What’s your favorite European country or port?

George C

Staff Captain
Unfortunately I have only done a couple of European ports but just totally love food , history, wine. and culture of Italy , my last European cruise luckily had five stops in Italy , hopefully can visit again soon. Hard to pick a favorite port but love Naples, Venice and Florence. Doesn’t hurt that my grand mother and grand father came from Sicily around 1890.


Food and Beverage Manager- Special Contributor
Stockholm is easiest for me as it's just a 2 hour drive. It's also a nice place where you always are close to water. The archipelago outside of Stockholm is beautiful too. I think though that I like Helsinki the most. Don't know why but it feels like a second home. Have been there many times.
There are some nice places in the Med too, come to think of Positano in Italy, on the Amalfi coast. It's a beautiful place.