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We had a fantastic 57th Anniv dinner tonight. I can’t tell you how absolutely delicious the food guy was and our server, Annie, was outstanding. The Chef (and Art’s bike club friend) really made the evening extra special with all the extra special attention.
Jill & Mark surprised us by calling the restaurant and paying for our drinks, appetizers and Dessert! What great kids! The extra treat from the Chef was the Parmesan Wheel with fettuccine made in it at the table. Nice treat l! It was a fun evening.
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How's a fella suppose to get some sleep around here with that bell ringing?

A rather uneventful day around here yesterday, so not much to gab about. Today should be a repeat.

Bill; I must be missing something. I'd be a bit nervous if icebergs were in the same harbor that my ship was in. What am I missing here?

I sure hope you got that "birthday" celebration dinner in. For everyone's birthdays, BB.

Married 57 years K2? Good show. Now it's just a game of chicken, about outliving your spouse. :)

Wishing all of you Bunnies a good day that leaves you with a smile.



We are seeing plenty of icebergs, Dave, but the Captain is an expert at missing them, so have no fears. At this morning's Captain's Corner he mentioned that between the radar, satellite photos, crew on the bridge looking out for them, and a searchlight at nrtight, they keep track of them and avoid them.
Seas are especially calm today and the Pats/Jets game is scheduled to be on our TVs this afternoon. Took advantage of the extra half hour of sleep this morning so it was the Windjammer for breakfast but the food was very good and the staff in the Windjammer are very solicitous of those of us with mobility issues and quick to carry t our plates to our table and to fetch juice and coffee for us.
Casino was not kind yesterday so I may avoid it for a while.

Congratulations on your 57th anniversary, Kathie and Art. We will reach that milestone next February.


Wacky Wabbit
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“Oh how they danced on the night that they Wed…..etc.
We are still talking about our dinner date celebration last night! Yum! And my “Bourbon Old Fashion” was the best!

Dave: Art loved your comment on the game of outliving each other! :emoticon 0102 bigsmile: Lets hope that is a long time off!

CONGRATS ON “OHIO STATES win yesterday over NOTRE DAM! :clap002:
Nothing to add right now. Hope to take a nice drive as soon as it warm up a tad. 63F and bright and sunny right now.
Bill: Keep having fun and good the ship is avoiding the ICEBERGS.


Bellalago Belle

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Good morning! Woke up to 70 degrees this morning. Not sure we've seen that temp since last spring! It's still going to be a reasonably hot day and hopefully, the rains will hold off.

Bill - Sorry the casino isn't playing nice with you right now. Good idea to stay away for a bit. So not being able to read on your Kindle, what have you been up to all these days on the ship? Are you helping the captain steer clear of the icebergs? Has the dining room food gotten any better?
Lee - You have a good memory. There used to be a Manny's on 192. It's now owned by different people. I was just saying to Bert the other day that I'd like to take a ride and check the place out. I don't even know what the name of it is, so we'd have to actually go there. Biggest problem going there is that you have to go all the way through the Disney vacationers clogging up the roads.
Just made a small charcuterie board yesterday. Didn't wan to ruin anyone's appetite for dinner.

Kathie - Happy anniversary to you and Art. That looked like a great dinner and drink you had. Always nice to celebrate milestones, right?

Dave - The joint birthday celebration was perfect. I even got the famous birthday sundae delivered with 6 spoons. There was plenty for all of us

Our dinner at the REAL Manny's was delicious. First time we've ever gotten a table immediately there without having to wait at least an hour. Easy to see the snowbirds aren't in town yet!! Elaine's 15 year old son & his friend also came for dinner. The two boys shared an 18 oz porterhouse steak. They chose the most expensive thing on the menu - $38.! They ate every drop of it too. We, of course, have leftovers for tonight or tomorrow.

Nothing much going on here today. Hopefully, I'll get some time outside on the lanai before the rains decide to show up.
Time for a cup of coffee and to read the newspaper. Have a super day, everyone!


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Good morning. Won't be going to lunch today as we ate out last night for dinner. So today will be watching the Cup race.

Pat as to the boys ordering the most expensive item at least it was for the two of them and they ate the whole thing so the price was not that bad.

All have a great day.

