Why don't people post reviews on


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Ok I know that a lot of the groups on this board cruise on Princess, however I have to believe that somebody on this board also cruises on Holland America. Yes Holland America is known for older crowds but the ships do fill up. I also know that many want to cruise on the newest ships but someone must cruise on the older ships. I have been looking for reviews on the Statendam and the Westerdam seeing I am booked on them. I can find reviews on CC but the newest review on the Statendam here is from 2008 and on the Westerdam 2010. I sure would appreciate newer information then that even though I do appreciate that someone posted those reviews.

Why aren't the Holland America passengers posting reviews?

Krazy Kruizers

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I used to do reviews - complete with pictures on 2 cites. But gave it up.

I found this site and another one, hardly anyone read them or made any comments.

On CC -- too many nasty people there that don't like to read if someone mentions one tiny thing wrong with their favorite ship.

So I stopped taking hours putting together reviews.

George C

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I always post a review, last time I checked I only saw 20 somthing review written for the year. Need to visit other boards to get info


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PEB, see your private messages. I was on one of Westerdam's Alaska cruises last summer.