Quick guide to some changes in the upgraded post reply window in our new version


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Are a few things missing........ not really
One of the new features of the upgraded forum software are some minor changes in the post node (which is the window where you post your reply or new thread). At this time will focus on the most important change that will affect some users.

If you notice some commands that you use that were on the menu bar are missing............... Not to worry

All those missing options are hiding right here. Click on the three dot vertical options menu and there they are.

There they are, the missing options. They have just condensed some of the less used options, most likely to allow space for some of the new features they have added.
If you like to preview your post before you actually click the post tab, they have moved the preview tab up into the menu bar

More to come but these are the important changes that may affect your posting experience.


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