Recent Passenger Photos of New Royal Princess

Hi all you Princess Cruisers ! My family is/are booked on February Caribbean Cruises of the new Royal Princess. I find it odd that there are very few passenger photos of this ship on the net or on the major Cruise sites like this one. I have seen all of the news/Network photos, and of course those provided by Princess, but prefer those taken by passengers. I would like to show some of these to my extended family as we prepare for our upcoming cruises. So where should I look ? and thanks in advance !!


If you take me serious, it's your problem
well... i've looked in the photo gallery and do not find any of the royal princess, that's not too surprising though. such a new ship really hasn't had enough time yet to have a majority of guests here to have sailed on her yet. mainly because many who are sailing this year have already booked one or more cruises in advance of the ships launch date. many of our cruisers here are often booked more than a year in advance, and are often "stacked" with multiple cruises already booked. you can check the cruise tracker tab at the top of the page to see who has an upcomming cruise on the royal princess. maybe one will post pics soon.


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