Odyssey Of The Seas - Chris Wong


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Welcome aboard Chris, looks like right now you are enjoying the great coastal weather and heading to Coz. Well you would probably be enjoying it if you weren't working..............
Always great to have some insider tips, what to do, what not to do, and what to run from, otherwise known as the cruising good, bad, and the ugly. We have some Royal diehards here so am sure they will be happy for your input.


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Hey welcome aboard here Chris. I wonder if you can take a few minutes to take us through the boarding scenes at Fort Lauderdale. Covering lines and checks required now due to health concerns. Any comments on how the State Requirements are being looked after ?
Must be nice on a new ship that is already a year old. :) I sailed the Ovation to AK and enjoyed it but the flow of passengers through that ship seem off from my other experiences though the years. Any thoughts on this class vs the older ships.