Pearl to Alaska May or Sept 2010



My husband and I are planning to take the 7 day round trip from Seattle Alaskan Inside Passage/Glacier Bay cruise next year, probably in May or September. My husband is a big golfer, and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about what golf activities there are on the ship? On the deck-by-deck diagrams for the Pearl there is something labeled "golf" but I can't find any information about what it actually is.

We were also thinking about doing the 60 Degrees North Yukon Golf and Scenic Drive in Skagway excursion.... Has anyone ever done this excursion or know anything about it?

Also, we definitely want to get a balcony room so we can see the scenery from our room. Does anyone have an opinion on whether it is worth the cost to upgrade to a mini-suite? I'm thinking the big tub would probably be nice, especially since the times we are looking at are the colder parts of the year, but undecided on whether we should spend the extra money.


There is one hole. No sand traps, but there is one very large water hazard.


We took that trip last September. It was cold in the evening but not bad during the day; cool temps with some sunny days and some cloudy. Only used a raincoat once! Gloves and a scarf came in handy on shore a couple times, but we're from Southern California so maybe we just weren't used to the weather. We had a minisuite and were glad to have the extra space. Several whale sightings from the balcony. It's a beautiful trip - enjoy!


I went on The Pearl last year in May but would wait next time at least in July that is when the Salmon are running and you will get to see more wildlife. Definately get a balcony cabin we had a mini suite on 11 it was wonderful. We booked a fishing adventure with Capt Ken in Ketchikan and throughly enjoyed that.The weather in May although not freezing you can definately use boots,hat, and gloves.You will love seeing the glaciers,we did see it halve,and the whales were great to see and hear.You are in for a truly amazing journey in a beautiful unspoiled wilderness. Try not to do any shore excursions with the ship as they charge to much,ie: Mendenhall glacier with a bus ride from the dock and it cost only 6 dollars on the ship it would have been much more. Go to alot of these sites for info and write to alaska dep't of tourism for mailed info.Cruise Critic gave me alot of info.My next cruise is on the Epic for a back to back carribean adventure.