A’Burg Guy

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That could only be for one sweet couple. Happy Anniversary, albeit belated, Kathie and Art. That serving bowl of a parmigiana wheel was neat!
Glad your dinner at Manny’s was tasty. Lu-Ann thinks the 192 location is now called Route 66.
Geez Bill. With all of the technology available to weather guessers they still can’t get the forecast right. Do you really want to trust them around icebergs?
How many more race weekends for NASCAR Nancy.
I’m willing to bet that our Karen has put in more than a good word or two with “the guy upstairs“.
This is all that is left of two $1.4 million dollar houses about a 10 minute walk from our home. I called them houses because they were not sold, unoccupied and we think built by the builder on spec. That was just before prices plummeted and interest rates went up. If you can imagine our local volunteer basement savers arrived and said that the fires looked suspicious. Do ya think?
As for ”Brittlestar” on Friday evening, he was great. I’d go and see him again. There were only about 40 people in the room - a sell out - and it felt like Stewart was speaking directly to each of us. Which, come to think of it, with a crowd that small he likely was…
Well, back to my regularly scheduled Sunday afternoon of keeping an eye on the NFL and The Buffalo Bills.
Have a fantastic Sunday


My only complaint about the food is the menu selections, not the actual food that we have ordered-just, the limited options. Tonight, however, I would have been happy with any of three of the main courses on the menu. Service in the dining room and the Windjammer has been excellent.
Patriots game wasn't pretty but a win is a win, especially since they were 0-2 coming into today's matchup with the J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets. Today was the 15th straight time the Patriots have beat NYJ. A couple of massacres in today's games - the worst being the Miami and the Kansas City games.
Found a John Irving novel in the ship's library so I have some reading matter for the remainder of our time on board. Weather forecast for tomorrow isn't favorable for venturing out. Fortunately we have been to St.John's a couple of times so won't be too disappointed if we have to stay on the ship.


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Good evening. Other than the race it has been a quiet day. The race was pretty good and I like the driver that won, his win today made number 300 for the team he drives for. Only 6 more races in the season and we won't be able to watch next weeks and may no see the following weeks.

Fixed steak for dinner and if Bruce does not take for his lunch tomorrow the leftover will be part of tomorrow's dinner.

I was looking yesterday at our flight info and for some reason I looked at weight of luggage and for us we have up to 70 lbs so I know we will be okay at 50.Can't print tickets for flying until Tuesday so will do that Tuesday morning and then after we will leave for Tampa.

All have a good night.


Wacky Wabbit
Nice Chatter on here today! Thanks for all the Anniv wishes.

Lee: THANKS so much for the great Anniv video. Too cute! :clap002:He

I’m thinking the builder wanted to recoup his “spec losses” and torching the places works as long as they don’t find the GAS CANS! :icon rolleyes:

BB: Good to know you had a good dinner with the family! And young teenagers can really put away food!
I don’t want to tell you how much a 18oz steak would cost a a restaurant up here! :supris:

Bill: Glad you were able to find a book to keep you busy the next few days. How are the desserts on this cruise?

Boring infor…skip if it gets to be too much!

Art and I decided to drive out to an Open House where Manny was born! 190 mikes round trip!

Brave move!

It was out in the farmlands in mid- Michigan. Not a cloud in the blue sky. Saw some huge beautiful old barns along the way. I have this thing for them
So, we get to the place and after being greeted we got to see the puppies. Lots of puppies. Be STILL MY HEART!
We managed to leave empty handed and with broken hearts too. I wanted them all!
During the Open House 2 families did take their choices home with them. Lucky pups.
I loved a Mini Bernadoodle.
Long story short, we’re just too old for a puppy or any age dog. We had a for for 14 yrs and if we got a puppy now it would most likely OUT-LIVE US! :supris:
Remind me not to do that kind of road trip again!

Here’s what we left behind. Boo hoo.
Let the video play out. It has 2 parts. What a heart breaker pup!


GOOD NIGHT snd thanks for watching!
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Well looky there Bunnies, our favorite NFL teams won yesterday. The Lions, Bills, Patriots, Steelers and Browns. Not too shabby.

Tell me it's not true, Lee. Suspected arson in Canada. You're becoming too Americanized.

BB; Oh to be able to eat as a young person or teenager again and not gain a single ounce.

Any bourbon in the house for other special occasions, K2? Drat, the puppy video says it's no longer available.

And that's it from me this morning.

A’Burg Guy

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Good morning.
Ya, sadly I got the same message for the puppy video. :emoticon 0101 sadsmile:
It’s only suspected arson ‘cause they didn't know how to start a flood Dave.
How far back do we have to look to find an NFL game that featured TEN converted touchdowns by one team?
I may go look. Back later.
Have a good safe day everyone.


Wacky Wabbit
Good morning Wrabbits!
Got some drizzle of rain just in time to keep from having to turn on the sprinklers. What a season. Never turned in the silly grass sprinklers this year! My water bill will still be crazy high when it arrives!

Bummer on you guys not seeing the professional video of the cute puppy we left behind. I CAN SEE IT!

Here are some pics we took.

I have nothing more for you now!

Need to go to The Villages of Rochester Hills to try and find Jill a B-Day gift for tomorrow. We’ll be meeting up for dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. 1 hour from our house!

Bellalago Belle

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Good morning!

