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Wacky Wabbit
In that last picture it didn't give me enough time to post this comment! (the nerve) Ha ha.
In this last picture you can SIT and use the HAND HELD Faucet or STAND and just take a shower like you usually do. Just make sure the door opening is wide enough to accommodate a walker or wheelchair if it would ever be needed. Water stays in the shower area because of a slanted floor and drain. They make a LONG rectangular drain that would take in more water than the round one in the picture.

No pressure on buying these ideas. I have a QUICK ONE TIME SPECIAL on plans right now. :emoticon 0102 bigsmile:



Chief Security Officer
We have the same set up in our bathrooms as Lee has described, K2. A walk in shower in one and a tub/shower combo off the master bedroom. The bathtub requires too high a step to get into or out of for us to use it.
We didn't get a significant amount of rain but we have had very warm temperatures and very high humidity the past few days. It is supposed to get a bit more comfortable over the rest of the week. As long as the AC holds on we will survive although the local weather forecaster mentioned that this past June was the warmest in recent memory, perhaps in recorded history.


Wacky Wabbit
Bill: We have 2 showers with the 2" step up to get into them.
If Dave is remodeling his shower, I would highly recommend a CURBLESS entry. We're all getting older and even when I had my knee done and Art had his back surgery, lifting the leg just that 2 inches to get in the shower wasn't comfortable. If we ever got to the point of being in a wheelchair it would be impossible to get into the shower. Hence, if we re-do the main bathroom and get rid of the useless Jacuzzi tub we'd be putting in a Curbless shower. The shower in our master bedroom has a 2" step also. I should have gotten rid of that when we remodeled that bathroom. OH WELL.........we still have one more bathroom we could make the curbless entry work in. Just need to find the MONEY to do it. Ha Ha. :supris:
Oh wait.......we really DON'T have to leave anything for the kids.... do we! This might work.


Wacky Wabbit
Getting a much needed REALLY HARD RAIN here! Creek is up big time and getting higher as I post! :eek:

I made it back from the grocery store just in time! Whew!

Making homemade Pizza on the grill later if this rain stops! Otherwise, I’ll have to make it inside! Hate to turn that oven on.

Mike Elias

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That is some rain K2, I hope your creek doesn't overflow.
with all the talk about redoing the bathroom, I got to thinking, we may have to redo ours. We have a tub with shower, both of us have to stand up now to shower but we have to stand up to get into t he shower, don't know how long we will be able to do t hat. Fay wants something to help her getting on our stoop, it is about 10 inches above the ground and she has problems with that. I use miy walker to help me get on and off the stoop.
We got a rain that is supposed to be the end of Beryl.
Lee, the best laid plans..
It is 84 and sunny, I'm going to sit outside for a while.


Wacky Wabbit
It's HORRIBLY MUGGY outside here at 10:00 pm Tues. Slight scattered on and off rain, which will be FULL BLAST ALL DAY on WEDNESDAY.
Animation Raining GIF

Went to see a friend that is in the hospital and is having an ablation done tomorrow to get her A-Fib back in a normal rhythm. I feel sorry for her because tomorrow is 1 year since her hubby past away. That's the fella we went to pay our respects to at the Military cemetery on Monday.
Always something.

Hair cut for me tomorrow mid-morning. Just in time to drive to the East side of town in the rain! Joy, Joy!

Nite folks. Sleep well.



2nd Officer
Is today's Bunny Board being held at Lowe's or Home Depot? :)

You Wabbits sure seem like you soon may be helping your local economy with bathroom improvements.

Thanks so much K2 for posting all the pictures. ALL of us like pictures. The ones with the rain downpour surprised me since it was sunny here yesterday, and we don't live that far apart. The ones showing walk-in showers are interesting. I never knew there are "curbless" ones. Good to know. Will have to ask around to find out it they really hold the water in the shower before it goes down the drain. Or if some sneaks out under the door.

Since our chance of rain around 9 AM is less than 40%, our plan is to head to the smaller grocery store. The one closest to us.



Wacky Wabbit
Just passing through..........I just missed Fr Dave!

Now about that's been raining here since I posted last night at 10:00 pm. JUST HARDER NOW. It's supposed to rain ALL DAY! I guess that hurricane BERYL remanence has finally made it up our way. We have some former choir members that I grew up with that live in Houston, TX that had damage done to their home from the hurricane.

Dave: Hope you and Kathi miss the rain and get your grocery shopping in early.

It must be raining your way too. I see some TALL GRASS needing cutting after all this dries up!

The rest of you Wrabbits have a good day.

