Seattle or Vancouver to start a cruise?


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Are there advantages to beginning or ending a cruise in either Seattle or Vancouver? We have friends we want to see in the Seattle area, San Juan Islands actually, and we do want to explore Victoria so can't decide. Also, having to do our cruise in June, as opposed to July or August. Is it really that different? Thanks!


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There's no "easy" answer to your question, but let me comment on what I think is the easiest from 25 years experience of Alaska cruising. I've found May (especially) and June to be the best months weather-wise to cruise Alaska. The weather there is very changeable, but I've found those two months to be the best.

As for Seattle versus Vancouver - lots of variables there. Usually, air fares are less expensive to Seattle. I, personally, love Vancouver and prefer cruising out of Vancouver, but my personal preferences shouldn't influence someone else.

You need to compare the itineraries of cruises out of the two cities in question and decide which is more interesting for you. Victoria is usually a port of call on Seattle departures (sometimes only 4-5 hours)
but it's not always a port of call on Vancouver departures. However, it's easily reached from Vancouver for an all-day or overnight tour.

Hope I've given you some food for thought?


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Ship Maven, you are spot on. I haven't cruised nearly as much as you, but I have cruised the inside passage three times, from three different ports.

I would think that Seattle would be best based on your stated visiting your friends. You can always get a side trip to Vancouver pre or post cruise. Travel between Seattle and Vancouver is fairly easy IMO.


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The truth to the matter is two things. Firstly, you get one or two less Alaska ports and secondly, the airfare is slighty cheaper to Seattle. Victoria is not such a dreadful miss. I'd personally sail out of Vancouver.