that on our cruise.


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Re: A Late Posting on Mary Ann

Thank you Gram for so eloquently putting into words how much Mary Ann means to you, you've expressed how many of us feel about our Mama Duck. I really like your vision of her being our Hostess in Heaven.


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Re: A Late Posting on Mary Ann

As everyone else has said, that was perfect. I can't imagine how it was for you and Corky to be on cruises that Mary Ann booked!


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Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2



Thank you very much for those wonderful memories.


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Re: A Late Posting on Mary Ann

Hugs to you Evie! We've been sharing many for the past week and I know you need some too!

Thank you for posting your loving memories and thoughts about our dear Mary Ann. It is never too late to share loving memories. We were so blessed to have had Mary Ann in our lives.


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Re: Weekend Open House - Part 2

Calgon, I do NOT know what we were thinking . . . .But now that you say that . . . .Funnel may need to see one. But he will have to wait until I get back home from work to share. . . .


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Re: A Late Posting on Mary Ann

Gram - What a beautiful tribute to Mary Ann and nice words for us to read here, remembering how very special she was.

The tears are flowing yet again...



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Re: A Late Posting on Mary Ann

Why is it that after a week, my mind still can't accept that this happened and that Mary Ann is gone.


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Re: A Late Posting on Mary Ann

Gram, that was beautiful.......and the roses just threw me over the edge. What a magnificent and touching tribute!

Corky...hugs to both you and Gram ..... this news had to have rocked you to the core on your cruises. This loss just cuts so deep for all of us.

Cruise cutie

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Re: Weekend Open House

Got off the phone with Michael last night after almost an hour and a half...............he mentioned this thread, and Blankly I was HUH?????.
I found it...
.lemme tell you at 3AM I just rolled over, and gave up on sleep..been that way lately.................
..I am on my way to work today, and tomorrow, then leaving on a Jet Plane to Phoenix...yes it's been exactly as Michael said.
.Ditto on Mary I just want to say..being able to claim her as "Auntie".was idyllic in that I threatened to fly to Scotsdale -TOO MANY TIMES TO COUNT.!!!!!!!Sigh..and she said YOU BETTER NOT!!!I said..

I can if I want to..OH YEAH!?!... etc etc.....I mean it Auntie..I'll be there, and you are so Busted...
and then next she'd be...You better not Joanne or ELSE!!!!....and it's been that way for years..she had fits to me on my job,hours and so on.... I caught MORE Hell from her than I dare mention....sigh..I already miss her giving me loads of crap weekly...
and believe me she could give it as well as take it..but oh Yeah she ALWAYS was Queen...Mark and Michael had that right on the nose...
the only Cruise we had together was the BEST.I am so lucky we got that one on the books...
..We ADORED THAT Bratty Paesana Woman....Mark is so desolate..she loved Men Best ...(Deb and I accepted it.) she'd be oh yeah and "The Boys"........yes The Boys..( Mark and Michael)....and it was ALWAYS IN QUOTES..:)......

.. while like many families there are a few of my "real relatives"... I'd toss BACK in the ocean with nary a second thought..Mary Ann..she's always to be Auntie now and forever...
now I HAVE to fly to Scotsdale...:(..and I don't want to, but I cannot face the thought of NOT...and so I am sucking it up, tossing on my BIG Girl panties..and sailing forth...I'd be so sorry I don' there....I hate being a grownup this month ;really I simply does not stop.........sigh.....


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Re: Weekend Open House

Joanne, may peace be with you as you journey to AZ; you will be taking a little part of all of us. You are one of the first persons I thought of when I heard this very sad news about our Mary Ann. My sypathies to you and Mark.