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Some of you might remember my post on my 14-year old GD who was sexually assaulted when she was 11. Long story short, she kept it a secret, and then got very depressed and suicidal right at the end of her 8th grade year because she didn't want to go to high school with him. Her parents sent her to a counselor and it all came out, a restraining order was issued, charges were next... Meantime, the suspect raped his GF (this sounds like a cheap soap opera). His sleezy attorney wouldn't accept a plea bargainor combine both cases, so my GD's case was set for a 3 day jury trial starting tomorrow. GD has been upset and worried about telling her story in front of a jury and whoever else was there, and DD and SIL have been crazed.

He finally accepted a plea agreement - will plead guilty to indecent exposure and "no contest" to sexual assault. We are so relieved and happy that it is over, and now maybe GD can begin to heal. Keep my girl in your prayers. And praise be to God for His good work in this.



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Now maybe your gd can heal & get past this.



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I am so glad that she does not have to go through the trial....and I cannot say what I hope happens to the person who put her through this. I pray that she will receive any counselling that she might need and that she recovers to live a full, happy and productive life.
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Glad to hear a positive outcome. Hopefully she can now begin the healing process and move on with her life.

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Does this mean that the boy will NOT being going to high school with her? I certainly hope not. Prayers that you GD will be able to move forward and have peace. As for the boy, I hope he never touches another girl.


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He is going to an alternative school, but before she knew that she chose to go to a smaller school on the high-line. It is a longer bus ride, and not too easy for her mom who teaches at our town, and her two sisters (a senior and a 2nd grader) also attend school here. I hope she changes her mind and goes to school here next year, but will see. The main thing is making sure she feels safe. She is still in counseling and will be for some time.

I am anxious to find out what the boy got for the rape and partner/family member assault charges.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words. It is hard to talk about this with anyone but easier on this board.

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That is wonderful that your granddaughter will not have to face a judge and jury.

Prayers that she will heal from this horrible act.


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Still doesn't get off as easy as it looks, he will be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.


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Maybe. It depends on what the judge orders. I worked at the Sheriff's Office (still do part-time) and we registered the sexual and violent offenders. Too darned many of them don't register for life. And they should! I am hoping he'll come in for his DNA tomorrow or Friday so I can do it - gosh, hopefully I won't swab his mouth too hard or gag him or ... unlimited possibilities for this sick gramma's mind!

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Sending up some prayers that your granddaughter manages to come through this as a happy healthy young woman.