Port of Calls WIFI Hotspots on Panama canal cruise / L.A.- Miami?


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Hello cruisers,
We are really looking forward to our Panama canal cruise from L.A. to Miami. 1st time for us, visiting the Mexican Goldcoast.

Do you know any FREE Wifi Hotspots at:

Cabo San Lucas
Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Chiapas
Puntarenas and

We hope receiving lots of response of you...

Always happy cruising…


If you take me serious, it's your problem
hmmm.... never really thought much about wifi hotspots while on a cruise before. although thinking about it i can see where they could come in handy. I would think in most ports there would be wifi hotspots near the cruise docks, or tourism centers. Much of mexico is still upgrading their cell/wireless systems and you may find dead areas in some of the port of calls. since this is something i too am interested in, and really know little about, i would also be interested in any info on it. since i am planning my next cruise to be a panama cruise as well.


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I never pay much attention to which ports have a free Wi-Fi connection since we get free access on Princess but most ports have a location near by that all the crew will tell you about. Just check with your waiter, bartender or cabin steward for info.