You're 'IT', Duskbat!...everyone play! PM touchtag continues!


Staff Captain
I want to get more people involved in this game because it seems like we are always waiting for one to get back to us and they may have gone on holiday or not come to the board often. We can use this and the original post to bounce back to...

You can play as many times as you want as long as you choose to write to someone you've never private messaged before and that you reply to those written to you in the game. Only takes as much time as you want to write!

Choose someone you've never pm'd and drop them a line, letting them know in one of the touchtag posts that you've pm'd them and they are 'IT"....then they have to choose someone new......(it would be nice for the tagger to get a reply to as it's a way of getting to know each other!)

Okay Duskbat...are you going to play? ..... (psst...and someone out there...tag Mrs. Rocster as she was the first to play but hasn't been tagged back yet!)