TGIF everyone!



The weekend is right upon us. And for me it has been a long week and I'll be happy to leave work after a very busy day and bring Killian back home where he belongs.

It is cold here again. Too cool. We had snow showers yesterday for a short while but now it is just cool but with more snow showers tonight. I'll be glad when the temps each day are in the 70's and the nights don't get so cold.

I don't have much on the agenda for the weekend. The usual cleaning and that is it. I'll be busy enough with Killian trying to get medications into him to keep him comfortable. I'm sure he is very sore.

So what's happening in your neighborhood this weekend? Anything really fun on the agenda?


Re: TGIF everyone!

TGIF Back at ya Judy and afters to follow. Today is my "Friday" off. Got to take Ana and Madison to a Dr appointment today. Leatherneck is home too and has an appointment with his civilian internal medicine Dr....BTW you can catch up on his update on Maw's Friday Thread...long.

No big plans for the weekend. After a high in the mid 70s today we are expecting storms and tomorrow to only be in mid 50s :( Hope to get some yard work done this weekend.

Judy, I know you will be happy to get Killian home...hope all is well with him.

Everyone, enjoy your weekend and play safe.


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tgif to all:

we're in for rain again here in Philadelphia. i have no plans for the weekend. i'm having a spine issue that started yesterday and is making me miserable. i'm in major pain and now my stomach is upset from too much aspirin (tylenol/advil/aleve don't work for me and i'm allergic to prescription pain killers). so,:daisy i guess i'll catch up on daytime tv and play with my new toy: handheld electronic new york times crossword puzzle thingee. I LOVE crosswords. i think i'll go soak in a hot tub and try to eat something. have a great weekend everyone!

Donna - dsw

Re: TGIF everyone!

Hey everyone! Busy morning at work with meetings and getting lunches, etc. Crazy day!

I will be glad to have a couple days off. Going to the mall to walk tonight and then Jim and I are going to a new rest in town tomorrow. Sure looking forward to it as everyone says it is real good. Nice classy place! lol

Cold and rain here and supposed to turn to snow later.

My sister, bil, newphew and his girlfriend are sailing on the Mariner of the Seas this weekend. They are sure looking forward to it.

Hope you all have a great day - - be careful and enjoy!


Re: TGIF everyone!

TGIF! It's sunny and hot here in Riverside, CA. We're supposed to get rain on Sunday.

[large][size=x-large]HAPPY FRIDAY[/size][/large]