Later gang.

A’Burg Guy

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black and white shower GIF by The Good Films

Seems we are having a shower here too! Question being is it from the heavens or Home Depot?
After non stop weather warnings on my watch and phone all day yesterday nothing came of them until after 10:00 pm. Ava and I didn’t get an early walk but did manage to get out in the yard during a break in the bands of showers. I also got the garbage bag to the curb.
Great pics of the weather maker at your home Kathie.

Had we built this house we would have opted for a seat in the shower and a different head. There is a very small lip in and out which I’m sure a walker could do. The water does stay in the shower base Dave. After Lu-Ann’s tumble I installed a grab bar and we bought a Moen shower seat. The sprayer head we have is detachable but I’d like to swap it out for a combination fixed “waterfall” head with an additional hand held sprayer.
My gosh, it just got so dark here it’s like somebody drew the blinds!
Be extra careful on your drive to the salon Kathie.
I was wondering what the name of Kathie’s creek was Mike, and what might happen if she were up at the end without a paddle. :D
All of you, wherever you are, watch out for the heat and / or storms and above all make the best of the day!


Chief Security Officer
Well cribbage last night started off badly as we quickly lost the first two matches. Things did turn around and we won the final three games and are currently only one point out of first place. Considering that there are only five teams that probably isn't a big achievement. We have a bye next Tuesday and hope that after my surgery I will be in shape to play the following week.
Doctor's appointment yesterday was
quick and easy and my next appointment with him won't be until December.. Not to worry though, plenty of other doctors to see in the interim.
So far we have missed much of the rain that the rest of you are experiencing but the forecast is for scattered showers and thunderstorms.


Wacky Wabbit
Bill: Congrats on getting ALMOST to 1st place in Cribbage. Keep at it, I know you both can make it to 1st place. And get ready for the RAIN. I looked at the RADAR Forecast and the biggest part of the rain has past through this area and headed EAST! :oops:

This is basically what the shower head and hand-held shower gizmo's look like. I love the HAND HELD part that moves up and down and can be taken off the holder to spray down the shower after I scrub it. Both Art and I had a shower chair with side handles (all plastic) and it was great to have the hand-held to use to get the soap off with. And the fact that it goes UP and DOWN on the long bar was nice too. You could direct the spray at you as you sat on the chair. A life-saver for sure.

Just an example of what ours looks like!
It's nice to share all our ideas and what we have or want, so whoever is getting a RE-DO of their bathroom has all the options to review. :wink2::glow:

STILL RAINING pretty hard. Mostly ON than OFF.
Our creek is called CLINTON RIVER. It winds all over the place.

Mike Elias

Ordinary Seaman
A very nice day today. I have't been out yet but I may get out later.
We had installed a key lock on our door today if we would ever need an emergency but couldn't get to the door.
I can;t remember the name of the creek Lee but I wouldn't be too surpised if I was up there a few tiimes.
I didn't realize there were so many options for the bath/shower. I used to go to the hardware store and look at all the tools, now I go in and don't recognize a lot of them.


Wacky Wabbit
Mike: That's an excellent thing to install on your front door.
How does it work? Who has the code?

Chilly here at 66 degrees. The RAIN has stopped for now. According to the weather it should be starting again for a few hours at 10:00 pm. :eek: :confused:
Our BASEMENT is still dry as of the last check at 6:00 pm. All Art's hard work last year is working thank goodness.

You all have a good night. Might be able to sleep with the windows open if the humidity stays down like it is now. :thumbs up:


2nd Officer
Good Thursday morning, Bunnies!

Around here today it's very unlikely for any rain, and it'll only get to about 80 degrees. It's interesting when you think about all the rains passing through the mid-west are from the hurricane to hit Texas a few days ago. Our normal winds come from the west and go to the east. Not from the south to the north.

Our grocery shopping trip yesterday morning went smoothly. Very few shoppers around 9 AM. Heck, there were more employees stocking shelves.

Every Tuesday everyone gets in the mail all the advertisements for the local grocery stores. Specials and sales for the week. The grocery store we went to yesterday advertised Key Lime pies that they make at the store. Kathi decided to get one.

Once home, she read the ingredients on the bottom of the pan. "Coco" was listed for the crust. WHAT!!! A chocolate crust for a Key Lime pie???

Yup, that's what it was. Let's just say.......It doesn't work.

Instead of just tossing it, Kathi decided to just eat the filling. Which is good.

