Liz update


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:(. Sure was hoping for better news. Prayers continue.


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Prayers continue. As maw said, Alf, please be sure to take care of yourself, too. Love and hugs to you both.


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Alf, so sorry to hear that Liz is having such a hard time. Positive thoughts coming her way that she will soon be healthy again. As others have said, you have to take care of yourself too.

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The doctor got her blood cultures back last night and she has a blood infection from the cellulitus and so angiogram has been postponed. She has been moved out of heart ward because they have stopped the monitoring. Alf

What a rough time Liz is having.

You take care of yourself as well and get some rest.

Prayers for both of you.


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Oh Alf so sorry that Liz now has an infection. Hope they can get rid of it in a hurry to get going on the angiogram.
Prayers will continue from her.
Tell her I said hello & to get well.


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Sending prayers and good wishes for a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself, Alf. It is difficult to be at the hospital waiting and wondering.


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I just came back from hospital. She is a bit down today as they told her it would be three more days of IV antibiotics. The one she was on when I got there was painful but it was a small bag. Her celulitus is fading so that is good. Alf


Thanks for report Alf. Wish I was near so I could go visit her maybe we could trade some jokes or tall stories to perk her up. Print off some of the jokes she gets and take to her. They might help. Give her my love. Hugs Maw


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Thanks for doing such a great job at keeping us informed. Please let her know that we are all here for her wishing for a speedy recovery.


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Alf, would you be interested in sending an address so we could send her a card or something to perk her up? At any rate, please give her a get well hug from Leon and I. We're hoping you can get a bit of rest, too.


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Thanks Alf for the latest update. Looks like there has been some improvement on the cellulitis front. Tell Liz we are missing her and wishing her a full and quick recovery. As has been said before....Don't forget to take care of you too!! Hugs and prayers