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Okay I have always got honest answers on this board so how about on the Oasis of the Seas. What is the good and the bad about this ship? We have cruised on many ships many times but never one this size, however we are booked onboard this ship and any information would be very appreciated. How are the lines getting on and off the ship? We will be dining in the main dining room so how is the food? From what videos I have watched the Aqua show looks interesting and I see they have a comedy venue, are these shows worth it?

Again any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Gayle V

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Hi PEB, We've sailed both the Allure and the Oasis and totally loved them both. I fear I may be spoiled for other ships. Let me remember your questions: The good, bad? The food? The lines and the shows? Maybe I should just write a review too. LOl

Lets start with the lines: I have to say the boarding and debarkation experiences for these ships are the fastest and best organized I've ever encountered. Royal really has their act in order for these two. I was amazed. We arrived at about 11:30 to noon for boarding on both (despite the notices that ask you to show later) and essentially just walked through. Not saying it was a short walk, (that's one huge terminal) but it wasn't slow and it never stopped moving. Debarkations was fast and easy, but I have no memory when we left as we lingered as long as possible, since we were staying at hotel post cruise.

As for the shows: Totally worth going. And worth the trouble of reserving your times for the shows on line, early. Do it as soon as you can. You really wouldn't want to miss any of these shows. Except maybe Cats, which is what was showing on the Oasis Now I'm a Broadway fan. Love musicals, but Cats has to be pretty far down on my list, almost any musical would have been a better choice. If I hadn't already seen it twice, maybe I would have a different opinion. But I was beyond bored, and didn't bother to come back after intermission. On the other had, I would have loved to have seen Hairspray, which had just ended before our cruise. Allure had Chicago showing, another of my less favorite musicals, but enjoyed it far more, as I'd only seen the movie version before. (Also, I'm just not a fan of Fosse" .

As for the other shows, be absolutely certain to pre book the comedy show. Once you see the show schedule, you will notice the comedy show listed several times, while the others show only a few times during the week. All those comedy shows are the same show, just choose one. They offer it so many times because it's done in a very small venue. I don't believe there are enough seats and shows for everyone to see it, so reserve early. On the Allure, Blue Planet was fascinating. I would have paid to see it again. The Aqua show was amazing too. Fills up everytime, with people standing at the back who want to see it again. We did that on the Oasis to see it a second time.

The food: Wonderful. I was pleased with almost every meal. We ate dinner first seating main dining room both ships. We did try 150 Central Park on the Allure, and it was a mistake. The food was odd. Strange items, I'd never heard of, flavors that did not appeal, and hot flavors that hurt my ulcer prone stomach. Most odd part of that restaurant was that you don't get to choose your food. (Our mistake, in that we did not realize that the menu is fixed. They bring what they bring. unless you have a true food allergy. ) I tried only bites and passed each course off to others at the table. FWIW, my son loved it all. With him the stranger and hotter a food item, the better he likes it.

The only only food related comment I can make is that I found it strange that it was difficult to find something to snack on late at night. They did not keep part of the buffet open late, like you might find on other ships. There was a pizza place on the promenade, and if you want to order burgers and frys (and pay) there was Johnny Rockets.

As for the good and the bad: well there wasn't much bad. Maybe not anything. Cabins are a bit smallish, but that depends on which cabin you have. The ship may be huge, but doesn't take any more effort to get around than others, as it's not much longer, just more stories high. Best bet for cabin choices on these would be something near the elevators. And remember if heading to the seventh floor, you have to get on the elevator on the proper side of the ship to get to the side you want at (dang can't remember which it was fore or aft) elevators.

No time to write more now, but ask if I can answer any questions.