Return of the Cruising Bunny's....

Bellalago Belle

3rd Officer
Good morning, everyone. No, I hadn't fallen into a blackhole or anything. With everything going on around here these days, I just haven't been much of a talking mood. Myleg continues to hurt big time, but hopefully relief will arrive on Friday when I will be getting stents in most of the veins in my right leg. I'm also going to a wound surgeon to take care of the sores on my leg, but there's nothing he can do until the stents are in place.

Dave - Tell Kathi that I broke her record. I fell out of bed the other night and then fell again in the family room during the afternoon. I am the champion!!!!

Sounds like you've all been behaving yourselves, except for storming supermarkets for certain cereals and candy.

That's about it from me for right now. I may not post everyday, but I do stop buy just to read. Still not sleeping well and I can hardly keep my eyes open. Time to hit my wonderful chair for some zzzz's.


Guess I am in the minority. Love popcorn but not a fan of Snickers so someone else is free to help themselves to my share.
Made it through the
hotshot, hot weekend and now temperatures are more moderate and comfortable.
Sorry to hear of your falls, Pat. Please take care to avoid any more.
Speaking of falls, Lisa had a bad one at home the other day and has tremendous black and blue marks to show for it. She was also a bit stiff and sore for the next few days but is doing better now. When she fell, her husband was in NH and her son in Maine, so only the two girls were home to take care of her. Fortunately nothing was broken.
Rita heard from the Toyota salesman that they have found a hybrid RAV 4 for her. It is currently in NJ and, for reasons unclear to her or me, it won't apparently won't be here for her until the middle of next month.
Good thing that the Red Sox are on a tear with five straight wins because the Celtics are down in their series with the Heat, so we still have a team to root for if the Celts don't turn things around.


Wacky Wabbit
Quick LATE morning check in. Chilly again here in PURE MICHIGAN!

BB: I feel for you girlfriend. Be real careful moving around your house and bedroom. Falling is NOT what you need to add to your list of ails right now….or ever for that matter. Try and get some rest. We miss your pists, so even a
quick HELLO is goid for us, :emoticon 0115 inlove::emoticon 0115 inlove:

Negc: I see you popped on. Goid for Rita getting a car she wanted soon.
I read something about how much a REPLACEMENT BATTERY IS in the Hybrid cars. Do you think you should be thinking about trading your car in to avoid paying $9,000 for a new battery? I know your car has a few years and miles on it? Let me know if you have any info on the batteries. I’m thinking of getting a Hybid and maybe even buying instead of leasing. Just depends if there are any deals out there. Which I doubt. Might have to wait until next time around when the economy might be back to normal. Who knows.

Dave: Never hear of that song. And it was actually horrible! How it could be #1 is beyond me. I don’t know how you dream up these things, but keep up the good work.

Later guys…..have a good day.