TLC Show - I can make you thin



Anyone watching this? As a devotee of Weight Watchers, I was skeptical. His premise is:

1. When you are hungry, eat.
2. Eat what you want.
3. Eat consciously.
4. When you are full, stop.

The thing I found most interesting is eating consciously. He talks about putting the fork down between bites and really chewing the food and enjoying the flavor. This slows you down, and gives your brain more time to receive the "I'm full" from your stomach. I hate to admit it, but I have found this a nice compliment to Weight Watchers. I realized that I was eating so fast, that I was barely tasting the food, let alone realizing I was full. I would just eat until my portion was gone - never thinking that less than one serving might fill me up..

Last week, he had some method of dealing with emotional eating, and this week he is talking about cravings. I'm not sure about the whole package, but at least the one part was helpful. Anyone else tried his tips?

Donna - dsw

I saw parts of this yesterday. The tapping of different parts of the body when you are hungry and then see if you are still hungry!

I still think eating better and working out is the best way -- but not fun or easy!


I'm not real sold on the "tapping" technique, either, Donna! I have a friend at work who says it has helped her, but I think she wants it to help her.....the power of positive thinking, you know!


I've been using those tips for years, under supervision of a nutritionist. She called #3 "mindful eating," and demonstrated that with two small pieces of chocolate, one eaten quickly and one eaten mindfully. It certainly was more pleasurable to savor it than to inhale it. :)

The main issue for me was #4. I never felt full, even if I ate a lot. So, what ended up happening was that I'd eat my x number of calories/servings, and felt hungry and deprived. We found out eventually that I had a metabolic condition that prevented me from feeling full. The endocrinologist I saw said this is common in very overweight people, and he's also seen it in many mildly overweight people such as myself. We now have this under control, and it makes a big difference.

I agree with Donna that exercise helps tremendously. Another tip I learned that worked well for me is to keep a food diary. I've found that when I write everything down, I tend to eat less. And, don't forget H20!


The "put the fork down between bites" was something I picked up at WW about 25 years go. It does help to slow things down.