recipe for cold wine

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OK.. not really a cooking recipe, but a tip that is to do with food (grapes) and wine..

I usually buy more green grapes than I need; and I take the excess and remove the stems and place them on cookie sheets and freeze them. Once frozen they can be put in a zip-lock bag, or one of those widemouthed plastic containers that mixed nuts come in ( great containers to use for lots of things)
If wine gets too warm while sat outside in the heat, pop in some of the frozen grapes. It chills the wine without diluting the wine.. and at the end can eat the grapes!


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It seems impossible for me to keep the grape in fresh condition for so long. In addition, once thawed, the grapes will lose half of their beneficial properties. If you defrost it safely (in the refrigerator or quickly under cold running water), it will be safe to eat. But as in many sources is mentioned, the quality will decline. You will find the grapes goes mushy and impossible to consume. Every year, I make wine from fresh grapes and use it specifically for cooking: red wine pot roast, glazed t-bone with red wine and mushrooms, slow-roasted chicken, etc.