Internet Packages - is it worth it?


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I’m going on a 7 day cruise to the Western Caribbean. The minimum package is $6.80 a day, but the fine print says basic WiFi is available on all the ships. It also says only one device is able to connect, but there are 2 people to a do I really have to buy the package to get WiFi...? And what about my roommate?

I am confusion!! If you’ve been on Carnival and you’re in tune with social media (or your phone in general), please comment!


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Not positive about Carnivals package but all the cruise lines are coming out with new internet programs.
Have always been able to buy internet by the minute and that has always been sold in packages of 60, 120, and so on usually at a decent discount the more you buy. Best deals are if you purchase your minutes up front at the beginning of the cruise, I am going to guess that the basic package is a by the minute and when your minutes are gone you have to buy more or you are cut off. If the $6.50 a day package is unlimited then it is a good deal even if you buy a package for each of you.