Maw in hospital

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I did not see this posted, and I understand it was mentioned by maw on facebook that she was going in for heart cathaterization.
I called a short time ago and the nurse said that she had just come back from the cath lab. But they were in the middle of shift change so no info obtained.
She is in ICU.
She, paw and the family are in our prayers.

Hopefully anyone with news will share it here.


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May she get everything straightened out so she can get home with Paw soon.


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At 4pm the news is that She is out from the cath lab and back in ICU.
at this tie she is resting and unable to talk with anyone.
if anyone hears anything I hope they post it in either place.
Se really does not need to frighten us like this.
get well soon Maw. you are much loved.


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Brenda posted on FB: Update on Maw, she had her heart cath around noon today, they did a couple of stents and said her heart rate is steady and is back up in the 60's, which is much better than the 30's of yesterday. The nurse said she would probably get moved out of ICU tomorrow if all kept going well. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and we'll hope she has a speedy recovery, I'm sure she'll feel better.


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Maw U best get better as U have many more days to take in the views whether it be from your solarium or deck at the home or even better yet from a cruise ship. :egyptian: Time to recoup fast sweetie as there are MANY people thinking about U in their thoughts & prayers. :thumbup: