Good Saturday Morning Afters



This day starts very cold but it is supposed to warm up into the 60's later. Tomorrow is supposed to be a yuck kind of day.

I don't have much planned today except the usual cleaning and shopping. If Killian is doing OK I'll help with the groceries otherwise I'll just send Mike. The little guy had a good night and he is still sleeping this morning..

My allergies are blooming as the buds on the trees do. The grass is greening too! I will have to take my allergy medication today yesterday I forgot. I am going to try to rake out the flower gardens today. I started to a few weeks ago but Mike told me to stop because we were expecting snow and he didn't want me to remove all of the leaves which insulate the new plants. I have to also cut some old weed growth down that I have been treating with weed control and try to rake that area out.

Well Cutie and Mark should be returning tomorrow from Aruba. I hope their time was relaxing and enjoyable for them.

So how is the weather where you are? And what are you all doing today?

Make it a nice day afters!


Good morning Afters!!! I am at a slow start today. Stayed in bed until almost 7 am which is un-heard of. But it Felt great and I think I am going to try to make that a habit!!!

Just the usual stuff going on here today. Got some B-Ball to watch tonight. Go Louisville!!!! :)

I hope that Cruise Cutie and Mark are having a wonderful time in Aruba relaxing too and a safe trip home!! =hug

Happy Saturday Afters!!


ditto the allergies for me! been back on my zyrtec for the past 2 weeks.

it's chilly and windy here in philly.

just going to putter around the house today. have a brisket in the crockpot for dinner. have to go to my favorite italian shop for some bread and pancetta; who am i trying to kid, i can't ever get out of that place with less than a full bag of goodies!

enjoy the day all!

Donna - dsw

Hello everyone!

Sunny and bright here in Northern Ohio - but it is still cold.

Cleaning house and going out to dinner tonight on tap for us.

My sister is headed to Port Canaveral for her cruise on the Mariner of the Seas - I sure hope she has a great time.

The grandkids will try out the web cam again today I am sure - they sure like it!

Hope you all have a great day - - be careful and enjoy!


Good morning all..

The sun is out brightly today! We are heading for spring here too, with warmer days next week. Going to have some April showers though.

I have a lot of catching up to do today, yesterday being gone all day.

DH is doing a complete set of boat seats for a friend. What a job, but the difference is unbelievable. The old ones were in pretty bad shape. I'll have to post some before and after pictures, later.

Hope CC & Mark come home to decent weather. They sure don't need snow when they get home.

Donna, I wish I were going on the Mariner. I love that ship, and have so many wonderful memories on that ship.

Have a good weekend, all...


Ahoy Afters. Partly sunny and much cooler here today...high only in mid 50s. We almost reached 80 yesterday. Not much on the agenda for today. Ana and Madison are here with us. Madison is such a sweet little thing.

I've been putzing around with pictures of the grandkids this morning as I am re-doing my "rose garden" wall...that's what I call my wall of pictures of all the grandkids. Instead of individual pics of each child in the living room and grouping them by family, so I only have three frames on the wall besides 8. Gotta get an updated pic of the oldest DD's kids but I did find an old one on my hard drive from when Kiera was a baby. I also have small pictures of the kids in frames in the hall way and I updated those too. Later I have to give Georgie a bath...he is well over do for one.

Leatherneck is out blowing the leaves out of my flower bed. I am hoping to talk him into digging a hole so we can go out and buy a new cherry tree. When I was buy DD Jacquie's (my old house) my old cherry tree is in glorious bloom and I sure miss it. Might also pick up some compost to freshen up my flower boxes and get them ready for planting in a couple weeks. Picked up a turkey breast and will have it, stove top, mashers and veggies for dinner tonight. Gotta feed Ana good as she is a nursing Momma.

Hope you all have a good day and a safe trip home for Cutie and Mark.


Mornin' everyone. Today is supposed to be in the upper 60's and sunny. Hubby's brother is driving up from San Diego to help work on the boat motor. I really hate that boat. It takes up to much room on one side of the house. I always tell my hubby that the boat is the second thing to go after him. :lol


Morning,expecting 70 degrees here today with a severe alert for fires! Guess it is real dry again,going take the convertible out for a spin! Cant wait for Art Garfunkel tonight,have box seats too! How I love my man!

Everyone sounds like they have pretty good temps for today,we just woke up,we sleep in on Johns days off!

Everyone have a good one!


Good morning! Ben and I have been busy today. We went to the gym, the grocery store and Babies R Us. We had some lunch and he is napping now. DH and older son are at a Tae Kwon Do tourney today, and should be home early this evening. I think Ben and I will hit the mall when he wakes up.