The Last Farewell

Mal D. Olive

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As we set sail on what will be the final duck cruise for Judi and me, I put together a special tribute to the Fine Lady responsible for the duck craze from the very beginning.
Knowing how much Mary Ann enjoyed music, I took the liberty of rewriting the lyrics to a song with a nautical theme made Popular By Roger Wittaker, and though the lyrics are new the title remains fittingly the same.......
The Last Farewell.


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I have posted this on behalf of Michael (Mal D) since they are on their Alaska cruise, the expressions and feelings given are his and his alone, both in the comments and the Power Point presentation, but I have no reason to disagree with either.

Michael has been a best friend for many years, so close a friend I could consider him a brother but alass we have a different mother, but I am comfortable that his intentions are void of any agenda, hidden motives, or pointed inuendos (considering he is pointless).
This post is a last tribute from his heart to a close and dear friend, one last look back, one look that bring memories so close to many of us.

The Duck Crew may well continue, I hope it does, God bless and go forth, but I know for us as well as Judi and Michael this "will be" the Last Farewell.....

Judi, Michael, we love you, and thank you for everything especially this.

For those that may have any apprehensions, this will be moved to an appropriate forum in a few days. If anybody has any concerns please feel free to contact me directly by email or PM.


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What a sweet tribute. Loved seeing all the pictures of Mary Ann. I did not know her but through these words I know many of you still have her in your memory and heart.


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Demmit, now I'm crying. I thought after the CA Coastal I was done with that.

The CA Coastal was very touching, sitting in what would have been Mary Ann's cabin, and talking about her. It was a good way to share memories and make new ones, and to let go a little bit of the missing of Mama Duck. I hope that everyone on this cruise is able to find the same letting go of the missing of Mary Ann.


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Very beautiful...thank you for posting this lovely tribute to Mary Ann.

What I have learned from this kind, loving soul, I will always remember and treasure...

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.............well of course it took Mark to open it for just goes to show...and we both watched it..

I simply cannot stand the reality of it all..months of being strong tumbled backwards....

the tribute was outstanding..Thank you Michael..your voice rises to angels..and to have heard you sing in person all these times; and now ; again for Dearest Paesana Mary Ann is so bittersweet..Thanks for the Tribute share..Hugs... Joanne and Mark...

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Michael, such a lovely tribute for a lovely friend. You have been blessed with an amazing voice. Very moving and glorious at the same time. Thank You for sharing this with us. MaryAnn will always remain in our hearts.