Balcony room layout?????


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​ok... if you click on the room number on the deck layout it will show you a pic of the room.

Not exactly. It shows a representation of the cabin. The actual layout can vary.

I'd suggest a Google search on your cabin number and see what comes up. Keep in mind that N. Breakaway is very new, so there will not be many results yet.

What kind of info are you looking for regarding the placement of the beds? The side of the cabin? Whether they're closer to the balcony or the cabin door? Something else?


Please, anyone have a pic of rm# 11878
Trying to find out what side of the bed is located[/QUOTE

Don't know if this is too late for your cruise, but room 11882 is 2 doors down, and photos on cruisedeckplans (a great site to subscribe to), show the bed is on the left from when you enter the room.