Kathie - That video of the puppy was so cute. I would have a problem walking away from that puppy. We got a visit from the puppy next door yesterday afternoon. We were on the lanai and Bert says to me that we now have a dog. I looked and it was this adorable small dog wearing a princess dress!! Bert let her in the lanai and she was so friendly. I'd have kept her in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, she belongs to our new next door neighbors. She got out when no one was looking. I told the owner that she could visit any time. I meant the dog, not the neighbor!! LOL

Lee - What happened to those houses would meet the criteria for "Jewish Lightening" and I don't mean Jewish space lasers! Used to see that a lot up north.
I think Lu-Ann was right about the name of that restaurant. Tried to check them out online, but all their sites are down. Reading reviews, I don't know how they managed to stay in business that long. Many more 1 star reviews that 5 star ones. Not going to be going out of our way to check them out. That's for sure.

Dave - It really was one heck of a day for all our football teams. I guess the stars got in a perfect row to make that happen.

Karen - You home yet? You never said how long the retreat was going to last.

We have an exciting morning ahead of us. We have to go sign our new wills!! How fun is that? About time too. Last will was over 25 years old and lots of stuff didn't apply any longer. Maybe I can convince Bert that we should go out for lunch to celebrate. What do you think my chances are?

I'll be back later ...


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A late good morning. Went and mailed a package of items I bought that are too small so return they go and then went to Publix to see if I could give them a bunch of K2 needles that Bruce ended up not needing and are out of date but our Publix can't but he told me the closest one that can so will take them after we get home.

Found out why we get 70 lbs for our suitcases. It is because 4 of the 6 flights we have first class and first class gets 70 lbs. I'll take it.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a ceramic pumpkin on ETSY for part of Jennifer's birthday gift. It is not being shipped until later this week so I have asked the seller if they can ship it to Mike and he will hold it until Jennifer's birthday. She just replied that she will see if she can do it. I am taking over the 2 boxes I have for her birthday since it is after we get home, I can leave them there.

Cute puppy. We have not had a pet in over 20 years.

Bruce is home today. He mowed and is now working on what is going in his backpack. But all our suitcases are ready. Two full size with our clothes, one carry-on and one for Tampa with our clothes to wear Wednesday.

All have a great day.


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Good morning! Got home last night around 10 pm, it was an amazing retreat, totally unlike any I've ever been to! Met & made a lot of new friends as they mix you up so you aren't only with people from your parish. I did end up having one of my choir mates in my "family" so that was nice. Very long days starting at 6 am & ending around 9:30-10, no watches or phones allowed in the retreat center, so we never knew what time it was until we got back to our rooms. I ended up being one of the few people who did not have a roommate, which was fine with me as I'm a picky sleeper, I need it dark & quiet with no one snoring, lol.
I read thru the past posts but have forgotten most of what I read, except for Wishing Kathy & Art a very happy anniversary, yours's is easy to remember as it's Amanda's birthday!
I still need to unpack, but I think I am going to spend most of today just unwinding & processing all my experiences from the weekend! Catch up with you all tomorrow!


Sounds like you found an excellent church with a great group of fellow parishioners, Karen.
Slept in again this morning but
still managed to grab breakfast in the Windjammer and just had lunch there a while ago. Can't wait to see how much weight I have probably gained on this cruise.
Gray and rainy in St. John's today but we have n here a couple of times so we spent some time in the Vortex on Deck 13, reading. I think a neumber of passengers did the same as the Windjammer was crowded both for breakfast and lunch. We leave around 4:00 pm and have the next two days at sea before arriving back in NJ and subsequently, home.


Wacky Wabbit
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Welcome back to the HUTCH Karen. So glad you had a fantastic 'retreat'! Sometimes it's just so good to do something totally different and that benefits you personally. :emoticon 0115 inlove:

happy test GIF by Hey Duggee
Happy reading! How's the coffee on the ship these days?

I'm on this big computer getting ready to PAY a stack of bills. One was a dozer! Also know as the DENTAL BILL, TIRES and Sump pump back-up battery! ALWAYS SOMETHING. Okay, off of there. These bills aren't going to get paid on their own! Thank goodness I don't have to write them out.



Strangely enough I have found the coffee (decaf) better in the Windjammer than in the dining room, where it tastes stronger than I prefer. I have only had one cappuccino in Lattetudes but it was excellent. We actually get one specialty coffee per day as one of our benefits, but I have only that one time taken them up on that offer. In fact we have yet to reach the limit of six drinks a day provided for pinnacles.
Casino has reverted to being generous so perhaps I won't avoid it as I had planned to over the next two days.
We are getting another 30 minutes of extra
sleep time tonight and will then only be one hour ahead of Eastern time. One more time adjustment before we are home.
Will probably watch some of the NFL games that are on TV tonight. Better that than watching the endless MSNBC promos on that channel or Fox News.