Island Marketing reviews? Looking for Eastern Carribbean excursions


Deck Crew
Anyone have any experience booking excursions with Island Marketing? Mainly looking at sail and snorkel excursions in St Maartens or St Thomas islands. We really enjoyed our booze cruise in Cozumel, and are looking for something similar on either of the 2 islands. We've never been to the eastern Carribbean before, and the cruise line doesn't offer as much in the way of excursions as they did in the western Carribbean.

They also have a "Beach Break" at St Maarten's (5 min taxi ride or 20 min walk). Is that something we can get to on our own when ready or is it private and we HAVE to reserve via Island Marketing? The beach is at the Sonesta Great Bay Resort ($21/person). I'd prefer the freedom of doing a half-day excursion or "come when we please" beach stay so we'll have time to site see and look around ourselves vs being tied into an excursion's schedule the entire stay.


Staff Captain