River cruise through Europe


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Hi all,

well my wife has been on at me for a decade to go on a River cruise in Europe, i.e. Budapest to Amsterdam. I have been putting it off, as I am an ocean cruiser. River cruise prices are imo exorbitant and stops repetitive.

However in the interests of domestic harmony, I might have to relent and in the next year or two, fork out. SO..Suggestions for river cruise companies, based on your experience, value, standards etc. My wife found this site https://www.riuscruises.com/ and I have all the glossy brochures from Scenic, APT, Viking, Avalon, Uniworld, Travel Marvel, etc.

Fire away.
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What you are doing with this link you have inserted is comparing a travel agency (riuscruises)to cruise lines plus other travel agencies, (Scenic, APT, Travel Marvel) I guess
in order to provide valued responses, first question is are you asking for a comparison of travel agencies or river cruise lines?
And, APT and Travel Marvel are Australian travel agencies you couldn't book with them anyway.


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Have a fabulous cruise! I would love to go one like this soon. It’s been a while since I had been to cruises like this with family. My last cruise voyage was from Chicago to Rhode island by Blount Small Ship Adventures and it was a good one. I’m waiting for my next voyage hopefully with the same company as I was very much interested with their service and the package was of reasonable price. Anyway, have a great voyage!
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