All the options and choices for walk in showers, just makes me more confused. (Pretty much my normal state. :) )


A’Burg Guy

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I do love popping on here to see where the day’s conversations have taken us.
I did get out for a quick morning walk between the showers yesterday. Sadly The Navy Yard was rained out. Today we were back on track with our full early 1.5 km stroll. Lu-Ann has physio at 09:00 so while she’s in there I’ll pop down to The Navy Yard with Ava for our second walk.
I had a look at our dinner plate hibiscus and there are a couple of buds ready to pop. we’re looking forward to seeing them bloom.
Best Key Lime Pie we’ve ever had was at The Blue Heaven in Key West Dave.
I may have seen you on that creek Mike. I was one of the guys without a paddle.
Did you get the windows open last night Kathie? It sure did cool off here.
Being one point out of first means there’s still three teams behind you Bill.
I bet you’re being kept on your toes at VBS Karen. As long as it’s fun working with the kids.
My Sweetie would like to get up early this morning so I best wander in to the bedroom and get her going.
After physio we may go out to one of the local farm stands for some nice local fruit and veg. We also need a couple of new flower baskets to replace the ones we have that are pretty much done.
You all have a fantastic Thursday!


Wacky Wabbit
Good Morning GIF by Chippy the Dog
Happy Thursday to all!

Just like Dave mentioned it's going to be a nice DRY day for a change.
I like Kathi's style of eating the GOOD PART of the KEY LIME PIE! She should send the store a memo asking them to make the CRUST without the coco in it. They won't know how folks feel about it unless you tell them!

Should be interesting to see if ED (the lawn man) can actually cut that wet grass today! He's behind a day as it is with all his customers. The man sure does work harder these days than when he worked at General Motors!

Lee: Ava is going to be a happy pup getting 2 walks in today. Hope Lu-Ann's Physio is a good session.
And the Window in our bedroom was open during the night.
car house GIF by yuvaroo

Karen: What's happening in your neck of the world. Staying cool? I saw a clip with your Pastor in shorts. Gave me a chuckle!

Bill: It's getting closer to your hip surgery. Next week will be a busy WEDNESDAY for you. Did they tell you to start drinking the Protein Drinks yet? I had to drink the 30 grams protein drink before and after. I liked the Chocolate one.

MIKE: One of my Patio Tomato's is starting to turn it's color. The Cherry Tomato's are really sweet this year. They're climbing up the pole and we'll have plenty of them again this year.

You all have a SAFE and FUN day. Enjoy yourselves.

Happy Good Morning GIF by Lucas and Friends by RV AppStudios


2nd Officer
Quick check in VBS is kicking my butt this year, not sure I'm going to sign up for crew leader next year. I have older kids this year 11/12 yr olds and I don't relate as well to them as the younger ones. Plus my group seems to grow every night!

Amanda & Alyse arrived safely Tues. night and managed to surprise Jane at the pool yesterday morning! Allie went to VBS with me last night & wants to go again the rest of the week, she's getting so grown up! She even went up front when Rev. Lisa asked someone to tell what they learned in Imagination Station last night, the kid doesn't have a shy bone in her body!
Will try to keep reading along & pop in as I can, VBS ends Friday, but I have work day on Sat at church & Amanda & Allie are here till the 22nds so it will stay busy for a while!

A’Burg Guy

Environmental Compliance Officer
If your group is growing Karen that tells me one thing. The kids like being part of your group. Why does that not surprise me. Or likely any of us. It sounds like everyone is enjoying Amanda and Alyse being in town.
The Navy Yard was still pretty wet in spots Kathie. With your creek nearby I would think that things may be a tad wet there too. Glad you got that window open for some nice clean, fresh air.
I had two tunes in mind relating to Key Lime Pie. One was Blue Heaven Rendezvous by Jimmy Buffett. I decided on this tune, Key Lime Pie, by Kenny Chesney. I hope you enjoy it.

Mike Elias

Ordinary Seaman
K2,We have the code as well as the emergency squad. It is something we talked about for a while. Ed may be working harder because he is working for him self. I hope our cherry tomatoes are sweet this year, so far I got one and it wasn't very good. We do have a lot on the vines.
I haven't been out back to check on our hibiscus lately but Fay said there were a lot of buds on them. We will probably have to stake them up, I usually can see the red on the tips from our dining area window and I don't see any red yet. I think there were a lot of people up that creek Lee.
I eat filling on the coconut cream pies, don't like the crust, we will have key lime pie about once a year.

I thought I would go before it got hot outside the morning. After 20 minutes I had to come inside, just got too hot for me. That, I think was a first. The next few days will be hotter.
Kc, I think the younger ones are much easier work with, that is what I felt when I was teaching.