Liz update


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Liz was taken to Worthington Pavilion in Abbotsford (half hour drive) for two to six weeks rehab. She is looking forward to getting more strength in her legs so she can come home. Alf


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Thank you for the update. Let's hope the rehab goes really well & that she will be back home with you sooner rather than later. Crossing my fingers that 2wks will do the trick.


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Have really been wondering how Liz is doing. Thanks for the update. I'm praying that the rehab goes well and that she finds herself back at home soon! Hugs!


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Just came back from rehab. She has settled in and the first day she worked hard and is tired. Alf


Good to hear she is at rehab stage-know Liz understand how hard she will have to work. Sending good wishes for her. Does she have a lap top she can use there. Know it would hel her spirits to have contact with her internet friends. Hugs to you both.

Donna - dsw

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Thanks so much for sharing with us. Please let her know we are all thinking of her.

If you give us her room # and address we would be happy to send her a card!