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Guys -- there have been multiple posts suggesting taking power strips on board older Carnival ships. I attempted to take a power strip on the Pride last week (in Baltimore) and had my power strip confiscated. The security guard asked me if it had more than three prongs - I asked her if she meant outlets since all outlets have three prongs -- she immediately became annoyed and took the power strip. She was willing to let me have my power strip back at the end of the cruise if I completed a form (about 10 minutes). It would be available in Baltimore once we left the ship. On our last day on board information about leaving the ship was provided included how to retrieve confiscated items - those items would be available in a lounge early in the AM. Upon arriving in the lounge, no one was there. While waiting to leave the ship, I went to customer services and after a search the staffer found my power strip. My advice is to ignore the suggestions to bring power strips on board Carnival ships.


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Power strips, especially those with surge protectors, are prohibited by most cruise lines including Carnival. The last time I looked Carnival was one of the few that specifically mentions "no surge protectors". Nothing that has a surge protector in it should ever be used on a ship of any kind. Since the cruise security staff have to inspect hundreds of bags in a short period of time, and they are not electrical engineers, they have to look for any kind of power strip, extension cord, power adapter, etc. and assume that any found may have a surge protector.

Many will claim, truthfully, that they got "XXX" past security and did not have any problem. Obviously, it is impossible for security to catch everyone so then the offending traveler assumes that what they boarded with was OK. But, it is not. Surge protectors are a serious fire hazard on ships and can cause serious damage to the ship and its electrical system.


https://www.dco.uscg.mil/Portals/9/...Onboard Vessels.pdf?ver=2017-08-08-082206-293


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My most recent voyage on Celebrity I had a conversation with pax who had his power strip confiscated. Because "It was corded" Had a very short cord that was part of it apparently.


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Yep, Celebrity is getting very anal about anything that even comes close to maybe having a surge protector or an extension cord. The last time I checked Celebrity's official "do not bring" list it just mentions "no extension cords" which can be interpreted to be about anything with a cord. No mention of surge protectors (again, the last time I checked), but they will grab them in a heartbeat if security finds them. Has to be really confusing to many folks. Also, what I do not understand even cruise lines that all owned by the same parent company, Celebrity & RCCL, Carnival & and a bunch of their cousins, all have different rules. It would seem that what is dangerous for one division would be dangerous for all.