Environmental Compliance Officer
Hi guys, good new, talked to my sister today and asked her if they heard from my nephew, whose in the Navy, has been gone for the last nine months, on the Truman, over somewhere in the Middle east. My sister told me that he'll be home mid April, hopefully in time for his sister's wedding, which is in early May. They will be happy that he is coming home. Bad news is, before my nephew shipped out, his on again, off again girlfriend moved back to his house, and stayed with who knows who else was there. She recently emailed my nephew and said she's movin out, so see ya later, sucker. She only moved back in, rent free. I asked my sister if girlfriend had trashed the house, my sister said she didn't know, a friend of my nephew is gonna check on the house, this weekend. This ain't the first time, my nephew's girlfriend has done this, she has screwed him a few times, and now...