Prices higher on specialty restaurant/ve

Krazy Kruizers

Holland America Specialist
As of this morning prices have gone up for the Pinnacle Grill and Le Cirque.

Price now the Pinnacle is $29 per person -- up $4 per person.

Le Cirque is now $49 per person -- up $10 per person.

Canaletto is still the same as before -- $10 per person.

Since our next cruises are not on either the Eurodam or the Nieuw Amsterdam, I do not know if the Tamarind has raised their prices.

And I don't know if the Pinnacle Grill lunch has increased or if the Tamarind is now chagring for lunch.

Krazy Kruizers

Holland America Specialist

The Tamarind (only the Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam) will now be charging $20 per person for dinner.


Thanks for sharing this. It seems all the cruise lines are increasing the charges in their speciality resturants where they are not covered in the fare price. My wife and I have recently starting cruising with Oceania Cruises and I have to say that the differences are very welcome. The fact that we can dine at least once in every speciality restaurant onboard during each cruise for no extra cost is very refreshing indeed. They also have something called OLife which gives you a choice of other benefits - you can choose between a set number of included excursions, drinks packages or level of onboard. We think the onboard credit is the best option because we can spend it on things like spa treatments. We are really pleased that we made the jump.

red stripe

Staff Captain
Unfortunately everything goes up in price over time. But HAL still have the lowest prices for the specialty restaurants out of the five lines that we sail on.