What is your favorite entertainment venue


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Are you a show hound, lounge lizard or do you like to just sit and sway to the sounds of Roger Williams at the piano bar

Jill B

The roaming Aussie
We usually like the production shows. Last cruise had a very talented group of dancers from Russia, and 2 singers from UK. The shows were always full.
We also enjoyed the folkloric shows from different countries.


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I have never found a favorite entertainment center. The closest would be the Lincoln Center on HAL ships, I may sit in them two or three times and listen to the music but it is not a must.


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George you would have surprised me with any other answer..........:cool:

We tend to be a spikesgirl type may stop by a lounge after dinner but it will be on our way back to the cabin and unless it is a good show don't stay long ........ It's balcony or bust


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bOB, I'm guessing Bseabob already knows my answer, huh?

The Piano Bar.