Thank you, Princess!


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Last night we were in the middle of dinner prep (cutting up meat and veggies for lamb curry), when the phone rang. The caller ID said Princess Cruises. I couldn't remember them every calling us before. It was customer service trying to reach our travel agent. She had some questions about the refunds we'd been trying on our canceled cruise.

I happily passed her over to TBG and by the time he finished, we had our refund applied to next year's November cruise and an assurance that our friends would have a check in three weeks. We have been struggling with this since May, not for ourselves but for our friends. He paid early and with a check, plus there was all sorts of confusion about who was staying in which cabin.

It feels like the Sword of Damocles has been removed from over my head. Finally! Now to see what sort of things they offer us for 're-upping' as it were.


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Wow this long. Guess we were one of the lucky group we were pretty well cleaned up by then end June but then our cruise was the second week of April. We took the rollover and got the 175% deal only bad thing was when we rolled it into the December cruise we had not received out ghost booking credited back yet so had to actually put up a real deposit, not used to that, then got our booking credit back two weeks later.
We were close in on our cruise when they pulled the plug so we had gratuities paid, excursions booked and paid, specialty dining paid, they got it all together and got it right.
Yes, don't know how the other lines handled things but Princess did and A+ job considering that it had to be a mess with credits back to our FCC's, credits back to our credit card, was hoping they would forget about all the double credits on our Princess card but they even got that right and took them back too :emoticon 0184 tmi:


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Yeah, I had a couple excursions booked. It has been a real mess, but it's nice to be able to get to the other side of it. We will ca;; our TA on Monday and see what can be done.