What to do in Tortola

Early next year, we are stopping in Tortola. Any suggestions. We like snorkeling, sightseeing, and beach days.


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Tortola has some great beaches. A taxi to a well known spot was my go to. It however has been so long I can only just suggest doing a google search of good beaches and go from there. Try to find a spot with washrooms/small restaurant etc.
They do drive on the wrong side of the road there. (If you are from North America or most of earth lol) Here is where my first ride as a passenger in a driver on the left of car on a road where you drive on the left side of the road. Wow you pass awfully close to that car going the other way.
ALSO: Tortola is the normal cruise stop for "The Baths" on Virgin Gorda. Smaller boats (They called the ferries) go back and forth. The timing of your cruise and size of your boat takes away from the enjoyment but they are quite spectacular once you get there. But sometimes crowded. Small private boat which you can swim from off shore might be better but it is a private park set up and I believe there are issues in landing etc. for those no permitted.
As I said it been a while since I was there.

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Also check on side trips to Jost Van Dyke.
That is where the drink the Pain Killer started.
It is the home to the Soggy Dollar Bar. So named, because boaters used to come into the bay and swim ashore to buy a drink. Naturally their money was soggy after their swim.

It is a beautiful spot, with beautiful beaches, and not built up..or was not on our other trips there.
@red stripe our ship has a stop in Jost Van Dyke - the Soggy Dollar Bar is already on the list - thanks for the info

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You are welcome.
Please report back and tell it how it is these days.

Once upon a time there was a bar a short walk up the beach. It was called “ Ivan’s stress free bar”… you walked in and there was no one there! Just rows of bottles etc. and a jar for you to put your money in.
Ivan was a brother of the owner of the Soggy Dollar.. and she told us that his bar made more than hers did. lol

But..things changed. One day we did the walk, and he had a bartender! We just left..it was not the same.

And he was building rooms to rent. But as I said..it was a walk up the beach from the soggy.. so nothing changed there.